By joining the Coalition, each organisation has demonstrated they are voluntarily measuring and reporting their greenhouse gas emissions, setting a public emissions reduction target and working with suppliers to reduce their emissions.

New signatories must now also meet the commitments outlined in the 2019 Statement within two years of joining or by July 2023, whichever is earliest. The Coalition is working to transition existing signatories to this higher ambition Statement over time.

Each year the Coalition releases an annual snapshot report which shines a light on signatories’ individual and collective progress in delivering the Coalition’s commitments as detailed in the 2017 and 2019 statements. The third anniversary snapshot report for 2020/2021 is available here.

Specific examples of each signatory's climate action can be found on the who and news pages.

The Coalition also submits to the Government and government agencies on climate-related issues. Most recently, this has included putting in a joint submission with the Sustainable Business Council on the Government's Emissions Reduction Plan discussion document. Other submissions can be found here.

We also have:

  • resources to help businesses achieve their climate commitments
  • case studies to help businesses make faster progress on their commitments from learning from other Coalition signatories
  • an events calendar to provide organisations with opportunities to learn, find solutions and hear how others are tackling climate change.