More than fifty New Zealand business leaders have joined forces to tackle the issue of climate change.

On a mission to reduce emissions in Aotearoa, the group of 60 CEOs have formed the Climate Leaders Coalition, which recognises the role that business can play in bringing about change.

They have signed a joint statement, which commits their companies to action.

The goal of the new group is to help New Zealand transition to a low emissions economy and, in doing so, create a positive future for New Zealanders, business, and the economy.

Together, the members of the Climate Leaders Coalition represent a variety of businesses from different industries, which contribute to nearly half of New Zealand’s emissions.

The CEOs’ Climate Change Statement was the first step taken by the Climate Leaders Coalition in their drive for positive change.

By signing the statement, each of the business leaders have committed to measuring and reporting their greenhouse gas emissions and working with suppliers to reduce emissions, to help keep global warming within two degrees, as specified in the Paris Agreement.

The Climate Leaders Coalition demonstrates the significant leadership direction being taken by businesses on the issue of climate change. Now, the CEOs involved are calling for other leaders to join them.