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Organisations of any shape and size can join the Coalition provided they can demonstrate they are meeting the commitments outlined in our 2017 Statement at the time of signing up.

Organisations can also sign up to our second higher ambition statement if they can demonstrate they are meeting the commitments within two years of signing up or by July 2023, whichever is earliest.

The Sustainable Business Council has pulled together resources to help organisations meet the commitments.

What does it cost to join?

Each signatory is expected to contribute towards communications and administration support for the Coalition. This is facilitated through the Sustainable Business Council. In December 2019, the Steering Group decided to implement a new annual fee structure.

Contributing signatories will receive a communications resource toolkit to help easily and effectively communicate their involvement in the Coalition and their work to reduce their emissions.

Signatories may also be asked to input into the work of the Coalition and to participate in future initiatives through their time, resources or funding.

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