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Taking action on climate change: Make faster progress on your commitments by learning from other Coalition signatories.

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The power of consumer choice: Meridian Energy case study

16 Sep 2020 | Meridian

What do craft beer, chardonnay, insurance, and breathing masks have in common? Every time you buy them, you are supporting 100% renewable energy. Meridian Energy offers New Zealand businesses a new product for them to show their support for 100% renewable energy, and reduce their Scope 2 emissions at the same time. The product is enabled by the New Zealand Energy Certificate System (NZECS), administered by Certified Energy.

Carbon reduction case study - OCS (NZ) and Toitū Envirocare

2 Dec 2019 | OCS; Toitū Envirocare

OCS New Zealand is a major employer in the cleaning and facilities management industry, with significant partnerships in government, education and aviation. It has recently been awarded Carbonreduce certification by Toitū Envirocare – the first major company in its industry sector to gain the prestigious endorsement.

Asaleo Care case study: Chewing through your carbon emissions

2 Dec 2019 | Asaleo Care; Thinkstep; Westpac

How do you cut the carbon footprint of your products after they have left the factory? Asaleo Care discovered that consumer behaviour could make the biggest difference – with some assistance from a bucket of worms.

Staff enagement tool - FutureFit in Business

14 Nov 2019 | Auckland Council

To help corporates embed low carbon behaviour, we have gone one step further by developing FutureFit in business, a staff engagement tool for large New Zealand businesses. Particularly those who are signatories to the Climate Leaders Coalition and have made a public commitment to measure and reduce their emissions. FutureFit in business enables you to engage your employees to undertake low carbon behaviours. A comprehensive package assists with planning your launch and keeping staff engaged over time. The ability to create teams introduces a competitive edge, and a business-wide leader board lets staff to see how they are tracking within the organisation. Full details about the corporate offering can be found in the attached and at

Oji Fibre Solutions - Eliminating coal and reducing emissions - transforming the Tasman Mill

8 Nov 2019 | Oji Fibre Solutions

With backing from the Oji Group, Oji Fibre Solutions has invested more than $63 million to secure a sustainable future for the Tasman Mill.

Cheat Sheet - The Workshop's How to Talk About Climate Change (funded by Meridian)

29 Oct 2019 | Meridian Energy

This cheat sheet is for people preparing or planning communications to promote meaningful climate action. It’s designed to be used together with our message guide to talking about climate change (below), where the key concepts we reference here are described in detail. Think of it as a quick memory aid to remind you of the key principles. Please refer back to the message guide whenever you need more details. This cheat sheet is based on research conducted by The Workshop on behalf of Oxfam New Zealand and was funded by Meridian Energy.

NZ Post - EV charging quick guide

26 Sep 2019 | NZ Post

Quick guide for businesses considering installing EV charging infrastructure.

Carbon calculator for lower freight emissions - Lyttelton Port Company

20 Aug 2019 | Lyttelton Port Company

Lower carbon freight – find out how Lyttelton Port Company helped their customers, including The Warehouse Group, calculate how to reduce their carbon emissions from freight by up to 50% - with a little help from Aecom, KiwiRail and Enviro-Mark Solutions.

Z Energy and Fonterra - biodiesel case study

15 Jul 2019 | Z Energy and Fonterra

This case study looks at Z Energy supplying Fonterra milk tankers with biodiesel.

Westpac NZ - EV case study

12 Jul 2019 | Westpac

This case study looks at Westpac's experience electrifying their light vehicle fleet and provides tips for other organisations looking to do the same.