Useful resources and information to help with measuring and reducing emissions.


18 May 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

Some commonly asked questions Read more

How to meet the commitments

18 May 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

There are a range of options to help businesses at each stage of their journey to achieve the commitments in the Climate Change Leadership Statement. Read more

Working with employees

17 May 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

There are no fixed rules for this, and the approach will vary between signatories, from direct engagement through to provision of information. Read more

Climate Change Risks

17 May 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

We recommend signatories adapt their existing Risk Management systems to integrate Climate Change risks, both financial and physical, to ensure these are considered at the highest level and considered in strategy and planning. Read more

Emissions Measurement & Reporting

17 May 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

We recommend signatories develop their inventories in line with the Ministry for Environment’s guidance for measuring, reporting and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, ISO 14064-1, and/or the Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards and guidance. Read more

Emissions Reduction Target

17 May 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

We recommend signatories develop their reduction targets in line with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) guidance and methodology, including sector guidance where relevant.For companies developing Net Zero targets, we recommend these are developed in line with the SBTi’s draft framework and criteria, until the final standard is available in late 2021. Read more

Working with suppliers

17 May 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

We recommend signatories use the outline below to guide their efforts, starting with the area that makes most sense for your emissions profile. This is not a precise order so much as a suggestion of the different activities that would support you and ideas for how you can keep progressing. Read more

Westpac NZ Climate Risk Report

3 Dec 2020 |

Westpac NZ has released a report detailing its exposure to climate-related financial risks. The report is consistent with Taskforce for Climate-Related Financial Disclosure standards, and has been published ahead of changes by the Government that will require large organisations to provide disclosure of this type.

Climate Leaders Coalition Snapshot 2019/2020

30 Nov 2020 |

This second anniversary snapshot is a record of CLC’s activities and achievements from August 2019 to September 2020 with the focus of our reporting around the three pillars of our new strategy – CEO leadership, collective transparency, and climate action. Information has been gathered from survey responses from Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC) signatories and analysed by the Sustainable Business Council (SBC).

Briefing on Climate Action Priorities

21 Oct 2020 |

In a briefing released today, 150 business leaders are urging the incoming Government to work in partnership with business to build momentum towards achieving New Zealand’s zero carbon goal. The briefing, commissioned by the Sustainable Business Council (SBC) and the Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC), represents the collective views of their members and signatories on climate action priorities.