CEO Steering Group

A CEO Steering Group was established in October 2019 to provide governance and strategic support to the Coalition’s project team. The Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Council is also a member of this group as SBC acts as the backbone organisation for the Coalition.

Z Energy

“I am committed to our work on bringing digital, innovation, and productivity together to create a great customer experience while we contribute to the big things New Zealand needs to deal with, like climate change.” Read more

Ports of Auckland

"Climate change is the issue of our time, and how we meet this challenge will define us.

"We can’t expect ‘The Government’ to solve the problem for us, it’s too big for that and collectively we’re all responsible for the mess we’re in. So we all have to roll our sleeves up, get stuck in and fix this." Read more

Christchurch Airport

Christchurch Airport is the international gateway to the South Island. It is the busiest and most strategic southern air connection to the world's trade & tourism markets, one of only five gateway airports to Antarctica, and on track to welcome seven million passengers in 2018.
The airport is a major driver of the South Island regional economy, with more than 6000 personnel working for 250 companies on the airport campus making it the largest site of employment in the South Island. Read more


thinkstep-anz’s purpose is to enable organisations to develop initiatives to mitigate climate change while also improving other environmental, social and economic outcomes. We support organisations to calculate and manage their carbon emissions on a range of platforms including award-winning software such as our SoFi and GaBi software solutions. SoFi provides reports on carbon and sustainability as well as relevant emission factors and GaBi software helps to identify and reduce the life cycle emissions of a company’s products and services. Read more


Spark’s purpose is to help all of New Zealand win big in a digital world. We are New Zealand’s largest telecommunications and IT services provider, offering a full suite of telecommunications services including broadband, mobile, and cloud services, and catering for consumers right through to large enterprises. Read more

NZ Post

New Zealand Post is about delivery - delivering parcels, packages and mail for businesses and consumers. We provide our sending and receiving customers with services to help them communicate and do business. New Zealand Post is part of the national landscape, integral to the Kiwi way of life for nearly 180 years. We're evolving and developing our business to meet the changing needs of our customers. Read more


"As an insurer not only are we seeing the impacts of climate change already, but we have our attention turned to the future and how New Zealand needs to adapt. I’m proud that we’re playing such an active role, not only with the CLC, but also through conversations with government, businesses and customers, to raise awareness of the need to adapt." Read more


As New Zealand’s largest 100% renewable energy generator, and as a retailer, Meridian has always walked hand in hand with the environment. Meridian is focused on sustainability, which is why the company has adopted the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Meridian is also listed as one of only three New Zealand companies on the Dow Jones Asia-Pacific Sustainability Index. Read more