The Climate Leaders Coalition was formed in 2018 with 60 original signatories to the 2017 Statement and a mission of having business CEOs leading the response to climate change through collective, transparent, and meaningful action on mitigation and adaptation.

The Coalition now has 105 signatories, with members collectively accounting for almost 60 per cent of Aotearoa New Zealand’s gross emissions, around 38 per cent of GDP, and employing almost 220,000 people.

The purpose of the Coalition is to build irreversible momentum towards a zero-carbon future.

By 2025, the Coalition’s vision is that Aotearoa New Zealand’s businesses are influencing climate action in their value chains, creating momentum so other businesses must act on climate change, and maintaining pressure on governments of all stripes to adopt policies and make investments that enable the transition to a zero-carbon economy. The Coalition's 2020-2025 strategy can be found here.

By joining the Coalition, each signatory commits to taking climate action including measuring and publicly reporting on their emissions, setting a public emissions reduction target, and working with suppliers to reduce their emissions.

In July 2019 to mark its first anniversary, the Coalition launched the 2019 Statement. The higher ambition statement sees signatories pursue efforts in line with the Paris Agreement temperature goals, disclose and report on climate risk, have their emissions reduction targets grounded in science and independently verified, and work with their people and suppliers to reduce their emissions. New signatories must now meet the commitments outlined in the 2019 Statement within two years of signing up or by July 2023, whichever is earliest. The Coalition is working to transition existing signatories to this more ambitious statement over time.

The Coalition's work is overseen by a CEO Steering Group and the Coalition's convenor is Z Energy CEO Mike Bennetts. The Sustainable Business Council is the backbone organisation for the Coalition.

The Coalition's goal is to help New Zealand transition to a low emissions economy and, in doing so, create a positive future for New Zealanders, business, and the economy.

The Coalition also represents a unique opportunity for businesses to work together and learn from each other to make faster progress on reducing their emissions.

The Coalition demonstrates the significant leadership being taken by businesses on the issue of climate change. Now, the CEOs involved are calling for other leaders to join them.