Livestock Improvement Corporation Ltd (LIC)

LIC is a farmer-owned co-operative and world leader in pasture based dairy genetics and herd management. LIC exists to deliver superior genetics and technological innovation to help its shareholders sustainably farm a profitable animal.

With origins dating back to 1909, LIC has a long history of developing and delivering world-leading innovations for the dairy industry. The co-op continues to be one of the sector’s biggest private investors in research and development.

Today the New Zealand-based co-op employs close to 800 permanent staff, swelling to 2000 during the spring peak dairy mating season. LIC also has offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia.

All LIC profit is returned to its farmer owners/shareholders in dividends, or reinvested for new solutions, research and development.

“We’re passionate about helping our 10,300 dairy farmer shareholders drive sustainability improvements and reduce emissions on-farm. Signing up to the Climate Leaders Coalition commits us to doing the same within our business. We’re committed to taking action and making improvements to ensure LIC is carbon neutral by 2050.” Wayne McNee, Chief Executive, LIC

Actions underway

We measure and report our greenhouse gas emissions on our website. From 2019 to 2020 financial years, we had an overall reduction in our emissions of 5.44%. We have set ambitious targets with the aim to reduce our Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 46%, Scope 3 emissions by 29%, and our biogenic methane emissions by 10% by 2030.

To meet our emissions targets and our CLC commitments we are:

  • Transitioning our company cars to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
  • Setting up soft plastics recycling schemes at our sites and will be encouraging staff to bring their soft plastic recycling from home to recycle through work, reducing their waste stream also.
  • Investigating improvements to the wastewater treatment plant at our Newstead site so our non-potable water will be further treated for reuse in our amenities.
  • Establishing programmes to support our staff and suppliers to reduce their GHG emissions.
  • Meeting with suppliers to discuss their environmental impact stance and have updated our supplier selection procedures and contracts to ensure our suppliers understand our commitment to the environment and reducing our carbon footprint.

Supporting our customers:

In addition to the work we are doing to meet our emission reduction targets we are also helping farmers to meet the current and future environmental challenges, in particular water quality and methane.

One of the primary ways we help assist our farmers reduce their environmental footprint is breeding high genetic merit bulls for artificial breeding, supporting farmers to accelerate their herds genetic gain.

High BW (Breeding Worth) animals are more environmentally efficient than lower genetic merit animals as they partition more of their feed eaten into milk solids production, and less into waste. This means more nitrogen is being converted into protein in cow’s milk rather than being excreted as urine or faeces.

Other initiatives we’re working on and delivering to help farmers reduce their environmental impact on farm and improve productivity in a sustainable way, include our Resilient Dairy research programme, our Young Bull Methane Trial project and our HoofPrint® and BeefPrint® indexes. These projects are looking for new ways to improve cow productivity, longevity and rate of emitting methane.

    Latest news:

    The latest news from Livestock Improvement Corporation Ltd (LIC).

    Lion opens new sustainable office

    19 Jan 2022 | Lion

    Lion New Zealand has opened the doors to its new head office in the stunning 6 Green Star building at 136 Fanshawe Street.

    Toyota - Focus on cutting emissions

    10 Jan 2022 | Autofile

    Toyota NZ: “As we wrapped up our 34th year as market leader, we’re in a great position to continue our leadership in low-emissions technology.”

    Silver Fern Farms to join a handful of Kiwi companies offering carbon-zero products

    9 Jan 2022 | Stuff

    Silver Fern Farms, the country's largest meat processor and marketer, is poised to launch its first carbon-zero certified beef in the United States this month.

    BNZ - Reaching net-zero emissions means all hands to the pump for NZ

    29 Dec 2021 | Stuff

    OPINION: The work towards a low-emissions future for Aotearoa is accelerating and every person, business and sector will need to get themselves up to speed on how to reduce, contribute and report.

    ANZ - Government emissions reduction plan not ambitious enough

    28 Dec 2021 | Stuff

    OPINION: Aotearoa needs to accelerate private investment and action on climate change. With clear pathways from government, the private sector has demonstrated it will follow.

    Green jobs of the future

    22 Dec 2021 | Stuff

    Young or old, most people want a career path that will help, not harm, the planet. Olivia Wannan explores the industries that will – finally – make a dent in Aotearoa's emissions.

    Christchurch Airport establishes its first sustainability linked loan (SSL) facility

    21 Dec 2021 | Christchurch Airport

    Christchurch International Airport Limited (CIAL) has today successfully completed the re-financing of an existing debt facility with Westpac, at the same time converting it into its first sustainability linked loan.

    Air NZ could take delivery of its first zero emissions aircraft as early as 2023

    21 Dec 2021 | Stuff

    Air New Zealand has outlined what it needs from zero emissions aircraft and is asking new generation aircraft companies to build and deliver one by as early as 2023. This month the national carrier issued a zero emissions aircraft “product requirements document (PRD)” which outlines specifications and requirements for new generation aircraft.

    Z welcomes release of biofuels mandate

    16 Dec 2021 | Z Energy

    Z Energy (Z) welcomes today’s announcement from the Government that New Zealand’s Sustainable Biofuels Mandate will be in place by 1 April 2023. "Biofuels are an important step on the journey to help New Zealand decarbonise the transport sector,” says Z Energy GM Transition Julian Hughes.

    Setting Spark’s science-based target: tips from a telco (Part 1)

    16 Dec 2021 | thinkstep-anz

    If you’re serious about reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint, science is your friend. That’s because a verified science-based target (SBT) is the ‘gold standard’ way to reduce your carbon emissions. It’s measurable, credible, and public. And, based on the practical experience of New Zealand telecom provider Spark New Zealand who’ve recently set and verified an SBT, this type of target offers many other less tangible benefits too.

    3R - Will the sustainability strides of 2021 continue in 2022?

    14 Dec 2021 | NZ Food Technology News

    The past few years, and 2021 in particular, have seen the food and beverage industry in New Zealand working hard to increase its sustainability – both customer-facing and back of house.

    First Gas and Ecogas to turn kerbside waste into renewable gas for use in homes and businesses

    14 Dec 2021 | Firstgas

    Firstgas Group and Ecogas are celebrating New Zealand’s first large-scale biogas to pipeline project that will transform kerbside waste into a valuable source of renewable gas for homes and businesses. Once completed, the plant will supply the equivalent of 9,000 homes and businesses with biomethane, a type of renewable gas which is produced from organic waste like food scraps, agricultural and landfill waste. It is expected to eliminate more than 11,000 tonnes of CO2 per year; action that helps move New Zealand towards its target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

    COP26 Insights Report

    14 Dec 2021 | The Warehouse Group

    The COP26 Insights Report, produced by The Warehouse Group's Chief Sustainability Officer and summit delegate, David Benattar, provides a broad view of the role of public policy, business, finance and technology to achieve Net Zero. It includes contributions by fellow Kiwi delegates and leaders in climate action.

    Victoria University to construct one of the world's most sustainable buildings

    12 Dec 2021 | Stuff

    Victoria University of Wellington is aiming to create one of the world’s most environmentally sustainable buildings. Once complete, students will be able to wander around the leafy, wooden, three-storey Living Pā complex and watch monitors showing its energy and water consumption – a building “living” in real time. Panels of glass will connect it to the university’s wharenui, Te Tumu Herenga Waka​, which has stood on Kelburn Parade for the past 35 years.

    DB Breweries - The fundamental shifts we need to make to decarbonise New Zealand

    9 Dec 2021 | Stuff

    OPINION: I’ve lived in New Zealand for over four years, and in that time been struck by the ingenuity and tenacity of Kiwis: the number 8 wire mentality is truly unique. And I believe it is this inimitable attitude that could, and should, see New Zealand become the Silicon Valley of innovation and progress in the low-carbon arena.

    Eastland Group - Port's electric water truck a NZ first

    8 Dec 2021 | Gisborne Herald

    Eastland Port is the proud owner of New Zealand's first electric water truck, one of the largest road-legal electric trucks in the country. The water truck is deployed daily to depress dust on the log yard and is an essential part of port operations.

    Fonterra - What COP26 means for co-op

    8 Dec 2021 | Rural News

    Fonterra's Amsterdam-based trade strategy and stakeholder affairs manager, Mark Casey, recently attended COP26 - the annual United Nations Convention on Climate in Glasgow. Here are his thoughts on this globally significant event and what it means for the Co-op.

    First Gas invests millions to use biogas, but delays green hydrogen trial

    8 Dec 2021 | Stuff

    First Gas has committed to supply thousands of homes and businesses with biogas produced from organic waste but has had to delay a more ambitious ‘green’ hydrogen trial originally slated for this year. First Gas commercial manager Ben Gerritsen said the company would spend about $6 million to $8m connecting its gas distribution network to a biogas plant that specialist firm Ecogas expects to finish building near Broadlands in the central North Island by about the middle of next year.

    Fonterra - Anchor turns on the milk tap in cafes

    8 Dec 2021 | Rural News

    Fonterra is turning on milk taps in cafes, all in the name of sustainability. Fonterra Brands New Zealand (FBNZ) is kicking off a trial which will see baristas making the same great coffee, but with a more sustainable pour, using 'Anchor café milk taps'.

    Trust Tairawhiti’s submission on the Government's Emissions Reduction Plan

    7 Dec 2021 | Gisborne Herald

    While the region’s business leaders are urging the Government to go further in tackling the climate crisis, a new survey suggests half of our businesspeople have little interest in the issue. One of Trust Tairawhiti’s key submission points on the Government’s consultation document to help draft New Zealand’s first Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP) is that its draft emissions reduction budgets are “inadequate”.

    Air New Zealand takes aim at climate change

    7 Dec 2021 |

    Air New Zealand has laid out a clear plan to achieve its goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, outlining the action it will take over the next decades to improve its sustainability. “Despite the Covid-19 pandemic grinding our business to …

    NZ Green Investment Finance partners with NZ Post to accelerate EV transition

    6 Dec 2021 | NZGIF

    New Zealand Green Investment Finance (NZGIF) and NZ Post have signed a $20 million financing agreement to accelerate the transition of the NZ Post fleet and its delivery contractors’ vehicles, to electric vans (E-Vans) or low emissions vehicles (LEVs).

    Synlait - Unique partnership to enhance soil health and test regen ag practices

    6 Dec 2021 | Synlait

    New research on farms across New Zealand will measure and provide farmers tools to enhance soil health, including identifying where regenerative agriculture practices can make a difference. Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor today announced a unique partnership between food producers Synlait Milk and Danone, science provider AgResearch, and the Ministry for Primary Industries’ (MPI) Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures fund. The project will study soil health on 10 farms in Waikato, Canterbury and Otago over five years, to determine the impacts of changes in soil health on production, farm resilience and the environment, including climate change.

    NZ Post to pilot electric Mercedes-Benz vans

    2 Dec 2021 | EVs & Beyond

    NZ Post will evaluate a combination of fully electric Mercedes-Benz eSprinter and eVito delivery vans in its fleet in 2022 prior to a full market launch later in the year.

    Auckland Council - Mayor Goff outlines billion-dollar climate action package

    1 Dec 2021 | Our Auckland

    An ambitious $1 billion climate action package to reduce carbon emissions and deliver more buses, ferries, cycling and walking and urban tree canopy is the signature policy in Mayor Phil Goff’s proposal for Auckland Council’s Annual Budget 2022/23, released today, 1 December 2021.

    Synlait's Sustainability Report shows GHG emissions reductions exceed expectations

    1 Dec 2021 | Synlait

    Synlait Milk Limited (Synlait) today published its Sustainability Report which demonstrates a significant improvement in the milk nutrition company’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Synlait’s on-farm emissions intensity, per kg of milk solids, reduced 5% over the past year, or 10% compared to our FY18 base year when targets were first established. Total off-farm (scope 1 and 2) emissions have remained stable since last year, however, emissions intensity per kg of product, has reduced by 24% compared to FY18.

    Christchurch Airport - $100m 'world-leading' solar plant will be 50 times bigger than any in New Zealand

    1 Dec 2021 | Stuff

    New Zealand’s biggest solar power plant will produce enough electricity to power 30,000 homes, and allow planes to pull up and recharge. The $100 million plant will cover the equivalent of 262 rugby fields at Christchurch Airport. Alongside it will go green fuel production, data centres and vertical farming. Announced on Wednesday, the whole precinct will be known as Kōwhai Park. It will be built on 400 hectares of airport land just west of the airport’s runways and terminal, and be scaled up over 30 years.

    Westpac - Solar set to have its day in the sun

    1 Dec 2021 | NZ Herald

    New Zealand needs a lot more renewable energy to power our future, and we're already seeing a wave of new projects that include significant innovation and diversification of our energy sector. However, getting projects off the ground can be a complex exercise that requires collaboration across science, engineering, construction and finance — and banks have a critical role to play in helping this happen.

    WSP commits to major new climate pledge

    25 Nov 2021 | WSP Opus

    In a major new initiative aimed at fighting climate change, we're proud to announce that by 2030 we will halve the carbon footprint of infrastructure designs and advice provided to our clients. This complements an internal science-based decarbonisation target, which will see us cut our own greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2030. THURSDAY, 25 NOVEMBER 2021 - NEW ZEALAND

    BNZ targets net zero by 2050, working with customers to transition to low emissions economy

    24 Nov 2021 | BNZ

    Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) has today reported operational emissions reductions of 50% since 2019, increased sustainable finance lending and initiatives and tools to support business customers to reduce emissions.

    SBC and CLC response to Emissions Reduction Plan discussion document

    24 Nov 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    Sustainable Business Council and Climate Leaders Coalition joint submission on the Government's Emissions Reduction Plan discussion document.

    CLC and SBC release joint submission on the Government's Emissions Reduction Plan discussion document

    24 Nov 2021 | SBC

    The Sustainable Business Council (SBC) and the Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC) are making a series of recommendations for urgent and bold action in their response to the Government’s Emission Reduction Plan (ERP) discussion document. The joint response represents the views of over 150 businesses that contribute more than a third of New Zealand’s GDP and are committed to the country’s low-emissions future.

    Stuff - NowNext Climate survey results

    22 Nov 2021 | Stuff

    We know we must do better by the planet, but when will we start? As Aotearoa’s awareness of climate change and its impact increases, Stuff’s latest NowNext survey asked Kiwis how that knowledge is influencing decisions in their everyday lives. The findings shine a light on how important sustainability really is to Kiwis.

    Working with others helps Fonterra achieve significant change

    19 Nov 2021 | NZ Herald

    Fonterra has been working with others and partnering on innovative projects to achieve its environmental goals. Reducing methane emissions is one of the biggest challenges facing the dairy sector and the co-op has teamed up with AgResearch to find a solution. The result of this collaboration is Kowbucha, which has moved from Fonterra's Research and Development Centre in Palmerston North to the farm.

    Next step in Fonterra’s cow gas solution

    18 Nov 2021 | NZ Farmers Weekly

    Fonterra researchers have moved out of the lab and onto the farm for the next stage of trials on the company’s in-house Kowbucha project, aimed at offering a solution to livestock methane emissions. The project has centred on developing a culture-based solution to emissions, sourced from the co-operative’s extensive library of culture strains that encompass almost 80 years of assorted cultured product strains used in cheeses and yoghurts. Fonterra head of strategy and innovation Mark Piper says after sorting through thousands of culture strains some had been identified as having potential for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from cows.

    Craigmore and ASB team up on $78 million sustainable transition loan

    17 Nov 2021 | ASB

    Tairāwhiti’s first solar power plant is one step closer, with an application for resource consent lodged with Gisborne District Council this week after 12 months of development work. Gisborne Airport is the proposed location for the 5MW plant, which is being developed by Eastland Group in partnership with Infratec NZ Limited.

    Eastland Group - Gisborne Airport Proposed Site For Tairāwhiti’s First Solar Plant

    17 Nov 2021 | ASB

    Craigmore Sustainables, one of the largest diversified farm management companies in Aotearoa, has secured nearly $80 million in funding from ASB in an innovative sustainability-focused deal. The sustainable transition loan provides a pathway to develop and embed Craigmore's sustainability strategy and targets. The company's portfolio includes a mix of dairy, grazing, forestry and horticultural properties covering almost 20,000 hectares throughout New Zealand.Under the loan terms, Craigmore has committed to providing a robust sustainability strategy with targets and an action plan, within 12 months of drawdown.

    Westpac - Million dollar prize up for grabs for innovators working to decarbonise Aotearoa

    17 Nov 2021 | Westpac

    The Westpac NZ Government Innovation Fund has announced a $1 million funding pool to drive innovation around financing and incentivising the decarbonisation of Aotearoa. The Innovation Fund is powered by Westpac NZ and jointly administered with the government. It runs two themed intakes per year, and applicants are invited to apply for funding to help them work towards solving key issues and challenges.

    New Transpower tool unlocks electricity emissions tracking for all

    16 Nov 2021 | Transpower

    Transpower’s specialist metering and market services business Energy Market Services (EMS) today launched a new service and dashboard to track the real time carbon emissions intensity of the electricity system.

    The most carbon-conscious companies and what they are doing to reduce emissions

    14 Nov 2021 | Stuff

    The United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) wrapped up in Glasgow on Friday. Countries gathered to negotiate the final details of a global bid to keep the planet warming between 1.5 and 2 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, companies in New Zealand have taken the step to reduce their own emissions, as the country works towards cutting emissions by 41 per cent by 2030. With a set Science Based Target, which are a goals developed by a business to provide it with a clear route to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of under 1.5C, and a signatory of the Climate Leaders Coalition, to actively reduce its carbon usage by 2030, here are four of New Zealand’s most carbon-concious businesses:

    Ravensdown - LUDF unveils methane-busting effluent system

    11 Nov 2021 | NZ Farmers Weekly

    A major scientific breakthrough in effluent treatment technology will significantly reduce methane emissions from dairy farm effluent. The methane-busting farm dairy effluent treatment system was launched on Wednesday at the Lincoln University Dairy Farm (LUDF).

    Genesis names FRV Australia as partner in solar development

    11 Nov 2021 | Genesis

    Genesis Energy’s ambition to be a leading developer of solar generation has gained momentum with the selection of a joint venture partner - FRV Australia, a leading utility-scale solar farms developer, asset owner and renewable energy platform.

    Toyota reveals first battery electric vehicle addition to beyond zero range

    10 Nov 2021 | AA Motoring

    Toyota Motor Corporation has revealed the production design of the new bZ4X, the first battery electric vehicle (BEV) addition to their beyond zero range.

    Suncorp New Zealand Sets Supplier Emissions In Its Sights With Pilot Of Carbon Management Programme

    9 Nov 2021 | Scoop

    Suncorp New Zealand has concluded a trial to help its suppliers become more sustainable, supporting a pilot group of five suppliers to complete a carbon-management programme developed by sustainability consultancy, Oxygen Consulting.

    Auckland Council - businesses join FutureFit

    8 Nov 2021 | Auckland Council

    More than 45,000 people are already using Auckland Council’s FutureFit tool to measure and reduce their personal carbon footprint. To date, they’ve saved the carbon equivalent of 13,600 car trips from Auckland to Wellington by making simple adjustments to their habits.

    Auckland Transport - 152 Electric buses on the way for Tāmaki Makaurau

    8 Nov 2021 | Newshub

    Australasia’s largest electric bus order has been announced between Auckland Transport (AT) and NZ Bus. AT has ordered 152 battery electric buses in an effort to green their bus fleet. The buses will replace 12 percent of the current diesel bus fleet across Tāmaki Makaurau in line with AT's Low Emission Bus Roadmap.

    Warehouse signs $70 million 'sustainability-linked loan' with Westpac NZ

    8 Nov 2021 | NZ Herald

    The Warehouse has signed a $70 million sustainability-linked loan with Westpac. Warehouse chief executive Nick Grayston said the group will have to meet five sustainability performance goals including sustainable packaging, carbon emissions and gender targets to receive discounted rates, under the agreed terms.

    Watercare - Homegrown poo-eating bugs that will make wastewater treatment greener

    6 Nov 2021 | Stuff

    In the bowels of the Māngere Wastewater Treatment Plant, a team of engineers diligently grow small poo-eating organisms which will help pave the way to a greener future. It’s the first time anammox bugs have been farmed in New Zealand on such a scale, and the team behind the project are hoping the micro-organisms drastically reduce the energy needed during part of the wastewater treatment process.

    Why Stuff is treating climate change as an emergency

    3 Nov 2021 | Stuff

    Think of it as renewing our vows. Almost three years ago, Stuff announced it was prioritising climate change with insistent coverage aimed at disturbing our collective complacency. What was then called Quick! Save the Planet has morphed into The Forever Project, a dedicated team of climate journalists working on a multi-platform effort to articulate the peril, and share solutions.

    Genesis and Westpac NZ sign a $100m Sustainability Linked Loan with market-leading emissions reduction targets

    3 Nov 2021 | Genesis

    Genesis Energy will be required to meet ambitious carbon emission reduction targets if it’s to avoid penalties under a Sustainability-Linked Loan agreed with Westpac New Zealand. The $100m loan financially incentivises Genesis to meet sustainability targets, which include reductions across all scopes of emissions, ramping up renewable energy generation, and a future of work programme. Genesis will pay a lower interest rate on the loan for achieving its goals but will have to pay higher interest if it falls short of its commitments.

    Genesis and Evnex remove EV pain points with new technology

    3 Nov 2021 | Genesis

    Genesis Energy is working with Christchurch based company Evnex to trial new electric vehicle smart charging technology that removes pain points in the adoption of electric vehicles.

    BNZ first NZ bank to sign up to Net Zero Banking Alliance

    2 Nov 2021 | BNZ

    Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) has today signed up to the Net-Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA), committing it to work with customers to increase sustainability and reduce emissions that align to net-zero emissions by 2050. In becoming the first New Zealand bank to commit to membership of the Net Zero Banking Alliance, an industry-led, UN-convened alliance of banks worldwide, BNZ will accelerate a reduction in operational and attributable Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions across its lending and investment portfolios. It will do this by incentivising emissions reduction and working with customers on transition plans that align their businesses to net zero pathways.

    Watercare joins UN’s Race to Zero campaign for climate change action

    1 Nov 2021 | Watercare

    We have joined the UN’s Race to Zero campaign, adding our voice to a global call for industry to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 to minimise global warming. We have signed up to the global alliance along with 13 Australian water utilities supported by the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) and those represented by Water UK, who have also pledged to reach net zero emissions by 2050 or earlier.

    Auckland Transport shines bright at United Nations Climate Change Conference

    1 Nov 2021 | Auckland Transport

    Auckland Transport’s zero-emission bus fleet will be showcased in a virtual exhibition at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26) in Glasgow this month. The COP 26 summit improves the global efforts of countries all over the world to play their part in limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees. Auckland Transport’s (AT) transition to zero-emission buses has been recognised in a C40 cities exhibition at COP 26, along with a number of wider Auckland Council initiatives to reduce carbon emissions.

    Toyota boss’ clean car warning

    1 Nov 2021 | Autofile

    Lower-emissions alternatives “unlikely to become available and affordable” under the new clean car scheme’s timeframe.

    Victoria University - Electrifying transport: why New Zealand can’t rely on battery-powered cars alone

    1 Nov 2021 | RadioNZ - The Conversation

    The transport sector accounts for 47 percent of New Zealand's carbon dioxide emissions. It will be a focus for decarbonisation to meet the country's new climate pledge to cut emissions by half by 2030.

    ASB and Hawke's Bay Airport partner on multi-million dollar sustainability-linked loan

    1 Nov 2021 | ASB

    Hawke's Bay Airport has taken an important step in its goal to become New Zealand's most sustainable airport, this week securing tens of millions in sustainability linked funding from ASB. The regional airport's $23 million sustainability linked loan uses ASB funds allocated under the Reserve Bank's Funding for Lending (FLP) programme which the bank has committed to using to support projects that meet sustainability or regional infrastructure criteria.

    Dryland Carbon - following the tree line

    1 Nov 2021 | NZ Farm Life Media

    Dryland Carbon was established to match its investor partners’ (including AirNZ, Contact Energy, Genesis Energy and Z Energy) need to source carbon offsets with farmers’ potential ability to provide them. In order to achieve that, general manager Colin Jacobs says rather than buying land, Dryland Carbon works in partnership with existing landowners. Having identified suitable non-productive or ‘least’ productive land on a property, they undertake all the planting and deliver the landowner an annual cash payment akin to a lease for 16 years – aligned with the ETS determination of a forests’ average age. The landowner will then get a 50% share of the timber harvest and the land will be replanted with a new forest. In return, Dryland Carbon gets the carbon credits from the plantation.

    Auckland ready for COP26 commitments

    29 Oct 2021 | Our Auckland

    Global leaders are meeting in Glasgow to commit their countries to deliver on the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees. Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says, “Auckland Council understands the need for urgent action on climate, having declared a climate emergency in 2019. We have taken our commitments seriously and have developed a blueprint for halving emissions by 2030, supported by an additional $152 million of new climate investment in our recent 10-year Budget which lays the groundwork for further action.

    NZ business at COP26: David Benattar, The Warehouse Group

    28 Oct 2021 | Sustainable Business Council

    With delegations from around the world descending on Glasgow for the negotiations and events making up COP26, attendees from New Zealand include representatives from both the Sustainable Business Council and the Climate Leaders Coalition. We talked to some of those who will be taking part on the ground in Glasgow to find out why they are going, and what they are hoping to achieve. This week we hear from David Benattar, Chief Sustainability Officer for The Warehouse Group.

    Auckland Transport - EV transport service to be trialled in south Auckland

    27 Oct 2021 | Transport Talk

    The AT Local EV car and van service offers a quick and reliable way to travel around the suburbs, as well as providing easy connections to other public transport. “AT Local vehicles are fully electric and if the trial of this service is successful it will enable more people to leave their cars at home, helping to reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion on our roads,” Auckland mayor Phil Goff says.

    Auckland Council raises $1 billion in Green Bonds

    26 Oct 2021 | Auckland Council

    Auckland Council’s retail Green Bond offer last week raised $300 million, seeing the council surpass $1 billion in funds raised through the sustainable finance framework.

    Pāmu and Westpac NZ agree market-leading Sustainability-Linked Loan.

    26 Oct 2021 | Westpac

    Westpac NZ and Pāmu have signed New Zealand’s most comprehensive Sustainability-Linked Loan to date, also the largest in the agricultural sector, and the first involving a state-owned enterprise.

    Aotearoa on track for a low carbon future – for now

    21 Oct 2021 | Transpower

    Transpower has published its six monthly monitoring report on the transformation of Aotearoa New Zealand’s energy system towards assisting the net zero carbon transition. It shows that while good progress is being made, this must be built upon.

    Z Energy teams up with Neste on high-quality biofuels

    19 Oct 2021 | Transport Talk

    Z Energy is partnering with Finnish refiner Neste to bring drop-in biofuels to the New Zealand market. The renewable fuels are high-quality and unlike conventional biofuels they are considered “drop-in” fuels as they are suitable to be used in existing diesel vehicle or aircraft fleet, the company says.

    Coalition's third snapshot report reveals $9.5 billion business investment in climate action

    19 Oct 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    Signatories to the Climate Leaders Coalition have committed to invest $9.5 billion over the next five years to reduce emissions from their businesses, as revealed in their third anniversary snapshot report released today. Read more

    CLC 2020/2021 Snapshot Report

    18 Oct 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    This Third Anniversary Snapshot is a record of CLC’s activities and achievements from October 2020 to June 2021 with the focus of our reporting around the three pillars of our new strategy – CEO leadership, collective transparency, and climate action. Information has been gathered from survey responses from Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC) signatories and analysed by thinkstep-anz and the Sustainable Business Council (SBC)

    KPMG - NZ ranks highly in benchmark net zero readiness index

    15 Oct 2021 | KPMG

    New Zealand is ranked ninth globally in KPMG’s first ever Net Zero Readiness Index (NZRI) released today in the lead-up to COP26. The benchmark report compares the progress of 32 countries in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and assesses their preparedness and ability to achieve net zero by 2050. Norway took the overall top ranking, with the UK and Sweden in second and third place.

    Genesis: ambitious energy targets are key to decarbonising New Zealand

    13 Oct 2021 | Genesis

    Genesis is pleased to see that the ERP discussion document recognises a national energy strategy is an important foundation for decarbonising New Zealand and that electricity has a key role to play as part of that. We would like to see Government move quickly to define a long-term national energy strategy with a strong commitment to a more renewable energy system supported by clear policies developed in collaboration with business. We believe a focus on carbon intensive areas such as process heat and transport should be a priority, recognising the opportunity for electricity to support a lower carbon Aotearoa.

    CLC and SBC joint PR - Business calls for greater ambition and engagement in response to Emissions Reduction Plan

    13 Oct 2021 | SBC

    The Sustainable Business Council (SBC) and the Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC) welcome the release of the Government’s Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP) discussion document and call for greater engagement with the business community to close the emissions gap identified.

    Silver Fern Farms - Enhanced investment and cross-party commitment can make Emissions Reduction Plan work for agribusiness

    13 Oct 2021 | Silver Fern Farms

    Silver Fern Farms, New Zealand’s largest red meat company, welcomes the release of the discussion document on the shape of the Emissions Reduction Plan and looks forward to working with officials and Ministers to ensure the final plan supports the ambition and priorities of our farmers, customers and communities.

    MOVe Logistics - Coastal shipping and green hydrogen trucks for the future of freight in NZ

    9 Oct 2021 | RNZ

    Coastal shipping and green hydrogen-powered trucking are part of the future for freight in New Zealand believes Chris Dunphy, the new director of Move Logistics — formerly known as TIL Logistics — one of the country's largest freight and warehousing businesses. Dunphy believes hydrogen will eventually replace diesel, and he's also looking to open up shipping and expand across the Tasman. Dunphy’s interest in greener alternatives has been propelled in part by his previous job: shipping and transportation in the Australian coal mining industry.

    LIC - Report highlights environmental improvements from genetic gains

    7 Oct 2021 | Farmers Weekly

    A new report says 30 years of breeding by dairy farmers using LIC genetics has netted a 13% fall in methane emissions and 16% less urinary nitrogen per kilogram of milksolid produced. This genetic improvement from LIC’s premier sire bulls produced this on-farm reduction between 1990-2020, the co-operative’s inaugural Sustainability Report said. LIC chief executive Wayne McNee says this herd improvement has been the primary way LIC has helped farmers lower their environmental footprint.

    NZGBC and Warren and Mahoney - building greener homes

    7 Oct 2021 | Stuff

    Stuff feature on building lower carbon homes featuring CLC signatories NZ Green Building Council and Warren and Mahoney.

    Turning beverage cartons into wallboards

    5 Oct 2021 | Building Today

    New Zealand company saveBOARD has received a A$1.74 million grant from the Australian and New South Wales Governments towards setting up a A$5 million facility that will turn packaging waste into high-performance building material.

    Meat processors look to decarbonise

    4 Oct 2021 | Farmers Weekly

    Three of the country’s largest meat companies are upgrading technology to cut carbon emissions. Alliance has announced investment in three South Island plants, ANZCO to its Canterbury works and Silver Fern Farms to the Pareora works near Timaru.

    Silver Fern Farms to halve coal use

    1 Oct 2021 | Scoop

    Silver Fern Farms welcomes $1 million co-funding from the Government Investment in Decarbonising Industry (GIDI) Fund for a $2.6 million coal-out project at its Pareora processing site, south of Timaru, as a significant boost to achieve the company’s commitment to end all coal use by 2030.

    Z signals intention to participate in RFP process for Sustainable Aviation Fuel production in NZ

    1 Oct 2021 | Z Energy

    Air New Zealand and MBIE have announced it will look to find an operator for a commercial Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) plant in New Zealand. Their signed Memorandum of Understanding to run a closed RFP process will invite leaders in innovation to demonstrate the feasibility of operating a SAF plant at a commercial scale. Z Energy commends the step and intends to participate in this process. For Z this is another opportunity to move forward on their journey to a low carbon future, says Z Energy GM Strategy and Risk, Nicolas Williams. “Z is committed to be part of the solution to climate change. We know that the way we're using the planet's resources simply isn't sustainable and we must look for alternative solutions.”

    Meridian Energy - Southland milk and meat plants to electrify coal-fired boilers in a bid to decarbonise industrial process heat

    30 Sep 2021 | Meridian Energy

    Two Southland processors are decommissioning coal-fired boilers in favour of electricity in order to help decarbonise industrial process heat in the South Island. Agreements have been signed with the A2 Milk Company to support the decommissioning of a coal-fired boiler at its Mataura Valley Milk plant, and with Alliance Group to support the decommissioning of a coal-fired boiler at its Lorneville plant, near Invercargill.

    Toitū Envirocare helps Emma Lewisham become world's first carbon-positive beauty brand

    29 Sep 2021 | NZ Herald

    When you run out of day cream or finish off that luxe serum, your first thought might be replacing the product ASAP. But have you ever stopped to think where that packaging you are about to so carelessly dispose of will end up? The beauty industry produces a staggering 120 billion units of waste per year - a harrowing number from a growing industry that is set to be worth $716.6 billion by 2025. But now a New Zealand-owned skincare company is helping to change that, one refill at a time. Aotearoa's own Emma Lewisham has become the world's first beauty brand to achieve carbon positive status.

    Vector collaborates with X, the moonshot factory, to virtualise Auckland electricity network and support energy decarbonisation

    28 Sep 2021 | Vector

    Vector Group today announced a strategic collaboration with X, the moonshot factory (formerly Google [x]), which will include virtualising New Zealand’s largest electricity network, run by Vector in Auckland. Vector and X are working together on network virtualisation and simulation technology as part of their shared vision to reimagine the design, management, and operation of electricity networks; get ahead of increasing demands for clean energy; and transform the network in order to support decarbonisation.

    Meridian and Contact Energy - Huge interest in Southland green hydrogen project

    27 Sep 2021 | Meridian Energy

    A proposal to build the world’s first large-scale green hydrogen plant in Southland has been met with strong interest from domestic and international businesses. Meridian and Contact Energy’s Southern Green Hydrogen project has attracted more than 80 responses to its registration of interest process. There is a strong focus on using green hydrogen produced from renewable energy for export and also to decarbonise carbon-intensive sectors including heavy transport, aviation, shipping and agriculture in New Zealand.

    Air New Zealand and MBIE join forces to scope out sustainable aviation fuel industry

    27 Sep 2021 | Scoop

    Air New Zealand’s journey to net-zero has reached another significant milestone today with the Airline and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) joining forces to bring Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) one step closer to becoming a reality in New Zealand.

    IAG - Transitioning our corporate fleet

    22 Sep 2021 | IAG

    In early 2021 IAG New Zealand decided to transition our 270-strong corporate vehicle fleet to electric and hybrid cars. This decision was made as part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and limiting the impacts of climate change. We have a science-based target to reduce emissions from electricity use and our vehicle fleet by 40% by 2025 (based on FY17 levels), and this change will help us deliver on that target.

    Downer NZ switching fleet to electric

    22 Sep 2021 | EVs and Beyond

    About 20 MG ZS EV SUVs will be distributed to Downer NZ’s vehicle fleet, with another 20 on order. “We chose the MG ZS electric SUV as it takes just 45 minutes to charge to 80% on rapid charge and allows for up to 260km of travel per single full charge,” Downer NZ says.

    Air New Zealand and Airbus launch zero-emissions aircraft project

    16 Sep 2021 | Stuff

    Air New Zealand and global aviation giant Airbus are joining forces to explore how zero-emission aircraft could be flown in New Zealand. Under a memorandum of understanding with Airbus, Air New Zealand will analyse the impact hydrogen aircraft may have on its network, operations and infrastructure.

    Fonterra reduces emissions from coal by 11% in last year

    16 Sep 2021 | Stuff

    Fonterra says it has reduced its greehouse gas emissions from coal by 11 per cent in a year, primarily due to the conversation of its Te Awamutu site to using renewable wood pellets.

    Air New Zealand plans to be flying electric aircraft by 2030

    14 Sep 2021 | Stuff

    Air New Zealand is planning to have an electric aircraft in its fleet by 2030, and its turboprop fleets will eventually be replaced with aircraft powered by alternative energy, its chief pilot says. In an interview for Capa – Centre of Aviation, Air New Zealand chief operational integrity and safety officer, David Morgan, said the national carrier, and the aviation industry, had to find solutions to reduce emissions and combat climate change.

    Victoria University - What te ao Māori can teach us about sustainable management

    13 Sep 2021 | Radio New Zealand

    Walk into any boardroom or business school and you'll often hear the same companies held up as models of excellence: Apple, Tesla, Google and so on. Sharing success stories from te ao Māori (the Māori world)? Not so much. And that's a shame. There are many of them, and they can teach us how to manage and grow organisations in sustainable ways that benefit the wider community - goals that often elude large Western businesses.

    ASB - How one Otago farmer combined sustainable farming with premium merino

    10 Sep 2021 | Stuff

    Alistair Campbell and his son Duncan run Earnscleugh Station, a high country farm in the heart of Central Otago. They'd be too modest to tell you, but they produce some of New Zealand's highest quality merino sheep and beef studs. Recently they've set an ambitious challenge for themselves - to meet the highest standards for animal welfare and sustainability under the NZ Merino ZQRX index platform.

    Silver Fern Farms - If you’re going to sell red meat...

    9 Sep 2021 | Bay Buzz

    If you're going to sell red meat... Then Silver Fern Farms is showing the best way. Consider: Zero carbon Angus beef. Back to that in a moment. In recent years SFF has been earnest about getting on the right side of environment-minded consumers.

    Victoria University - Smart ideas funded in 2021 Endeavour Fund

    8 Sep 2021 | Victoria University of Wellington

    Four ‘smart ideas’ from Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington researchers, about everything from 3D data storage and improving power infrastructure reliability, to undersea volcanoes and interactive design, have been funded in the 2021 Endeavour Fund.

    Toyota spending $19.3 billion to secure EV battery supplies

    8 Sep 2021 | Stuff

    Toyota plans to spend 1.5 trillion yen (NZ$19.3 billion) on the supply and development of batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles by 2030, joining other global automakers boosting investments in anticipation of greater demand.


    7 Sep 2021 |

    Read more


    7 Sep 2021 |

    Read more

    Anderson Lloyd - Native trees to be planted on unusable forestry land to protect waterways

    7 Sep 2021 | Stuff

    One of the country’s largest forestry plantation owners, Aratu Forests, has signed a 90-year agreement with eLandNZ to plant native trees on unusable land, creating permanent buffers alongside waterways. The partnership, brokered by law firm Anderson Lloyd, plans to stop forestry waste, such as logs, from being washed into waterways by planting native trees on otherwise unusable stretches of land across 33,000 hectares of forestry plantation, mostly in the Gisborne region, forestry law specialist Dan Williams​ said.

    Lion Pledges To Eliminate Plastic Shrink-wrap From Beer Packaging Within Two Years

    1 Sep 2021 | Lion

    Leading Australasian brewer Lion has announced that it will dramatically reduce the two largest sources of plastic in its packaging – plastic shrink-wrap and plastic labels on beer bottles. The decision will remove more than 630 tonnes of plastic per year from circulation – keeping it out of landfill and away from our oceans.

    BNZ - Quick and easy tips to help your business go green

    30 Aug 2021 | Stuff

    No business wants to have unnecessary expenditures, particularly after a year that has tested the reserves of many small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Internationally more companies are going green - not only to save the planet, but also to save money. Here in New Zealand, businesses are realising that to flourish in a Covid-adapted world they can make simple but genuine steps to reduce their carbon footprint and increase the flexibility, resilience, and efficiency of their organisation. With so many options and information, it can seem daunting, but there are lots of quick and easy steps that SMEs can make. One way to work out what's best for your business is through the Climate Action Toolbox, a simple self-assessment tool to help reduce the carbon footprint of any business. Using the toolbox – which was developed by BNZ in partnership with Government, business, and industry groups – businesses go through a self-assessment to identify which areas are most relevant to them and can then choose from a range of specific actions to improve their climate impact.

    Anderson Lloyd - Carbon farming, legislation will align

    30 Aug 2021 | Farmers Weekly

    Regulations have failed to keep pace with the expansion of carbon farming, a lawyer specialising in forestry says. Dan Williams, a lawyer with Anderson Lloyd, says carbon farming is an emerging market where demand and interest is exceeding legislative control.

    Suncorp NZ cuts carbon emissions by almost half

    28 Aug 2021 | Insurance Business NZ

    Suncorp New Zealand has reported that its scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions for financial year 2021, were 49% lower than its baseline FY18 emissions. This means that the company is ahead of its goal to achieve 22% reduction of scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2022, and is on track to achieve its published target of 51% reduction by 2030.

    Auckland Council - tips for composting at home

    26 Aug 2021 | Our Auckland

    If food waste were a country, it would be the third-highest emitter of greenhouse gases. Each year, Aucklanders put about 100,000 tonnes of food waste into their rubbish bins. Diverting food from landfill is one of the single biggest climate change interventions an individual can make.

    Auckland Council - reduce your waste together at home and save

    26 Aug 2021 | Our Auckland

    Kerbside rubbish and recycling are continuing as normal, but you can still take steps to reduce your waste and save money. Consider composting Keeping food waste out of landfill is one of the single biggest climate change interventions an individual can make. That’s why more and more Aucklanders are starting to compost at home.

    Akina - 4 things businesses can do to combat climate change

    24 Aug 2021 | Akina

    Dismayed (but not surprised) by the latest climate news, Ākina CEO Louise Aitken and Communications Manager Ed Watson sat down to think about what businesses could focus on as they work out how to operate in a way that’s better for the planet.

    thinkstep-anz - Catalyse change in your supply chain with responsible procurement

    23 Aug 2021 | NZ Manufacturer

    By prioritising suppliers that align with their environmental and social values, they can encourage a much wider range of companies to shift the dial on those issues.

    CoGo - we can all reduce our emissions through easy, everyday actions

    20 Aug 2021 | ITP TechBlog

    "It could take 20-30 years to see global temperatures stabilise..." says the IPCC, but if we can control emissions, Earth will do the rest. As we all process these findings, one thing has become clear: it's collective action that we need to shift the dial in the right direction. This is the heart and mission behind CoGo, a free app and real-time API that helps consumers and businesses to understand, reduce and offset their carbon footprints, and align their spending with their environmental and social values. The team behind CoGo is based in Wellington and London.

    DB Breweries cutting carbon with EV forklifts

    17 Aug 2021 | Transport Talk

    DB Breweries is reducing its annual carbon emissions by 184 tonnes with a new fleet of electric forklifts. The fleet replaces existing LPG-powered forklifts at DB’s two largest production sites, Waitemata Brewery in Auckland and DB Draught Brewery in Timaru. The carbon reduction equivalent to 350 return flights between Queenstown and Auckland.

    The group looking into recycling New Zealand's EV batteries

    13 Aug 2021 | Driven

    Right now, electric vehicles are arguably the most polarising aspect of New Zealand's motor industry. While some people love the idea, others pick apart the flaws until the cows come home. One of the biggest arguments against electric vehicles is the idea that batteries are useless once they're done their time in a car, and can't be recycled in New Zealand. One Kiwi group that's looking to offer an EV battery recycling service in New Zealand goes by the name of B.I.G or Battery Industry Group, and is made up of some of our country's heavy hitters in the electric industry. Formed in 2018, B.I.G includes entities like the AA, Vector, Audi, the Motor Industry Association, and more.

    Firstgas - The role for hydrogen in decarbonising Oceania’s gas grids

    13 Aug 2021 | Firstgas

    Leading global hydrogen publication, H2 View features interviews with Firstgas Group and the Australian Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG) about the role for hydrogen in decarbonising Oceania’s gas grids, and how both companies plan to power homes in the future with zero carbon gas.

    CLC and SBC join forces with EDS to host Climate Change and Business Conference 2021

    3 Aug 2021 | Sustainable Business Council & Climate Leaders Coalition

    The Climate Leaders Coalition has joined forces with SBC and EDS to host this year's Climate Change and Business Conference.

    The Warehouse Group - soft plastic recycling arrives in Hawke's Bay

    15 Jul 2021 | The Warehouse Group

    Hawke's Bay residents can now recycle their soft plastic packaging at The Warehouse stores in Hastings and Napier, as part of the Packaging Forum's Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme.

    Firstgas - Joint study reveals biomethane could offset half of residential gas use

    7 Jul 2021 | Firstgas

    A joint study by Beca, Firstgas Group and Fonterra reveals renewable gas is a viable, untapped solution to decarbonising New Zealand’s residential natural gas network right now, with the potential to replace nearly 20% of New Zealand’s total gas usage by 2050.

    Lion Sustainability Report 2020

    1 Jul 2021 | Lion

    Lion Sustainability Report 2020

    Lion New Zealand’s 2020 Sustainability Achievements And Future Ambitions

    1 Jul 2021 | Lion

    New Zealand’s first large-scale carbon zero beverages company Lion has released its 2020 Sustainability Report highlighting the progress it’s making in emissions and water use reduction and the growing success of its Alcohol&Me education program.

    Submission to Ministry of Transport on pathways to net zero by 2050

    25 Jun 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    Joint submission with the Sustainable Business Council to the Ministry of Transport on pathways to net zero by 2050.

    IAG releases its 2021 climate change poll

    10 Jun 2021 | IAG

    IAG poll shows Kiwis want government and business to act on climate change adaptation New Zealanders are increasingly expecting the government and business sector to take stronger action on climate change adaptation, according to the results of IAG’s fourth annual climate change opinion poll released today.

    IAG - Climate change: Most Kiwis don't think NZ is moving fast enough

    10 Jun 2021 | NZ Herald

    Fewer than a quarter of Kiwis think New Zealand is moving fast enough to tackle climate change, a just-released poll shows. The fourth annual survey from insurer IAG New Zealand also suggested more people think businesses should be doing their bit to help combat the climate crisis.

    Firstgas - Firstgas Group commend the CCC for retaining energy options

    9 Jun 2021 | Firstgas

    Firstgas Group says the Climate Change Commission has delivered a final recommendation that acknowledges the important role zero carbon gas may have in reducing New Zealand’s carbon emissions by 2050.

    Budget sets high expectations for more to come on climate action

    20 May 2021 | Sustainable Business Council & Climate Leaders Coalition

    Business leaders from the Sustainable Business Council (SBC) and the Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC) welcome the 2021 Budget announcement on climate action, noting that it sets high expectations for further commitments resulting from the imminent Emissions Reduction Plan, in next year’s budget.

    Firstgas - Applying Firstgas Group’s Hydrogen Pipeline Strategy in America

    20 May 2021 | Firstgas

    Firstgas Group’s hydrogen feasibility study has attracted some international attention from ARBO, an American company who provide energy commerce software and gas asset ananlytics. They suggest that a similar strategy could be applied in the U.S, using the countries pipelines to deliver zero carbon gas.

    How to meet the commitments

    18 May 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    There are a range of options to help businesses at each stage of their journey to achieve the commitments in the Climate Change Leadership Statement. Read more


    18 May 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    Some commonly asked questions Read more

    Working with suppliers

    17 May 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    We recommend signatories use the outline below to guide their efforts, starting with the area that makes most sense for your emissions profile. This is not a precise order so much as a suggestion of the different activities that would support you and ideas for how you can keep progressing. Read more

    Emissions Reduction Target

    17 May 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    We recommend signatories develop their reduction targets in line with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) guidance and methodology, including sector guidance where relevant.For companies developing Net Zero targets, we recommend these are developed in line with the SBTi’s draft framework and criteria, until the final standard is available in late 2021. Read more

    Climate Change Risks

    17 May 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    We recommend signatories adapt their existing Risk Management systems to integrate Climate Change risks, both financial and physical, to ensure these are considered at the highest level and considered in strategy and planning. Read more

    Emissions Measurement & Reporting

    17 May 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    We recommend signatories develop their inventories in line with the Ministry for Environment’s guidance for measuring, reporting and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, ISO 14064-1, and/or the Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards and guidance. Read more

    Working with employees

    17 May 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    There are no fixed rules for this, and the approach will vary between signatories, from direct engagement through to provision of information. Read more

    Firstgas - NZ Plumber: The future of gas

    17 May 2021 | NZ Plumber

    NZ Plumber magazine explains Firstgas Group’s future of gas plans around biogas, hydrogen, and bioLPG.

    The Warehouse Group rolls out a national EV charging station expansion

    19 Apr 2021 | The Warehouse Group

    The Warehouse Group has increased public access to electric vehicle rapid charging with the expansion and upgrade of its charging station infrastructure.

    The Warehouse makes recycling a little simpler

    8 Apr 2021 | The Warehouse Group

    The world is in the middle of an environmental crisis and consumers don’t know what they can do to help. The environmental cost of our desire for ‘more’ will be felt for generations. As one of New Zealand’s largest retailers, The Warehouse is tackling this head-on by progressing its circular practice while increasingly introducing more post-consumer waste solutions as a priority.

    The Warehouse Group - Soft Plastics recycling available nationwide

    6 Apr 2021 | The Warehouse Group

    Proving to be a great success throughout the North Island, The Warehouse has expanded the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme to another 13 stores across our network, seven of which will now be in Christchurch.

    Firstgas - Newshub: Firstgas Group announces plans to decarbonise gas pipeline network in NZ

    29 Mar 2021 | Newshub

    A plan to decarbonise New Zealand's gas pipeline network by transitioning from natural gas to hydrogen has been announced on Monday, ensuring Kiwis can continue to have their hot showers, cooking hobs - and barbecues - in a zero-carbon future.

    Business leaders make collective response to climate consultation

    29 Mar 2021 | Sustainable Business Council & Climate Leaders Coalition

    The Sustainable Business Council (SBC) and the Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC) have partnered in their response to the independent Climate Change Commission’s first package of draft advice to Government. The submission represents the views of around 150 businesses that contribute more than a third of New Zealand’s GDP and are committed to the country’s zero carbon future.

    The Warehouse Group introduces EV trucks for home deliveries

    24 Mar 2021 | The Warehouse Group

    The Warehouse Group is expanding its electric vehicle fleet to include custom EV trucks to service home deliveries.

    Submission to Climate Change Commission on 2021 draft advice for consultation

    1 Mar 2021 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    Sustainable Business Council and Climate Leaders Coalition joint submission to the Climate Change Commission on its 2021 draft advice for consultation.

    The Warehouse Group - E-waste recycling now available

    25 Feb 2021 | The Warehouse Group

    Noel Leeming is trialling a free e-waste recycling programme at 16 of its stores. The trial is in partnership with Techcollect NZ, a local not-for-profit organisation committed to supporting the development of a regulated product stewardship scheme for electrical and electronic products in Aotearoa. The service will run through to 31 December 2021.

    The Warehouse Group supporting Emirates Team New Zealand to be carbonzero

    16 Feb 2021 | The Warehouse Group

    The Warehouse has partnered with Emirates Team New Zealand to offset its carbon emissions for its 36th America's Cup campaign; this will see Emirates Team New Zealand become the first America's Cup syndicate to have a Toitū carbonzero certified campaign.

    New Zealand’s largest beverage company has gone carbon zero

    5 Feb 2021 | Lion

    Lion New Zealand, which holds close to 30* per cent of the country’s alcohol beverage market, becomes New Zealand’s first large scale beverage company to be Toitū carbonzero certified. Through their partnership with Toitū, Lion has undertaken an intensive audit, designed to accurately measure its operational greenhouse gas emissions and put in place strategies to manage and reduce Lion’s carbon footprint each year.

    Orion commits to carbon neutrality by 2022

    14 Dec 2020 | Orion NZ Ltd

    Central Canterbury electricity distributor, Orion, today announced its commitment to achieving carbon neutrality for corporate emissions by June 2022, the first electricity company in New Zealand to commit to this ambitious target. The commitment is eight years ahead of Christchurch City Council’s goal for council-owned companies to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

    The Warehouse Group recognised in the highest category of “Leadership” in the fight against Climate Change

    10 Dec 2020 | The Warehouse Group

    With our vision to become New Zealand’s most sustainable company, we know we can’t manage what we don’t measure. That’s why each year we work alongside Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a not-for-profit charity that runs the foremost global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to help them manage their environmental impacts.

    Business leaders welcome public sector’s acceleration to zero carbon

    3 Dec 2020 | Sustainable Business Council

    The Sustainable Business Council (SBC) and the Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC) welcome the Government’s announcement to accelerate the public sector’s race to zero carbon within the next five years. The announcement is the focus of three of the 26 recommendations contained in a recent joint SBC and CLC briefing to the incoming Government on climate action priorities. The briefing is the consensus view of the 150 companies represented by SBC and CLC.

    Christchurch Airport becomes world’s first to achieve Level 4 Transformation of Airport Carbon Accreditation

    24 Nov 2020 |

    Christchurch Airport in New Zealand has taken a major step forward in its commitment to fight against climate change, becoming the first airport in the Asia-Pacific region and in the world to reach Level 4 Transformation of Airport Carbon Accreditation. This high achievement is evidence of the airport’s continued efforts to align its carbon management strategy with the global climate goals.

    10%* of New Zealand’s beer market goes carbon zero overnight. Steinlager becomes NZ’s first major carbon zero beer brand

    19 Nov 2020 | Lion

    Proud to represent New Zealand’s finest, Steinlager is committed to taking action against climate change and excited to become the country’s first large scale beer brand to be Toitū carbonzero certified. To reach this significant milestone, every step in Steinlager’s product life cycle has seen emissions reduced or offset, from growing the hops and barley, making the beer at the brewery, to bottles, caps, packaging and transport, right down to the length of time the beer will spend in the consumer’s fridge.

    New Toitū carbon assess tool enables carbon measurement in supply chains and small businesses

    3 Nov 2020 |

    Toitū Envirocare’s new Toitū carbon assess platform enables large enterprises to collate and track the combined carbon emissions of their New Zealand-based suppliers and gives small businesses an easy and affordable way to measure their carbon emissions and benchmark against similar organisations.

    Bring on EVs, incoming government urged

    27 Oct 2020 | Climate Leaders Coalition; Sustainable Business Council

    Suggestions for decarbonsing vehicles, removing fringe benefit tax (FBT) on EVs, subsidising e-bikes and introducing road congestion charges are among 26 actions costing about $7.3 billion the Sustainable Business Council and Climate Leaders Coalition want the incoming government to consider.

    Business leaders set out 26 recommendations for climate action

    21 Oct 2020 | Climate Leaders Coalition; Sustainable Business Council

    In a briefing released today, 150 business leaders are urging the incoming Government to work in partnership with business to build momentum towards achieving New Zealand’s zero carbon goal. The briefing, commissioned by the Sustainable Business Council (SBC) and the Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC), represents the collective views of their members and signatories on climate action priorities.

    Need For Community And Collaboration May Drive A Shift In Office Space Use Following Covid-19

    21 Oct 2020 | Suncorp

    A survey of employees at Suncorp New Zealand, one of the country’s largest insurance companies, has revealed that community and connection (79%) and collaboration and problem solving (66%) are the main drivers for employees wanting to return to the office at least part time following a period of working at home due to Covid-19.

    Business leaders unite in support of climate action

    13 Oct 2020 | Climate Leaders Coalition; Sustainable Business Council

    Two climate-focused business groups, The CEO-led Climate Leaders' Coalition, and the Sustainable Business Council have got together to share resources, amplify their message and accelerate climate action. Kathryn Ryan talks to Mike Bennetts, Convenor of the Climate Leaders Coalition & CEO of Z Energy and Mike Burrell, Executive Director of the SBC about how it can be done without losing jobs. After the election, the combined group plans to present its prioritised recommendations to the next Government about policies on emissions and investments it would like to see.

    Summerset – Toitū carbonzero Case Study

    1 Oct 2020 |

    The first retirement village operator to be Toitū carbonzero certified, Summerset's climate action story shows the organisation’s commitment to continually reducing their environmental impacts. he retirement village operator started its journey by committing to the Toitū carbonreduce certification programme in 2018. A Toitū carbonreduce certification means Summerset measured their emissions, set a reduction plan, and got third-party verified as per international best-practice. Though this was a great start, it was only the first step. The programme was a way for Summerset to start monitoring its emissions, increase efficiency and reduce operational costs. The certification process helped bring focus to key insights like emissions from the use of fertilisers, waste per person and business travel - all seen as opportunities to be more efficient. Summerset's sustainability initiatives quickly gained traction and the organisation decided to further bolster its commitment by offsetting their carbon emissions, gaining them the Toitū carbonzero certification.

    Briefing to Incoming Government on climate action priorities

    1 Oct 2020 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    Briefing to incoming government on behalf of the Sustainable Business Council (SBC) and Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC) on practical actions that can be taken over the next three years to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in New Zealand.

    Business leaders join forces to ensure climate action stays top-of-agenda

    24 Sep 2020 |

    More than 150 New Zealand business leaders have joined forces to collaborate on a collective vision for a sustainable, zero carbon New Zealand. Leading business organisations, the Sustainable Business Council (SBC) and the Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC), today launched their new strategies with a shared vision bringing more opportunities for them to partner on key climate action initiatives.

    SBC Guest Blog: When is net-zero really net-zero?

    24 Sep 2020 |

    While the spotlight last week was on the climate change risk reporting announcement from the Government, there was another significant announcement that went overlooked in New Zealand, but will change how you set credible and meaningful net-zero targets. Barbara Nebel has the details. Even in the midst of an ongoing global pandemic, the list of companies, investors, universities, and cities leading the Race to Zero continues to grow. For some, this translates to setting ambitious carbon reduction targets, while others opt for a net-zero target. But how can a net-zero claim based on offsets move the needle on climate change? What criteria does it have to meet?

    EECA energy end use database

    17 Sep 2020 |

    The updated Energy End Use Database estimates national energy consumption broken down by fuel type, sector, end use and technology. National data is available for the 2017, 2018, and 2019 calendar years. The database allows researchers, policy makers and the business sector to explore how energy is used by fuel type, sector, end use and technology. EECA has revised and improved data for a number of sectors in the database, including residential, and a range of industrial sectors.

    The power of consumer choice: Meridian Energy case study

    16 Sep 2020 | Meridian

    What do craft beer, chardonnay, insurance, and breathing masks have in common? Every time you buy them, you are supporting 100% renewable energy. Meridian Energy offers New Zealand businesses a new product for them to show their support for 100% renewable energy, and reduce their Scope 2 emissions at the same time. The product is enabled by the New Zealand Energy Certificate System (NZECS), administered by Certified Energy.

    Suncorp New Zealand a finalist for Sustainable Business Awards

    10 Sep 2020 |

    Suncorp New Zealand has been named as a finalist for the Sustainable Business Network’s Climate Action Leader Award for 2020, for its commitment to renewable energy generation and reducing emissions. The Sustainable Business Awards have been running for 18 years and recognise and celebrate success in sustainability. The Climate Action Leader award is presented to an organisation that is actively leading and delivering impact and scale with climate action. In 2020, Suncorp Group joined RE100, and made a commitment to use 100% renewable energy by 2025. In July Suncorp New Zealand joined Meridian Energy’s Certified Renewable Energy programme, which allowed the business to report near zero emissions for Scope 2* and reach its target five years early. “We’re thrilled to have been shortlisted for the Climate Action Leader Award for our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and support sustainable energy generation in New Zealand,” said Suncorp New Zealand acting CEO Jimmy Higgins. “Sustainable growth and lowering our environmental impact reflects our values of a resilient community, and our vision to protect what matters to New Zealanders.”

    100% renewable energy goals within reach for New Zealand businesses

    31 Aug 2020 |

    New Zealand companies aiming for 100% renewable energy can now use energy certificates to achieve their ambitions. The global RE100 initiative now recognises the New Zealand Energy Certificate System (NZECS), meaning that New Zealand businesses can purchase energy certificates to meet their RE100 commitment of sourcing 100% renewable electricity. Suncorp New Zealand is one New Zealand business that has adopted a Certified Renewable Energy product through Meridian Energy.

    Innovation-led LIC Launches ‘Ag-celerator’ Investment Fund

    27 Aug 2020 |

    Leading agritech and herd improvement cooperative LIC has launched a new fund to support innovations with the potential to positively impact New Zealands valuable dairy sector. LIC has launched an early-stage investment fund, named the LIC AgCelerator

    $3.2m EECA funding for 24 e-mobility projects

    25 Aug 2020 |

    Electric truck, bus and bike projects are sharing in a $3.2 million government funding allocation. The eighth round of the low emission vehicles contestable fund has been announced by energy and resources minister Dr Megan Woods with 24 successful applicants. Recipients contribute a total $5m themselves under the fund administered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

    Clemenger Group NZ take environmental action

    24 Aug 2020 |

    Clemenger Group New Zealand, which includes Colenso BBDO and Porter Novelli, has been award a Toitū carbonreduce certification, awarded to those making a viable effort to reduce their carbon footprint. The group went under an evaluation which showed where it sat in terms of its footprint, and provided active measures the group could take to reduce it. Jim Gall, CEO, says this is the next best step to ensure they have not only their clients needs in mind, but the country’s as well.

    Climate change needs Covid-level urgency from politicians

    24 Aug 2020 |

    Z Energy chief executive, and CLC convenor, Mike Bennetts – the first guest on Stuff’s One Hot Minute video and podcast series – sets a challenge for the next Government. It was part of the company’s move to renewable energy and to reduce emissions as it worked towards net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

    Industrial buildings worth billions could become stranded assets, warns new report

    10 Aug 2020 |

    Billions of dollars of industrial buildings face becoming ‘stranded assets’ warns a new report by the Australian and New Zealand Green Building Councils today. Green Star in focus: The case for sustainable industrial buildings warns of the increasing risk of significant industrial assets becoming stranded if they can’t show that they are low or zero carbon. The report finds that new Green Star certified industrial buildings produce 66% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than standard buildings and shows that a minimal 2% upfront cost to support green design can result, on average, in lifecycle savings of 20% of total construction costs. The report underscores that the technology, design, materials and expertise are available now to build more sustainable buildings which will meet investors’ growing demand for future-proofed investments that uphold environmental and social governance principles.

    Fonterra's first wood pellet-fuelled plant will fire up in September

    9 Aug 2020 |

    Fonterra is one step away from pushing the go button on its first factory to convert from coal to wood pellet energy. The dairy company’s Te Awamutu plant in the Waikato is putting the finishing touches on the $11 million power source conversion which could be used as a blueprint for its other factories around the country. It was part of the company’s move to renewable energy and to reduce emissions as it worked towards net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

    CLC 2019/2020 Snapshot Report

    1 Aug 2020 |

    Second anniversary snapshot report from the Climate Leaders Coalition.

    Kiwis happier with Government's response to climate change - poll

    28 Jul 2020 | IAG

    New Zealanders are more satisfied with the Government’s efforts to combat climate change than they were a year ago. But fewer than half rate the effort as good, according to the latest Ipsos poll for insurer IAG. 46 per cent think the Government’s actions in response to climate change are good, up from 35 per cent last year. Only one in five rated the Government’s response as poor, down from 28 per cent last year – an overall improvement in the Government’s standing.

    Brewing beer without fossil fuels

    28 Jul 2020 | DB Breweries

    The brewery behind Heineken, Monteith’s and Tui has big plans to cut its carbon footprint. Between the arrival of the ingredients and the departure of the product, each litre of beer or cider produces the equivalent of 0.076 kilograms of carbon dioxide. By the end of the decade, DB Breweries wants to slash that figure in half. All up, the brewer’s processes emitted 8,149 tonnes of carbon dioxide last year, according to its just-released sustainability report – roughly what’s produced when 1045 passengers fly return from Auckland to Heathrow. Compared with 2018, the company shaved 1,032 tonnes (or 11 per cent) off its production footprint.

    EV incentive introduced by NZ Post

    16 Jul 2020 | NZ Post

    Funding is being offered by NZ Post to help its delivery contractors replace their vans with EVs. As there isn’t an EV available for every application in the van fleet, NZ Post will maintain the funding offer until it reaches its target of 25% of “last mile” contractors using EVs by 2025.

    When the rubber hits the road for emissions

    8 Jul 2020 | Countdown; EECA; Fonterra; Lyttelton Port Company; New Zealand Post; Ports of Auckland; The Warehouse Group; TIL; TOLL; Z Energy

    When the rubber hits the road, will we be on track for smooth sailing? That’s the question a group of heavy transport companies are currently asking themselves. As part of an SBC collaboration, they’ve set an incredibly ambitious objective to develop a low emissions pathway that will halve emissions from the domestic freight sector by 2030, and be net zero by 2050.

    One day a week at the home office can save the country 84,000 tonnes of carbon

    2 Jul 2020 | EECA

    If one in five Kiwis opt to work from home once a week, we’d prevent 84,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere. That’s equivalent to taking 35,000 cars off the road, according to the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA). The country could also cut our transport emissions by another 65,000 tonnes if business travellers flying between Auckland and Wellington chose to swap their meeting for a Zoom, Google or Teams video chat, the authority calculated.

    Guide: Carbon Roadmap to 2050

    2 Jul 2020 | DETA Consulting

    Understand what strategies you can put in place now to ensure your business is still providing value to stakeholders in 2030 and beyond. Click the link to head to DETA Consulting's website and download its carbon roadmap guide.

    The Forever Project explores NZ’s ‘Green Rebound’ post Covid-19

    26 Jun 2020 | Stuff

    Life in lockdown prompted many of us to consider what’s really essential in our lives; which adaptations we might keep, and what we can do without. Stuff’s second issue of The Forever Project magazine – out today – explores how New Zealand can bounce back from Covid-19 in a climate-friendly way. The Forever Project is the new home for New Zealand’s most ambitious environmental reporting and climate coverage. It includes daily reporting across all of Stuff’s platforms, as well as the carbon-neutral, quarterly print publication.

    Pilot trial to identify possibility of lower-methane emitting cows gets underway

    9 Jun 2020 | LIC

    A pilot trial seeking to identify a possible link between the methane cows produce and their genetics has got underway in the Waikato. The trial involving dairy breeding bulls is believed to be a world-first and is being run by Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC) and CRV which together sire 90% of the New Zealand dairy herd through their artificial breeding bulls. The project has received funding from the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre (NZAGGRC).

    Uniting business and governments to recover better

    20 May 2020 | thinkstep-ANZ

    thinkstep-anz together with 155 leading companies worldwide advocate for governments to prioritise climate action aligned with the Paris Agreement in their economic recovery plans. Released earlier today, the aptly named ‘Recover Better’ statement is organised by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), the UN Global Compact and the We Mean Business coalition. It asks businesses and governments to pair their economic response to Covid-19 with ambitious climate action to recover better together.

    ASB Officially Endorsed As Carbon Zero

    18 May 2020 | ASB

    ASB has achieved a major step towards its climate goals, by achieving carboNZero certification from Toitu Envirocare. The certification validates ASB's plan to reduce its carbon emissions in line with international targets.

    Investing in a sustainable recovery

    11 May 2020 | Sustainable Business Council

    Future-focused, sustainable investment will get us out of the immediate crisis, and the one that follows, writes Mike Burrell of the NZ Sustainable Business Council

    Coronavirus: Should you work from home after the Covid-19 pandemic to save the planet?

    20 Apr 2020 | Sustainable Business Council

    As of this month, much of the population is involved in a mass experiment in home working. Even employers – and employees – previously resistant to the idea have been forced to try it. As all non-essential workplaces are closed to prevent a widespread outbreak, employees' carbon emissions are plummeting.

    Coronavirus: Will lockdown air quality improvement inspire us to go greener?

    3 Apr 2020 | Auckland Council

    Sharp improvements in Auckland's air quality due to big cuts in traffic volumes under Covid-19 restrictions are being seen as a pointer to a need for new thinking on climate change initiatives. In some suburban areas, nitrogen oxide levels had fallen to almost zero in the first days of the coronavirus month-long lockdown. While no one is wishing a prolonging of the restrictions, the ability to turn off transport-generated greenhouse gases is intriguing.

    DETA Webinar Series – Framing up the 2050 Carbon Pathway

    1 Apr 2020 | DETA Consulting

    DETA's Decarbonisation Webinar Series offers insight into carbon reductions across a range of sectors. This first webinar provides a wide overview, and more sector-specific sessions can be found on DETA Consulting's website.

    Consultation confirms action on climate change is a critical issue for Tāmaki Makaurau

    12 Mar 2020 | EECA

    Auckland Council’s Environment and Climate Change Committee today voted unanimously to endorse, in principle, changes to the region’s response to climate change based on feedback from Aucklanders. A key change is a focus on three key elements to progress climate action -an overarching Tāmaki response and two core drivers for climate action- reducing our emissions and preparing for change.

    EV ‘Shout Outs’ popular

    2 Mar 2020 | EECA

    New Zealand businesses have rushed to have their EV efforts profiled via the Gen Less EV Shout Outs initiative, which champions the use of EVs in business. Businesses already own 23% of the nearly 20,000 registered EVs in New Zealand, and buy most of the new EVs. So Gen Less launched EV Shout Outs, featured in EVtalk, to give organisations across the country an opportunity to ‘shout out’ about their EVs use online and on billboards across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

    How do you run a sustainable and carbon zero corporation?

    11 Feb 2020 | The Warehouse Group

    Is it possible for a company to be a large, national corporation and carbon neutral at the same time? The Warehouse Group is marking its first year as a carboNZero business, and says it's about time other companies joined the movement. The Chief Sustainability Officer, David Benattar spoke to The AM Show.

    'EV Shout Outs' to feature firms' EV use

    11 Feb 2020 | EECA

    Businesses across the country are invited to ‘shout out’ about their EV use, in a bid to encourage more organisations to switch their fleets. The newly launched EV Shout Outs is the latest project from the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) Gen Less platform and celebrates businesses talking about their EV use on social media by giving them shout outs on prominent digital billboards in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and online.

    Warehouse Group takes a hardline on carbon-heavy suppliers

    7 Feb 2020 | The Warehouse Group

    The country's largest retailer says it is "absolutely" prepared to drop suppliers if they don't cut back on their carbon emissions. It is nearly a year since The Warehouse Group went "carbon neutral" – that is, it has completely offset its carbon footprint by cutting back on its own emissions, tree planting and buying carbon credits. In the last year, the company has managed to reduce its overall emissions by 4 per cent.

    Foodstuffs building country's largest solar panel roof

    27 Jan 2020 | Foodstuffs

    Foodstuffs is building the country's largest solar panel farm to power its new North Island distribution centre. The distribution centre, which will serve all Pak 'n Save, New World and Four Square supermarkets in the North Island, will include the equivalent of 14 netball courts of solar panels. The building is currently under construction near Auckland International Airport.

    Westpac NZ and Contact Energy agree first sustainability-linked loan

    16 Jan 2020 | Westpac NZ & Contact Energy

    Westpac NZ and Contact Energy have entered into a $50 million, four-year sustainability-linked loan facility, the first such loan issued by Westpac NZ and one of the first of its kind in New Zealand. Contact Energy will receive a discounted interest rate on the sustainability-linked loan if it meets ambitious targets linked to its environmental, social and governance (ESG) rating determined by the independent ratings agency RobecoSAM. Conversely, Contact will pay higher interest costs if it doesn’t meet the rating targets agreed with Westpac.

    CLC Strategy 2020-2025

    1 Jan 2020 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    This document outlines the Coalition's strategy for the period 2020-2025.

    COP25 Insights Report

    20 Dec 2019 | The Warehouse Group

    In December 2019 The Warehouse Group represented the Climate Leaders Coalition in attending the 25th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25) in Madrid. This report provides insights from the meeting.

    Blue skies thinking needed for low carbon tourism in NZ

    18 Dec 2019 | Thinkstep

    Creative solutions will be needed to reduce the carbon footprint of the New Zealand tourism sector by 2050, says thinkstep-anz following a comprehensive study done for the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment. Tourism was responsible for 9% of New Zealand’s national emissions in 2017, and we outsource a further 6% of our domestic emissions to the world through the international flights taken to get here and in the production of the goods and services that tourists purchase while in New Zealand.

    SkyCity debuts new Sky Tower LED lights with dynamic show

    16 Dec 2019 | Skycity

    Over the last two months, a team of contractors and SkyCity staff have been busy changing the external lightbulbs on the Sky Tower to LED, supporting SkyCity’s climate change commitment to reduce carbon emissions from the Sky Towers lighting by 10%. The new LED lights will turn on for the first time this Saturday 21st December, at 9.00pm, with a dynamic light show, all in time with a playlist featuring kiwi hits and festive tunes hosted by the Breeze radio station.

    Climate focussed annual budget welcomed by chair

    10 Dec 2019 | Auckland Council

    Auckland Council’s Environment and Climate Change Committee Chair Richard Hills has welcomed Mayor Phil Goff’s proposal for the 2020-21 Annual Budget as an important step forward for the climate. “I thank the Mayor for working with us and leading the way on climate change on his annual budget proposal. We have heard loud and clear our community wants us to act and to act faster,” says Cr Hills.

    Urban garden grows on High Street

    4 Dec 2019 | Auckland Council

    High Street is bursting with flowers, strawberries, kawa kawa and mint. For the Love of Bees has planted these, along with a range of other edible and medicinal plants, as part of a trial to create a safer and more accessible High Street that improves the environment for pedestrians and celebrates its unique character.

    Ecostore's Jemma Whiten on we can create more sustainable businesses: collaboration, action and innovation

    3 Dec 2019 | Ecostore

    The world is on the cusp of big change in business, with awareness of the climate and environmental challenges the world is facing at an all-time high. Ecostore director of marketing, digital and sustainability projects Jemma Whiten shares her top tips for creating more sustainable businesses and brands.

    Carbon reduction case study - OCS (NZ) and Toitū Envirocare

    2 Dec 2019 | OCS; Toitū Envirocare

    OCS New Zealand is a major employer in the cleaning and facilities management industry, with significant partnerships in government, education and aviation. It has recently been awarded Carbonreduce certification by Toitū Envirocare – the first major company in its industry sector to gain the prestigious endorsement.

    Asaleo Care case study: Chewing through your carbon emissions

    2 Dec 2019 | Asaleo Care; Thinkstep; Westpac

    How do you cut the carbon footprint of your products after they have left the factory? Asaleo Care discovered that consumer behaviour could make the biggest difference – with some assistance from a bucket of worms.

    Tork is first to uncover the impact of composting hand towels

    2 Dec 2019 | Asaleo Care

    Through life cycle assessment, Tork has found composting hand towels with commercial composters instead of disposing in landfill reduces greenhouse gas emissions by around 50 percent. Life cycle assessment was completed by thinkstep-anz as part of new Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) on a number of Tork products. Each EPD outlines the Global Warming Potential (carbon footprint), which quantifies the potential of greenhouse gases – such as carbon dioxide and methane – to increase absorption of heat reaching Earth’s atmosphere, intensifying the natural greenhouse effect.

    Engineered timber versus concrete and steel for commercial buildings - what's the cost difference?

    28 Nov 2019 | Naylor Love; Thinkstep

    Using engineered timber instead of concrete and steel on commercial buildings may not be a lot more expensive, big construction firm Naylor Love says New Zealand's largest private construction firm with 700 staff and $600 million turnover, Naylor Love has developed a calculator that quantifies the amount of carbon in building structures using different materials.

    EECA achieves carbon zero status

    28 Nov 2019 | EECA; Toitū Envirocare

    The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) is walking its talk on reducing emissions by becoming a certified carbon zero organisation. EECA has cut its greenhouse gas emissions by a third since 2007, and is now offsetting the difference.

    Moves to reshape business model outlined in Toyota New Zealand’s 2019 Sustainability Report

    26 Nov 2019 | Toyota

    In its 2019 Sustainability Report Toyota New Zealand detailed its transition to a new business model, designed to support the commercial success and long-term viability of Toyota and its network of retailers. The new business model follows on from the successful Drive Happy Project, launched in 2018, which incorporated several customer-focused initiatives. In the year to the end of December 2018, Toyota sold 33,068 new vehicles and 10,402 used vehicles. Despite a softer market in 2019 for new vehicles, Toyota expected to maintain its consecutive 31-year New Zealand market leadership with a 20% market share in 2019.

    Businesses, councils unite on climate action in Hawke’s Bay

    26 Nov 2019 | 3R

    An ambitious initiative to galvanise collaboration between Hawke’s Bay businesses and councils on climate change kicked off in Napier yesterday. The Climate Action HB: Business CoLab event on 25 November saw over 100 people from the region’s businesses and councils come together to begin plotting a way forward for Hawke’s Bay to transition to a low-emissions economy. Hawke’s Bay Regional Council and Hastings-based sustainability specialists 3R Group, with the support of Napier, Hastings, Central HB and Wairoa Councils, teamed up to host the event. Those that attended included major regional stakeholders such as Napier Port, Hawke’s Bay Airport, Pan Pac Forest Products, and Heinz Watties, as well as businesses from the primary industry, engineering, retail and hospitality sectors.

    New consumer research shows brands need to embrace sustainability

    22 Nov 2019 | Porter Novelli; Sustainable Business Council; Perceptive

    New Zealanders believe electricity retailers and supermarkets are doing the most to be more sustainable, however, they want brands in all industries to be more open and upfront about sustainability, and actively communicate it. The findings of the In Good Company report released today demonstrate that sustainability is not just something they care about when making a purchase, but it is contributing to how they choose what to buy.

    ASB North Wharf lauded for ‘market leading’ energy use

    21 Nov 2019 | ASB; Kiwi Property

    ASB’s innovative flagship headquarters has been recognised as among New Zealand’s most energy efficient buildings. North Wharf, ASB’s six-year old site on Auckland’s waterfront, has just gained a 5 star base building rating under the NABERSNZ scale – a national scheme that rates the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. The 5 star rating denotes ‘market leading’ efficiency.

    Viaduct compost hub launch unlocks climate change potential

    20 Nov 2019 | Auckland Council

    The first composting pilot project of its kind in Auckland's city centre and waterfront was officially launched yesterday. The Viaduct Local Living Compost Hub is a creative and innovative scheme helping businesses work towards zero-waste and is a collaboration between Auckland Council, Viaduct Harbour, New Zealand Box and For the Love of Bees.

    Silver Fern Farms retail packing changes for good

    19 Nov 2019 | Silver Fern Farms

    Silver Fern Farms retail packaging is changing for good. Hitting shelves in New Zealand supermarkets over the coming weeks, the fresh new retail packaging will be instantly identifiable in a smart looking recyclable cardboard outer sleeve. Group Marketing Manager, Nicola Johnston, says the packaging step change is an important signal to consumers that Silver Fern Farms has a focus on responsible use of resources and lowering its environmental impact.

    EECA seeks feedback on 2020/21 energy levies

    18 Nov 2019 | EECA

    The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) is seeking feedback on its proposed energy levy-funded activities for the 2020/21 year. EECA receives part of its funding from levies collected from the road transport fuel, electricity and gas sectors.

    2060 energy modelling shows path to faster decarbonisation

    14 Nov 2019 | EECA

    The release of new modelling on what New Zealand’s energy future could look like by 2060, is an invaluable tool, says the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

    Staff enagement tool - FutureFit in Business

    14 Nov 2019 | Auckland Council

    To help corporates embed low carbon behaviour, we have gone one step further by developing FutureFit in business, a staff engagement tool for large New Zealand businesses. Particularly those who are signatories to the Climate Leaders Coalition and have made a public commitment to measure and reduce their emissions. FutureFit in business enables you to engage your employees to undertake low carbon behaviours. A comprehensive package assists with planning your launch and keeping staff engaged over time. The ability to create teams introduces a competitive edge, and a business-wide leader board lets staff to see how they are tracking within the organisation. Full details about the corporate offering can be found in the attached and at

    Ports of Auckland hydrogen plant delays won't affect 2020 opening

    12 Nov 2019 | Stuff

    Ports of Auckland says it's still on track to open a new hydrogen production and refuelling plant which it says could help make it a zero emissions port by 2040.

    Calculate and reduce your carbon footprint with FutureFit

    11 Nov 2019 | Our Auckland

    Auckland Council now provides a website where you can calculate your own personal carbon footprint. In a calculation backed by science, you’ll see clearly how to take tangible steps to reduce it. The FutureFit tool gives you an assessment of your carbon impact in various categories – transport (usually the ‘biggie’), power, food and living. Each category is colour-coded, showing where you can make the biggest difference.

    Oji Fibre Solutions - Eliminating coal and reducing emissions - transforming the Tasman Mill

    8 Nov 2019 | Oji Fibre Solutions

    With backing from the Oji Group, Oji Fibre Solutions has invested more than $63 million to secure a sustainable future for the Tasman Mill.

    Lincoln and Meridian join forces for coal free future

    8 Nov 2019 | Meridian Energy

    Lincoln has become the first New Zealand university to adopt commercial scale solar energy as it unveils plans to eliminate coal by 2025. The university has partnered with Meridian Energy to install a 102-kWh solar array, the largest to be installed at a New Zealand University. The array will supply renewable energy direct to the university’s network, with Meridian planning additional arrays as part of Lincoln’s $8 million investment into renewable energy.

    Beca announces carbon emissions reduction target

    8 Nov 2019 | Beca

    Beca, one of the largest employee-owned professional services consultancies in the Asia-Pacific region and founding Climate Leader’s Coalition signatory, has made a firm commitment to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

    EECA - Sales of inefficient light bulbs plummet as Kiwis embrace LEDs

    7 Nov 2019 | EECA

    Supermarket sales of energy-hungry incandescent light bulbs have halved since 2015, a trend welcomed by EECA. However Chief Executive Andrew Caseley says there’s a way to go before all New Zealand homes have switched to energy efficient and climate-friendly LEDs.

    Leaders urge cross-party support for the Zero Carbon Bill

    7 Nov 2019 | Scoop

    Over 215 New Zealand businesses, organizations and leaders urge cross-party support for the Zero Carbon Bill Over 215 prominent businesses and organizations have urged all parties to support the Zero Carbon Bill through its final reading today, in the form of an open letter to Parliament. Notable signatories include The Warehouse Group, Les Mills International, Sanford, and Meridian Energy.

    EECA - low emissions process heat technology profiled

    6 Nov 2019 | Hon James Shaw

    A new suite of research on innovative process heat technology that doesn’t use fossil fuels has been released by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

    Sustainable finance - Why banks have a big role to play

    1 Nov 2019 | NZ Herald

    New Zealand's sustainable finance model may have differences. New Zealand's big five banks will play a bigger role in financing green projects, needed to mitigate and adapt to climate change in New Zealand in the years ahead, than their counterparts might in other countries, says Karen Silk.

    Insuring a sustainable future - IAG

    1 Nov 2019 | NZ Herald

    New Zealand needs to create an environment in which it has the information, ability and incentive to take a longer-term, wider view rather than a short-term view — that's the view of Bryce Davies, Executive Manager Corporate Relations at insurer IAG.

    Transpower hits fleet EV target

    1 Nov 2019 | EV Talk

    Switching 30% of its passenger vehicle fleet to electric has already been achieved by Transpower New Zealand, well within the expected time frame.

    Sustainable finance - Carbon is the new tobacco - Vector

    1 Nov 2019 | NZ Herald

    Technology is playing a key role in changing the whole energy sector and enabling sustainability, says Vector chief. Meeting the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs, is about striking the right balance between the environment, society and the economy.

    CarboNZero Sudima Hotel chain scoops the country's top tourism award

    1 Nov 2019 | Stuff

    Hotel industry leader Sudesh Jhunjhnuwala is proud of the Sudima hotel chain being the only one in New Zealand to be CarboNZero certified. The chain has just been awarded the country's most prestigious tourism award, Tourism Industry Aotearoa's Supreme Tourism Award. And it scooped the Employer of Choice Award and the Environment Award.

    Sustainability "just makes good business sense" - how two women are making a difference

    29 Oct 2019 | Stuff

    Three decades ago, Abbie Reynolds pioneered a paper recycling scheme at her secondary school. That was at a time when climate change wasn't yet a global concern, and environmentalists were often stereotyped as hippies living on the fringes of society.

    Cheat Sheet - The Workshop's How to Talk About Climate Change (funded by Meridian)

    29 Oct 2019 | Meridian Energy

    This cheat sheet is for people preparing or planning communications to promote meaningful climate action. It’s designed to be used together with our message guide to talking about climate change (below), where the key concepts we reference here are described in detail. Think of it as a quick memory aid to remind you of the key principles. Please refer back to the message guide whenever you need more details. This cheat sheet is based on research conducted by The Workshop on behalf of Oxfam New Zealand and was funded by Meridian Energy.

    Sanford - Startling trial results for Greenshell mussel breeding

    24 Oct 2019 | MPI

    Nelson-based Greenshell mussel company SPATnz is publicly releasing the startling results of its multi-year breeding programme developed in partnership with Sanford, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and the Cawthron Institute. The results show that selected hatchery mussels can grow up to twice as fast as those caught from the wild. The work is expected to be worth around $200 million a year to the wider New Zealand economy*.

    KPMG - E-bikes breakfast event discusses benefits

    23 Oct 2019 | KPMG

    A free ‘E-bikes and your workplace’ breakfast event attracted more than 25 people in Auckland on October 22. Hosted by Auckland Transport at its headquarters at 20 Viaduct Harbour Ave, e-bike uses and benefits were the hot topic as advice on introducing e-bikes to fleets and how to help staff buy them were discussed.

    Developing zero-carbon aquaculture through data science

    23 Oct 2019 | Victoria University of Wellington

    A collaboration led by Victoria University of Wellington has received $13 million in funding to help New Zealand transition to a zero-carbon society by applying data science to the aquaculture industry.

    Report suggests increasing EV smart charger uptake

    16 Oct 2019 | EV Talk

    EV smart charging technology has benefits for owners and will reduce the future load on New Zealand’s energy system if advantage is taken of it now. So says the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) which commissioned KPMG to undertake research on EV smart charging technology for use in homes, the report released on October 15.

    SkyCity Entertainment Group goes carbon neutral, switches Sky Tower lights off for two months

    14 Oct 2019 | NZ Herald

    Casino and hospitality operator SkyCity Entertainment Group has been certified carbon neutral, and as part of its plans to be greener will temporarily switch off the lights of the Sky Tower. The NZX-listed entertainment company has paid $86,000 to offset the equivalent of 12,866 tonnes of carbon from its Auckland, Hamilton and Queenstown businesses, and says it is committed to running a greener operation. Its Adelaide business will be certified carbon neutral next year.

    Ngāi Tahu Tourism launches electric jet boat project

    14 Oct 2019 | Ngāi Tahu Tourism

    One of New Zealand’s leading tourism operators, Ngāi Tahu Tourism, is set to convert one of its petrol-powered jet boats to 100 percent electric. The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) today announced that Ngāi Tahu Tourism was one of four projects to receive funding from its Marine Electrification Fund.

    Auckland Airport continues stellar run on Dow Jones Sustainability Index

    7 Oct 2019 | Auckland Airport

    Auckland Airport has continued to be recognised globally as a leading sustainable business, after being selected for inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) Asia Pacific, one of the world’s most prestigious sustainability indices.

    The companies helping their workers become climate heroes

    7 Oct 2019 |

    Now companies, universities and other organisations have developed business plans to reduce thier carbon footprints, or even go carbon neutral, the next frontier was for employers to help their workers do the same. "This is definitely going to become the norm- 100 per cent," said Stuart Bryant, head of facilities at SkyCity.

    Kiwi brewery launches carbon zero beer in a bid to cut emissions

    6 Oct 2019 | TVNZ

    With industry across the country challenged to cut carbon emissions, breweries are making moves to reduce their footprint. Now one Christchurch brewery is making one of their beers more environmentally friendly by launching a new carbon zero beer.

    Climate-safe house moved to Waitati site

    5 Oct 2019 | Hon James Shaw

    This climate-safe house, which was one of the stars of Dunedin's Home and Living Show at the weekend, is moved by crane into position at Waitati yesterday.

    Smart EV charging put to the test in New Zealand first

    4 Oct 2019 | Vector

    With the Interim Climate Change Commission (ICCC) calling for the electrification of up to half our national vehicle fleet by 2035, and almost half of those expected to be in Auckland, Vector and Auckland residents have embarked on a trial to test smart technology that could help manage the change. This is the first time a trial of this nature and scale has been conducted in New Zealand.

    EVs have greatest transport emission reduction potential

    1 Oct 2019 | EV Talk

    A combination of new vehicle technologies and behavioural changes could reduce New Zealand’s transport emissions by up to 90% of 2015 levels by 2050.

    Auckland Council tackling emissions from farm to fleet

    27 Sep 2019 | The Spinoff

    From declaring a climate emergency to setting a 1.5 degree regional target, Auckland Council has repeatedly emphasised its commitment to doing its bit to tackle climate change. The question is, how exactly does it plan to do that? Acting chief sustainability officer Alec Tang explains.

    NZ Post - EV charging quick guide

    26 Sep 2019 | NZ Post

    Quick guide for businesses considering installing EV charging infrastructure.

    WEL Networks - Electric bucket truck hits the road

    26 Sep 2019 | EV Talk

    New Zealand’s first elevated work platform (EWP) electric truck has joined Waikato lines company WEL Networks’ fleet.

    Contact Energy becomes first energy company in NZ to set a verified Science Based Target

    26 Sep 2019 | Contact Energy

    Contact Energy has stepped up its commitment to help tackle climate change, by setting new ambitious emissions reduction targets. The new targets cement it among the first power companies in the world to have their targets verified to the highest level of ambition for the energy industry by the leading authority, the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

    Eastland Group and Eastland Community Trust supporting school strike

    26 Sep 2019 | Gisborne Herald

    Tairawhiti businesses are right behind the climate change strike on Friday. Hikurangi Cannabis Company will send staff to support the cause, and the CEOs of Eastland Community Trust (ECT) and Eastland Group have also backed the protest. The School Strike 4 Climate is being held around New Zealand, a week on from the world protest last Friday

    Air New Zealand details climate action in latest sustainability report

    26 Sep 2019 | Air New Zealand

    The report tackles key themes including climate change and carbon reduction, embracing diversity and inclusion, supporting sustainable tourism, working with suppliers and reducing waste and plastic. Air New Zealand Head of Sustainability Lisa Daniell says she is pleased at the airline's progress against its goals, but admits there is still much work to be done.

    thinkstep ANZ first NZ company to update its science-based target in line with keeping warming to 1.5°C

    26 Sep 2019 | thinkstep

    thinkstep ANZ is the first New Zealand company to update its science-based target in line with keeping warming to 1.5°C, the most ambitious goal of the Paris Agreement. The new target has been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) which helps companies identify how much and how quickly they need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to make their own contribution to limiting global warming.

    PM references CLC in opening remarks to UN Climate Action Summit

    24 Sep 2019 |

    I’m particularly proud that in New Zealand our private sector Climate Leaders’ Coalition collectively represents over 60% of our total emissions profile. Having a network of business leaders committed to science based targets in line with the Paris Agreement creates incredible leverage and the opportunity to apply international best practice to dramatically reduce their emissions.

    Builders release ambitious zero carbon roadmap

    24 Sep 2019 | Newsroom

    The Green Building Council has put out an ambitious roadmap that illustrates how to make all of New Zealand's buildings and homes zero carbon.

    Gen Less campaign hopes to inspire action on climate change

    23 Sep 2019 | Stuff

    For years, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority has been one of the more soft-spoken and conservative government agencies. Best known for its Energywise series of TV commercials, EECA was the friendly face that gently suggested people switch to LED bulbs or check their underfloor heating.

    Synlait - electric boiler to cut emissions

    23 Sep 2019 | NZ Farmers Weekly

    Synlait Milk’s emissions savings after 10 years of its electrode boiler at the Dunsandel plant will be equivalent of emissions from 9600 houses. The change is part of the company’s ambitious target to reduce greenhouse gas inventory, both in its own activity and the on-farm emissions of its farmers. Off-farm it wants to reduce total greenhouse gas per kilo of product by 50% by 2028 from the 2017-18 base measurement of 1.13kg carbon dioxide equivalent.

    Collaboration is key to cutting carbon - Port Nelson

    20 Sep 2019 |

    Port Nelson recently joined New Zealand's Climate Leaders Coalition, the 109th organisation to do so. It is the first business in Te Tauihu (Nelson, Marlborough, Tasman) to join. Membership is seen as a key step towards cutting the company's climate impacts, in a high-emissions industry. It's a journey best done with others, for support and inspiration.

    Electricity companies turning on to green power

    20 Sep 2019 |

    New Zealand's biggest electricity generators are embarking on an investment drive that could boost the country's wind generation capacity by more than 70 per cent in coming years and lift geothermal power capacity by as much as 10 per cent.

    Fisher & Paykel Healthcare - doing the right thing through CEMARS

    19 Sep 2019 | Enviro-Mark Solutions

    Operating in a highly regulated industry, it is essential that Fisher & Paykel Healthcare adopts the highest international standards when it comes to environmental performance. Enviro-Mark Solutions’ CEMARS programme is a great fit, ensuring transparency and credibility through alignment with international best practice in carbon emissions measurement and verification.

    KPMG NZ proud to be a certified verifier under the Climate Bonds Initiative

    19 Sep 2019 | KPMG

    Green bonds are taking off as the investment vehicle of choice for the private and public sectors to finance projects with environmental benefits, such as clean power, low-carbon transport and energy efficient buildings. KPMG New Zealand is proud to be a certified verifier under the Climate Bonds Initiative’s Climate Bond Standards and Certification Scheme. We are helping Kiwi companies mobilise capital for ambitious climate action.

    ASB launches Positive Impact funds

    19 Sep 2019 | ASB

    ASB has added two new funds to its stable of investment options – the ASB KiwiSaver Scheme Positive Impact Fund and the ASB Investment Funds Positive Impact Fund. Both will have a focus on investing in companies that are making a positive impact on society or the environment. The decision to launch the funds was based off an increasing demand from customers who want to put their savings to work to give the world a better future, but still want solid long term returns.

    ODT electric vehicle feature Moving into the Future featuring Waste Management

    16 Sep 2019 | Otago Daily Times

    The electric revolution has begun, moving silently through the city’s streets, writes Tom McKinlay.

    Climate change: our next ‘moonshot moment’?

    16 Sep 2019 | Victoria University of Wellington

    While some despair about the fate of our planet, award-winning climate scientist James Renwick says it is never too late to take action - and seizing the moment may require a new “moonshot moment” for the 21st century. If you find yourself grasped by a sense of fatalism regarding the existential threat posed by climate change, James Renwick has some good news - we can always stop things from getting worse.

    Victoria University sets out ambitious zero carbon plan

    13 Sep 2019 | Victoria University of Wellington

    Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington has today announced an ambitious plan to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030. It is the first New Zealand university to release a comprehensive emissions management plan towards a net carbon zero future integrated with teaching, learning, and research opportunities. The plan includes a 20 percent reduction in gross greenhouse emissions.

    Otago Polytech helps build 'climate safe house'

    11 Sep 2019 | Otago Polytech

    An all-women group of tradies will help the Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust build a “Climate Safe House” at the Home and Living Show, to be held at Forsyth Barr Stadium on 2-3 November. The house is the brainchild of the Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust, and is a result of a partnership with Otago Polytechnic.

    Big processors pursuing staged transitions

    10 Sep 2019 | Otago Daily Times

    Weaning New Zealand's primary sector off fossil fuels could cost the industry and the agri-sector hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Lion creates NZ's first carbon zero beer

    10 Sep 2019 |

    Beer drinkers can now save the planet with New Zealand's first carbon neutral brew. Christchurch-based craft brewery The Fermentist is the first in the country to receive an Enviro-Mark Solutions carboNZero certification for its Kiwi Pale Ale (KPA). And it's aiming for the title of New Zealand's first carbon neutral brewery next year.

    New Zealand's first hydrogen powered bus coming to Auckland

    9 Sep 2019 | Auckland Transport

    Auckland Transport (AT) is buying New Zealand's first hydrogen fuel cell bus – and it will be built right here in New Zealand. Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says, "Transport emissions account for 47 per cent of Auckland's total carbon emissions, so it’s critical that we transition to a clean transport system as quickly as possible." "This trial of hydrogen-powered buses is another important step towards reducing carbon emissions in Auckland, so we can hold climate heating to the Paris Agreement target of 1.5 degrees."

    Ngāi Tahu Tourism - New EV charger in Takapō

    6 Sep 2019 | Ngāi Tahu Tourism

    One of New Zealand’s leading tourism operators, Ngāi Tahu Tourism, has installed its second electric vehicle charger into Takapō (Tekapo), helping to expand the nation’s EV charging network.

    'Dynamic lanes' for south Auckland’s Redoubt Road to reduce traffic, CO2 emissions

    5 Sep 2019 |

    A strategy to tackle traffic in south Auckland has reduced CO2 emissions by over 800 tonnes in other parts of the region. Auckland Transport will introduce "dynamic lanes" to Redoubt Road in Manukau, with work starting in October. Dynamic lanes use overhead signs and road lights to change the direction of traffic flow during peak periods.

    Ecostore to be carbon-neutral by year end

    5 Sep 2019 | Newsroom

    Ecostore will be among the first in Australasia to go carbon-neutral by Christmas. The environmentally-friendly home and body care company achieved carboNZero certification for its manufacturing plant back in 2010.

    Otago Polytech supports the Strike 4 Climate

    5 Sep 2019 | Otago Polytech

    Otago Polytechnic staff and students will participate in the Strike 4 Climate on Friday 27 September. Climate strike organisers have asked individuals and organisations to join with school students in making their voices heard on the issue – and Otago Polytechnic has risen to the challenge.

    Auckland Transport set for extra large EV buses

    4 Sep 2019 | EV Talk

    Two more electric buses will be rolling into Auckland next year as part of Auckland Transport’s low emissions bus roadmap.

    'These kids are taking charge of their future' - Universities support climate strike

    4 Sep 2019 | RadioNZ

    Victoria University of Wellington has joined Lincoln University in endorsing a strike by students at the end of September.

    Victoria University of Wellington - Climate despair and eco anxiety

    4 Sep 2019 | Newsroom

    It’s described by many as the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. So where do we even start with tackling the seemingly impossible problem of climate change and its flow-on impacts? A Victoria University of Wellington academic who is rising to the challenge is sociologist Jonathan Oosterman, who’s researching the kinds of radical adjustments New Zealand society needs to make to deal with the wider effects of climate change.

    ESP and AWS work to reduce NZ's carbon footprint

    4 Sep 2019 | IT Brief

    Energy Solution Providers (ESP), the Auckland-based utility management company, is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help reduce New Zealand’s carbon footprint. According to a recent Productivity Commission’s report, New Zealand's commitment to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to 50% of 1990 levels by 2050, and 30% below 2005 emission levels by 2030, is proving to be a significant challenge.

    Heavy industry in bid to accelerate renewables

    3 Sep 2019 | Sharechat

    A group of the country’s biggest industrial electricity users are combining to see if they can accelerate development of new renewable generation capacity. Fonterra, New Zealand Steel, Refining NZ, Oji Fibre Solutions and Pan Pac Forest Products are working with the Major Electricity Users’ Group to test whether a long-term power purchase contract for part of their combined load can incentivise new investment at a material scale.

    Eastland Group - Commercial solar trial underway

    3 Sep 2019 | Gisborne Herald

    A trial into the viability of solar as a power source for local commercial buildings is under way in Tairawhiti. Eastland Network recently installed solar panels on the roof of its Carnarvon Street premises.

    Greener ground work at Lyttelton Port Company

    3 Sep 2019 | EV Talk

    Six robotic mowers and other battery electric devices will allow the Lyttelton Port Company (LPC) to bring its grounds maintenance in-house to help cut costs, noise and carbon emissions.

    Vector and Watercare to build NZ's first floating solar array

    3 Sep 2019 | Vector

    Auckland’s electricity and water utility companies today announced a project to build New Zealand’s largest solar array in the heart of Auckland’s North Shore, by floating it on top of the Rosedale wastewater treatment pond near the Northern Motorway.

    Vector's trial of vehicle-to-home technology kicks off in Piha

    2 Sep 2019 | Vector

    The first participant in the Piha vehicle-to-home (V2H) trial is now plugged in and ready to go. Auckland energy company Vector has begun its first trial of the new technology, aimed at exploring how electric vehicles and V2H systems can ease peak demand on electricity networks and be used as backup electricity sources for customers during short-term outages.

    What will supermarkets look like in a low-carbon future?

    1 Sep 2019 | Stuff

    Countdown supermarket is looking to reduce carbon emissions by 60 per cent by 2030, it announced this week in its yearly sustainability report. The ambitious new target is in line with limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels.

    Countdown targeting 60% carbon emissions reduction by 2030

    30 Aug 2019 | Countdown

    Countdown has announced its target to reduce carbon emissions by 60 per cent by 2030 vs its 2015 levels, published in the company’s 2019 Sustainability Report released today.

    Toyota NZ - Hydrogen-fuelled vehicles will play a part in our transport future

    30 Aug 2019 | Toyota New Zealand

    In the move to decarbonise the world’s transport fleet, hydrogen will have a unique role to play alongside self-charging hybrids and battery electric vehicles, according to Toyota. Episodes of extreme weather around the world and increasing average global temperatures are attesting to the reality of global warming. Amid global efforts to hold the potential temperature rise to 2.0°C or 1.5°C as the latest IPCC report recommends[1], Toyota is planning to slash average CO2 emissions per vehicle by 90% in comparison with 2010 levels, by 2050.

    Raglan Coconut Yoghurt becomes NZ's first carboNZero yoghurt company

    29 Aug 2019 | Raglan Chronicle

    Global headlines are increasingly highlighting the urgency of the climate crisis, and in the small town of Raglan (population 3,500), a local yoghurt company decided it was time to take action.

    Suncorp New Zealand on its way to meet net-zero emissions by 2050

    27 Aug 2019 | Suncorp

    This month Suncorp released its Responsible Business Report, which includes an update on our progress against our corporate responsibility commitments. Over the past 12 months Suncorp New Zealand has made great strides in our corporate responsibility journey, from enhancing our customer service processes for customers experiencing vulnerability to strengthening conduct and increasing transparency.

    The Kiwi food businesses blazing a carbon-zero trail

    26 Aug 2019 | Stuff

    Consumers and businesses are increasingly wrestling with the amount of carbon emissions the nation and the planet produces. While emissions have dropped across some sectors, the food and beverage industry has seen a startling rise over the past two decades, and some businesses are taking the initiative to lead the charge to carbon zero. Amy Ridout reports.

    Responsible business: how insurers can operate sustainably

    26 Aug 2019 | Insurance Business NZ

    Suncorp Group recently published its first ever Responsible Business Report, which laid out its commitments to maintaining a sustainable business across a number of areas including conduct, transparency, climate change and responsible investment.

    Kiwi Property - charge and shop coming to five shopping centres

    26 Aug 2019 | EV Talk

    Kiwi Property expects to have a mix of 42 type one and two chargers across Auckland’s Sylvia Park and LynnMall, Hamilton’s The Base and Centre Place and Palmerston North’s The Plaza shopping centres by March 2020. It has received $211,209 part funding from the Government’s low emission vehicles contestable fund toward the ‘Charge where you park’ project.

    Countdown rolls out fleet of electric delivery trucks

    22 Aug 2019 | NZ Herald

    The country's largest online retailer, Countdown, has rolled out its first of a fleet of electric trucks tasked with delivering online orders. The supermarket operator, owned by ASX-listed Woolworths, says it spent close to $700,000 to purchase five electric delivery trucks, which it estimates will eliminate 350,000 kilograms of CO2 emissions each year.

    Carbon calculator for lower freight emissions - Lyttelton Port Company

    20 Aug 2019 | Lyttelton Port Company

    Lower carbon freight – find out how Lyttelton Port Company helped their customers, including The Warehouse Group, calculate how to reduce their carbon emissions from freight by up to 50% - with a little help from Aecom, KiwiRail and Enviro-Mark Solutions.

    Constructing new buildings could pump out climate pollution equivalent to one million cars

    19 Aug 2019 | NZGBC

    Constructing and renovating New Zealand buildings between now and 2050 could pump out climate change pollution equivalent to one million cars on the road every year, a new report has revealed today.

    Park and power up at Wellington Zoo

    19 Aug 2019 | Wellington Zoo

    Wellington Zoo is on the road to building a better future for wildlife and wild places, as a new electric vehicle charging station is installed outside the Zoo.

    Ngāi Tahu says big changes ahead for its businesses due to climate change bill

    16 Aug 2019 | Stuff

    Business arms of Ngāi Tahu will have to make "significant changes" to fall into line with the Zero Carbon Bill it supports, kaiwhakahaere Lisa Tumahai has told a select committee meeting in Christchurch.

    Vector to help Waiheke Island become world's first fully electrified island

    15 Aug 2019 | Vector

    Vector is pleased to learn today that its submission for co-funding of a range of smart chargers on Waiheke Island has been approved by the Government's Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund (LEVCF), administered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

    Counties Manukau slashes energy costs at SuperClinic

    15 Aug 2019 | EECA

    Counties Manukau Health (CMH) has slashed nearly a third of the energy use at one of its biggest clinics, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in operational costs per year.

    Enviro-Mark Solutions and Tourism Industry Association announce new partnership

    13 Aug 2019 | Enviro-Mark Solutions

    We're delighted to announce a new partnership between Enviro-Mark Solutions and Tourism Industry Aotearoa, which will help tourism operators measure, manage and reduce their climate and environmental impacts. Tourism is New Zealand's biggest export earner and contributes $16.2 billion to the economy (NZ's foreign exchange earnings in year ended March 2018). The industry is looking to a more sustainable future, and our new partnership means that tourism operators will have the tools to be able to action to minimise their impacts. The new partnership will see TIA members new to the Enviro-Mark®, CEMARS® or carboNZeroCertTM certification programmes benefit from a reduced fee.

    Media needs to walk the talk on environment

    12 Aug 2019 | Stuff

    ANALYSIS: No-one is better at pointing out environmental failings than the media. New Zealand's newspapers, TV and radio stations have highlighted some of the most shocking environmental scandals to hit our country, from dirty dairy farming and plastic water-bottling to polluting wine producers and illegal dumping.

    South Canterbury companies face alternative fuel challenge

    12 Aug 2019 | Stuff

    The lack of a consistent supply of alternative fuels is making the transition away from coal more difficult than expected for South Canterbury companies. Larger companies in the region say they are committed to the Government's zero emissions plan but sourcing replacements such as biomass and natural gas remains a huge challenge in the South Island.

    Raglan Coconut Yoghurt: NZ’s First carboNZero Certified Yoghurt Company

    12 Aug 2019 | Raglan Coconut Yoghurt

    We believe in ‘lifting the vibe’ by doing the right thing, so we worked with Enviro-Mark Solutions, a government-owned environmental certifications company, over a 5 month period, gathering data about our operations and measuring our emissions in all areas of the business, including freight, fuel, and power usage. We were independently audited in July 2019 and received our carboNZero certification! The carboNZero programme is accredited by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) and was the world’s first to be accredited under ISO 14065. Its certification mark is recognised in over 60 countries through the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

    Stuff to publish New Zealand's daily carbon count in print and online

    9 Aug 2019 | Stuff

    Stuff is introducing the country's carbon level readings to its daily weather report. The daily readings feature on the weather page in all of Stuff's metropolitan and regional newspapers from today, making Stuff the first New Zealand media organisation to regularly provide such information to readers.

    First Anniversary - Event Highlights

    8 Aug 2019 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    First Anniversary - Members talk about why they joined

    8 Aug 2019 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    Fonterra farmers to get unique emissions profile

    8 Aug 2019 | Stuff

    Thousands of dairy farmers will soon be given an accurate picture of their farm's greenhouse gas emissions. In a New Zealand first, Fonterra will provide a unique emissions profile to each of its farmers from next spring. The profile will help farmers understand the sources of greenhouse gas emissions on their farms and what action can be taken to cut them.

    Enviro-Mark Solutions celebrates “biggest carbon losers” at 2019 Awards breakfast

    8 Aug 2019 | Enviro-Mark Solutions

    Enviro-Mark Solutions has announced the winners of its 2019 Awards, which recognise organisations that have achieved outstanding reductions in carbon emissions in recent years using the carboNZeroCertTM and CEMARS® programmes, as well as exceptional environmental performance through the Enviro-Mark® programme. The winning organisations from the major award categories have each reduced their carbon footprint by at least 30% on their base year figures, with two organisations reducing their carbon footprint by more than 75% compared to base year.

    NZ CEOs reckon with their roles in climate change

    7 Aug 2019 | The Spinoff

    Last week we asked New Zealand CEOs whether greed is still good. In the second part of our series on the ethics of NZ businesses, we put them on the spot over whether short term profits trump long term environmental impacts.

    Eastland Community Trust and Eastland Group leading the climate fight

    6 Aug 2019 | Gisborne Herald

    Last month Eastland Group and Eastland Community Trust signed up to the Climate Leaders Coalition agreement to tackle climate change by reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions. Andrew Ashton delves deeper into how that will be achieved and how it will put Tairawhiti at the tip of the spear in the fight against climate change.

    Ngāi Tahu hosts inaugural climate change symposium

    5 Aug 2019 | Te Karere, TVNZ

    We're seeing more and more corporations, companies and councils developing environmental strategies to combat climate change, now iwi are jumping aboard. At Ngāi Tahu's inaugural climate change symposium issues like coastal erosion, marae resilience, mahinga kai and wai were topics of discussion. Hania Douglas reports.

    Ports of Auckland fights climate change with world's first e-tug

    3 Aug 2019 |

    Ports of Auckland has signed a contract with Dutch company Damen Shipyards to take delivery of the world's first full-size, fully electric port tug in 2021 as part of its zero emissions policy. The new tug, a Damen RSD-E Tug 2513 will have a 70 tonne pulling power, the same as the port's strongest diesel tug, Hauraki, also built by Damen. It will cost about $18 million.

    Five for five: Experts weigh in on why Kiwi businesses need to tackle waste management now

    2 Aug 2019 | Idealog

    Businesses in our ‘clean green Aotearoa’ are becoming more responsible for the waste they emit as much as consumers are. From the new movement of the conscious individual came a need for our businesses to cater to that. Yet reducing waste and becoming more environmentally conscious is not an easy task for already solid businesses. Here, five industry experts give their insights and advice on how businesses can pivot towards a more sustainable outlook.

    Climate Leaders Coalition first anniversary snapshot report

    1 Aug 2019 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    First anniversary snapshot report from the Climate Leaders Coalition

    NZ's future is electric cars, not hydrogen-powered, Z Energy concludes

    1 Aug 2019 | Stuff

    Electric vehicles rather than hydrogen-power cars have the most potential to green the transport industry, Z Energy has concluded in a report. The process of creating hydrogen from sources such as natural gas or the electrolysis of water uses more energy than can be created from burning the hydrogen that is then produced.

    Healthcare’s massive carbon footprint

    1 Aug 2019 | Newsroom

    Most people would have no idea that the anaesthetic gases released by just one hospital annually in New Zealand has the carbon footprint of 500 return flights between Auckland and London.

    Waste Management to electrify entire vehicle fleet

    1 Aug 2019 | NBR

    Waste Management, which operates its rubbish collection and recycling services in 19 centres in New Zealand, plans to convert all its 850 trucks to electric. Sam Donaldson, Waste Management’s senior project engineer, told the National Road Carriers’ Future of Freight forum in Auckland the company now has eight EV trucks on the road, with two more in the process of being converted. It is planning to have 15 trucks and 100 light vehicles converted to electric by the end of the year.

    Suncorp New Zealand Working Towards a Low-Emissions Economy

    31 Jul 2019 | Risk Info NZ

    Suncorp New Zealand is a member of the Climate Leaders Coalition and has committed to reporting and reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to targets in line with New Zealand’s proposed Zero Carbon Bill.

    LIC - keeping ahead of the herd

    31 Jul 2019 | NZ Herald

    LIC is helping reduce dairy's impact on the environment while increasing production, writes Bill Bennett. For 23 years New Zealand added around 100,000 dairy cows a year to the national herd. The growth stopped about four years ago. In fact, there has been a small reduction in the number of cows since then. Yet, production continues to rise because, thanks to the work of the Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), the cows are getting better. Corporation chief executive Wayne McNee says: "They need to be more profitable and they need to be more efficient. This has always been our job. Now we also need our cows to have a reduced environmental impact."

    Low-carbon menu: meat's impact a real eye-opener, says top chef

    31 Jul 2019 |

    Just when you've got your head around low-carb eating, up pops low-carbon eating. But the similarities stop with the name: while low-carb eating favours lots of meat, cheese, cream and eggs – low-carbon eating is an entirely different beast.

    Transpower - taking the climate heat out of process heat

    30 Jul 2019 | Transpower NZ

    The emergence of clean, efficient and economically viable electric technology for industrial process heat will help the country meet its climate change commitments, says Transpower. The national grid owner and operator today released its report Taking the climate heat out of process heat, highlighting the opportunities and challenges of replacing fossil fuels with renewable electricity for process heat.

    Port Nelson joins Climate Leaders Coalition in tide shift towards low-emission economy

    29 Jul 2019 |

    Port Nelson has joined 108 other organisations pledging their support to help reduce emissions in New Zealand. The Climate Leaders Coalition is a collective of signatories who make up 60 per cent of New Zealand's gross emissions, nearly a third of private sector GDP, and employ more than 170,000 New Zealanders.

    Newsroom column - CEOs need to talk tough to National on climate

    29 Jul 2019 | Newsroom

    A coalition of business leaders says the Zero Carbon amendment bill has to be ambitious and have all-party support in order to drive our transformation to a low carbon economy. And that means they need to have words with the National Party, says Rod Oram.

    Stuff joins global climate change coverage

    28 Jul 2019 | Stuff

    The world's media are taking a strong stance on climate change coverage. Covering Climate Change is bringing together over 60 media organisations around the world, including Stuff, to reframe climate change coverage.

    Gisborne CEOs join climate change fight

    27 Jul 2019 | Gisborne Herald

    Two of Gisborne’s biggest organisations have committed to tackling the “climate crisis” by reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the Climate Leaders Coalition. Established in July 2018, the coalition (CLC) includes some of New Zealand’s largest businesses, which collectively account for 60 percent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions

    NZ's biggest greenhouse gas emitters and their struggles to pollute less

    26 Jul 2019 |

    A few large companies are responsible for the majority of New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions. Who are they and what hope is there that they can do what's required to make the country carbon neutral? Joel MacManus and Anuja Nadkarni report. Every year, New Zealand pumps out 80 million tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

    SkyCity to put climate change guide in hotel rooms alongside Gideons' Bibles

    26 Jul 2019 |

    SkyCity is putting a copy of the world's most celebrated guide to reversing climate change in each of its hotel rooms. Chief executive Graeme Stephens referred to the book as the "new Gideons' Bible" while speaking at the first anniversary of the Climate Leaders Coalition, which is a group of more than 100 large companies aiming to make their businesses climate-friendly.

    Hastings company tackles climate-changing whiteware - one fridge at a time

    25 Jul 2019 | 3R

    A Hastings-based company is spearheading a project to tackle one of the most potent but least known causes of climate change in New Zealand. The gases PFC and HFC used in refrigerants are 9000 times more potent than carbon dioxide contributing more to climate change than any other gas.

    IAG/IPSOS Poll - Kiwi concern grows about climate change

    25 Jul 2019 | IAG

    IAG New Zealand has released the results of its second annual survey of how New Zealanders view climate change. The poll found that the number of Kiwis who feel the issue of climate change is important to them personally has grown to 79 per cent, from 72 per cent last year. Sixty-nine per cent said that they have become more concerned about climate change over the past few years - up from 60 per cent.

    Port Nelson joins the Climate Leaders Coalition

    24 Jul 2019 | Port Nelson

    Port Nelson have joined 107 other signatories to the Climate Leaders Coalition. A collective of signatories who together they make up 60% of New Zealand’s gross emissions, nearly a third of private sector GDP, and employ more than 170,000 New Zealanders.

    Porter Novelli and Oxygen Consulting -Collaboration to help businesses address climate change challenges

    24 Jul 2019 | Scoop

    Leading consultancies join forces for good A new partnership between Porter Novelli New Zealand’s Sustainability Practice and Oxygen Consulting will provide organisations with a full spectrum of sustainability services, from measurement and reporting to strategy, communications and engagement.

    Climate Leaders Coalition releases first anniversary snapshot on progress, unveils more ambitious pledge

    24 Jul 2019 |

    The Climate Leaders Coalition is marking its first anniversary with the release of an anniversary snapshot report detailing its progress and the launch of a second higher ambition pledge. "We created an anniversary snapshot because we recognise there’s interest in our achievements beyond the growth in the number of our signatories. Together our 109 signatories now represent 60% of New Zealand’s gross emissions," Coalition convenor and CEO of Z Energy Mike Bennetts says. Read more

    NBR - Climate Leaders Coalition makes second pledge

    24 Jul 2019 | NBR

    NBR subscriber story on the Coalition's second pledge and first year achievements

    Waste Management backs new Climate Leaders Coalition pledge

    24 Jul 2019 | Waste Management

    Waste Management NZ Limited is marking the first anniversary of The Climate Leaders Coalition by reaffirming its commitment to curb global warming. The company, New Zealand’s leading resource recovery, recycling and waste management provider, is signing a new pledge announced today by the Climate Leaders Coalition.

    RadioNZ Nine-Noon interview - CLC turns one, what's been achieved?

    24 Jul 2019 | RadioNZ

    Coalition convenor Mike Bennetts sits down with Kathryn Ryan to talk about the Climate Leaders Coalition's progress over its first year.

    ColensoBBDO Sunergise

    24 Jul 2019 | ColensoBBDO

    Newshub - IAG/Ipsos poll - Kiwi agree more needs to be done to combat climate change

    24 Jul 2019 | Newshub

    New Zealanders are more concerned about climate change than ever before, but only half of us know what we personally need to do to make a difference. What's worse, only half of us believe our actions will be effective.

    DB Breweries making bottles into sand

    24 Jul 2019 | DB Breweries

    Business heavyweights up their climate change pledge

    24 Jul 2019 | NZ Herald

    A coalition of companies making up nearly two thirds of New Zealand's gross emissions has upped its pledge to combat climate change, as it reports taking an equivalent 264,000 cars off the road since it launched one year ago. The Climate Leaders Coalition – including major business players like Fonterra, Sanford, Air New Zealand, Spark, Kiwirail, The Warehouse Group and Westpac – marked its one-year anniversary today by releasing a snapshot of its progress.

    Climate Change Minister welcomes ambitious new pledge from Climate Leaders Coalition

    24 Jul 2019 |

    The Minister for Climate Change has welcomed a new and stronger pledge from the Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with what’s needed to limit warming to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius.

    Meridian Energy first to release climate change risk report

    23 Jul 2019 | Meridian Energy

    Meridian Energy has released New Zealand’s first corporate report disclosing risks to its business resulting from climate change. Prepared in accordance with guidance from the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), the report lays out the physical risks Meridian faces from a rise in global temperature, as well as the impacts of transitioning to a low carbon future.

    Enviro-Mark Solutions named the first New Zealand member of IETA and ICROA

    23 Jul 2019 | Enviro-Mark Solutions

    Enviro-Mark Solutions is delighted to announce we have become the first New Zealand member of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) and we have also been accredited by the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) for providing our offsetting service in accordance with the ICROA Code of Best Practice. As New Zealand’s leading provider of carbon reduction and offsetting programmes, through our CEMARS and carboNZero programmes, we place high importance on meeting international best practice so our customers can have confidence in the credibility of the certification they have been awarded.

    Ravensdown takes big picture view on new carbon target

    22 Jul 2019 | Ravensdown

    Declaring its first ever carbon target, Ravensdown is including the footprint of the products it supplies. The farm nutrient and environmental experts have calculated and committed to the 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target, to make a start on contributing to New Zealand’s Paris Agreement obligations. “We’re committed to doing our part to mitigate climate change, support New Zealand emissions reduction targets and honour our Climate Leaders Coalition commitments,” said Greg Campbell, Ravensdown’s Chief Executive.

    3R Group - Taking on one of the biggest, invisible causes of climate change

    22 Jul 2019 | 3R

    A project has begun in New Zealand for the refrigerants industry to tackle one of the most potent, but least known causes of climate change.The gases used in refrigerants – perfluorocarbons (PFC) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) – are rated among the most effective at trapping heat in the earth’s atmosphere; thousands of times more potent than carbon dioxide with respect to their global warming potential, says sustainability expert Darren Patterson. This, combined with their widespread use, makes them a high priority target for tackling climate change worldwide, he says.

    Climate Leaders Coalition - One Year On

    22 Jul 2019 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    DETA Consulting sets its carbon targets

    19 Jul 2019 | DETA Consulting

    DETA Consulting works closely with many of New Zealand’s largest energy users, and carbon emitters, to improve their carbon footprint through improved efficiencies across their organisations. We are proud of the impact that we have reducing New Zealand’s carbon footprint – to date our work has reduced carbon emissions across New Zealand industry by more than 30,000 tonnes per year.

    No new coal boilers for Fonterra

    18 Jul 2019 | Fonterra

    Fonterra is shaving eleven years off its coal target, as it announces a new commitment to reduce its reliance on coal. This commitment is the latest in a series of targets the Co-operative has set as it looks to embed sustainability at the heart of everything it does.

    Construction industry called on to reduce carbon emissions

    18 Jul 2019 | RadioNZ

    Sustainable building advocates want the construction industry to be given a clear signal to reduce its carbon emissions.

    Independent Advisory Board commences work with Waste Management

    18 Jul 2019 | Waste Management

    Leading independent experts are providing guidance and oversight to Waste Management’s sustainability strategy For Future Generations. It is part of the drive by Waste Management, which is New Zealand’s leading resource recovery, recycling and waste management provider, to deliver on the commitments made in its sustainability strategy, launched last year.

    Waste Management welcomes calls for more electric vehicles

    17 Jul 2019 | Waste Management

    Waste Management NZ welcomes the Interim Climate Change Commission’s call today for more electrification of New Zealand’s road fleet in reducing carbon emissions. Managing Director Tom Nickels said the report was a reminder of the environmental benefits of EVs, with the company having started its shift to EV waste collection trucks three years ago.

    Sistema Plastics committed to reducing its carbon footprint

    16 Jul 2019 | NZ Manufacturer

    Sistema Plastics Ltd has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by achieving Certified Emissions Measurement And Reduction Scheme (CEMARS®) certification. CEMARS certification is a recognised greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions measurement and reduction scheme administered by Enviro-Mark Solutions (a subsidiary of Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research). It is the first of a two-step process towards achieving carboNZeroCertTM certification in New Zealand.

    Vector welcomes clean vehicle action plan

    16 Jul 2019 | Vector

    Vector has today welcomed the ICCC’s report on Accelerated Electrification. Vector agrees that accelerating the electrification of transport and process heat will play a major role in reducing the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. Initiatives to reduce carbon emissions will impact the whole energy supply chain, and Vector supports an approach that considers the whole energy system.

    Stuff - we asked about climate coverage and got 15,000 responses

    16 Jul 2019 | Stuff

    Give us hope. Show more solutions – and less doom and gloom. When we asked Stuff readers about media coverage of climate change, the chorus of voices implored us to help them see a path to a viable future. In June, we surveyed our audience as part of our ongoing Quick! Save the Planet project and received a stunning 15,248 responses.

    New Zealand Story - It's good business to put the planet first

    16 Jul 2019 | New Zealand Story

    Brands, businesses, and brilliant Kiwi minds are putting the world first, leading the way to a zero-carbon emissions economy by 2050 with some truly innovative and bold ideas.

    Meridian Energy - ICCC Accelerated Electrification report an essential step to pushing for a cleaner future

    16 Jul 2019 | Meridian Energy

    Meridian Energy’s CE Neal Barclay says he strongly supports the Interim Climate Change Panel’s (ICCC) Accelerated Electrification recommendations to the Government. “The ICCC recommendations show us we can take action now and it won’t cost us the earth,” says Neal. “Accelerating the electrification of transport and process heat is one of the smartest ways New Zealand can actively and significantly reduce emissions and improve the competitiveness of New Zealand business in a global context.”

    DB Breweries to switch Timaru plant from coal next year

    15 Jul 2019 | Share Chat

    DB Breweries is planning to switch its brewery at Timaru onto wood chip by the end of next year as part a plan to halve the group’s emissions by 2030. The firm, owned by Heineken, operates six breweries around the country. But DB Draught's plant at Timaru is the biggest user of coal-fired steam and thus the single-biggest contributor to the group’s emissions.

    Z Energy and Fonterra - biodiesel case study

    15 Jul 2019 | Z Energy and Fonterra

    This case study looks at Z Energy supplying Fonterra milk tankers with biodiesel.

    Westpac NZ - EV case study

    12 Jul 2019 | Westpac

    This case study looks at Westpac's experience electrifying their light vehicle fleet and provides tips for other organisations looking to do the same.

    Westpac NZ comment - the case for an EV future and tips for how to get there

    11 Jul 2019 | NZ Herald

    The climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges we face, and we need to get moving on action now. New Zealand has some of the lowest carbon electricity generation in the world. More than 80 per cent of generated power comes from non-fossil fuel sources, like hydro, geothermal and wind. That energy mix makes our country an ideal place to introduce electric vehicles and bring down our carbon emissions. And given that transportation accounts for 17 per cent of New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions, moving to electric vehicles is a great opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint.

    DB Breweries announces plan to halve carbon emissions by 2030

    11 Jul 2019 | DB Breweries

    DB Breweries has today announced its ambition to halve its carbon emissions by 2030. The announcement coincides with the launch of DB Breweries’ 2018 Sustainability Report and carbon reduction roadmap, which outlines plans for further action and radical reform by the business on climate change.

    Auckland Council on target with its second Green Bond offer

    11 Jul 2019 |

    The Auckland Council’s latest annual Green Bond offer has raised $150 million. Council Finance and Performance Committee chairman Ross Clow says it’s a good result. “There is a growing appetite for green investment – according to Moody’s Investor Service, the Green Bond market is tipped to hit $200 billion (USD) this year – so it makes sense for us to use the opportunity to support our sustainable development targets and goals,” Clow says.

    Time for industry to pull its finger out

    11 Jul 2019 | Newsroom

    This year is shaping up to be a banner one for New Zealand’s response to climate change. The Zero Carbon Bill is before Parliament, the Emissions Trading Scheme is to be reformed by the end of 2019, and the Budget earmarked additional funding for climate mitigation steps. Industry is stepping up too. This week marks one year since the formation of the Climate Leaders Coalition, a group now numbering more than 100 leading NZ companies representing more than half of NZ’s carbon emissions. These firms have committed to measure, report on and reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. Air New Zealand, for example, has improved the fuel efficiency of its fleet by 21 percent since 2009, saving them both money and emissions. Toyota, Fuji Xerox, Fonterra, Sky City and The Warehouse Group are among many others.

    Z Energy boss on EVs - this is no Kodak moment

    10 Jul 2019 | NZ Herald

    The chief executive of Z Energy says new proposals to encourage uptake of electric vehicles is not a ''Kodak moment'' but says the impact of the policy will be felt gradually. Mike Bennetts says from its formation the company had pushed for reduced reliance on fossil fuels but this would contribute towards the challenge to its core business.

    Transpower NZ - Exploring battery storage to enable New Zealand’s energy future

    9 Jul 2019 | Transpower NZ

    A new report has found the widespread uptake of distributed battery energy storage systems (BESS) in New Zealand could play an important role in supporting the power system as solar PV and electric vehicles are increasingly adopted. Transpower’s Distributed Battery Energy Storage Systems in New Zealand examines the operational impact on the power system of the widespread uptake of these systems in homes and businesses in conjunction with the large-scale uptake of rooftop solar PV generation and electric vehicle (EV) charging. The report identifies what is required to enable a successful integration and ensure a reliable fit-for-purpose power system.

    Toyota NZ welcomes transport emissions consultation

    9 Jul 2019 | Toyota New Zealand

    Toyota New Zealand says the Government’s planned consultation on clean car standards and discounts is an encouraging step towards reducing New Zealand’s automotive carbon emissions. The Government has proposed a clean car standard for importers and distributors as well as a clean car discount for consumers based on adding a fee to higher emitting imported new and used vehicles and a discount for low or zero emitting new and used vehicles retailing for less than $80,000.

    Meridian Energy welcomes action on cleaner cars

    9 Jul 2019 | Meridian Energy

    Meridian Energy welcomes the government’s proposal to introduce standards and discounts incentivising cleaner vehicles in New Zealand. Chief Executive Neal Barclay says transport represents a huge opportunity for New Zealand to reduce emissions, meet climate targets, and lower running costs for families and individuals.

    SKYCITY’s Low Carbon Meal: Viva feature

    8 Jul 2019 | SKYCITY

    Low-Carbon Dining It took Josh Barlow, executive chef of The Sugar Club, just over half a year to create and serve New Zealand’s first three-course “low-carbon” menu last month. The time investment doesn’t exactly bode well for adopting a climate-friendly diet for every day. But given the global food system’s impact on the planet – said to be responsible for about one-third of the planet-warming greenhouse gases – it’s a nudge in the right direction for diners considering the greater effects of their food choices.

    Watercare plugs in more EVs

    8 Jul 2019 | EV Talk

    Watercare is opting for electric-only vehicles where suitable. It has added 23 new Hyundai electric vehicles to its passenger pool fleet – 20 Ioniqs and three Konas. The Auckland Council-controlled organisation (CCO) says it’s no longer going to include plug-in hybrids, opting only for fully electric or conventional vehicles. “In future, our focus will be on efficiency and fuel reductions,” a spokesperson says.

    Meridian Energy - Charging electric cars in remote areas possible with new charging stations

    4 Jul 2019 | Meridian Energy

    Fiordland, the West Coast and Aoraki Mount Cook National Park can now be easily reached by electric vehicles thanks to the installation of three new remote public charging stations. The new stations in Mount Cook Village, Franz Josef and Te Anau were installed by Meridian Energy and YHA New Zealand as part of the government's Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund, administered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).

    Vector - End-of-life electric vehicle batteries could power homes and businesses

    4 Jul 2019 | Vector

    Vector, New Zealand’s leading distributor of electricity and gas, is exploring the possibility of turning end-of-life Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries into affordable power storage for homes and businesses. In collaboration with Relectrify, an Australian battery control technology growth firm, the trial is testing the capability of EV batteries to be converted into electricity storage batteries.

    Watercare - Solar energy for wastewater an exciting landmark

    4 Jul 2019 | Our Auckland

    Watercare has entered the solar energy market and installed solar panels at the Pukekohe Wastewater Treatment Plant. The 400 ground-mounted solar panels project, creating renewable energy, is the first project of its kind for Watercare. The panels help power a pump station, which sends wastewater around one kilometre away to be processed.

    Ngai Tahu Tourism's Dark Sky Project educating visitors on importance of looking after environment

    3 Jul 2019 | Maori Television

    The Dark Sky Project is a world-first fully-immersive astronomy experience free of the light pollution of the modern era. It brings together science and tātai aroraki (Māori astronomy) to tell the stories of the night sky in a profound way. A new home for astronomy and a place to reconnect with the skies above, the $11mil Dark Sky Project tells stories and educates people on the stars we see in the total darkness of night.

    Kiwirail - Extended log trains will take more trucks off roads

    3 Jul 2019 | Kiwirail

    Longer log trains between Waingawa and Wellington will deliver clearer roads and lower greenhouse gas emissions, KiwiRail Group Chief Executive Greg Miller says. Today KiwiRail increased the number of wagons on its daily trains transporting logs from Masterton to CentrePort.

    Air New Zealand customers in the UK are more than twice as likely to offset the carbon impact of their flights than those based in NZ or Australia

    28 Jun 2019 | Air New Zealand

    Air New Zealand customers in the United Kingdom are more than twice as likely to offset the carbon impact of their flights than those based in New Zealand or Australia. 28 June 2019 This insight is one of the many gleaned through Air New Zealand's analysis of customer behavior during the 2019 financial year, with its data revealing views on all aspects of flying – from carbon and connectivity, through to travellers' favourite inflight drinks and meals.

    Home charging electric vehicle technology makes its debut in Bay of Plenty and Tairawhiti Gisborne

    27 Jun 2019 | Vector

    New technology that sees electric vehicles supplying electricity to homes and businesses is being introduced in the Bay of Plenty and Tairāwhiti Gisborne, thanks to a partnership between Vector, Eastland Network and Horizon Networks. The Vehicle to Home (“V2H”) essentially transforms electric vehicles in to mobile batteries, capable of transporting energy wherever it’s needed – be it homes, businesses or appliances, opening up exciting opportunities for customer self-sustainability and network resilience.

    Oxygen Consulting joins Climate Leaders Coalition

    26 Jun 2019 | Oxygen Consulting

    Oxygen Consulting today joins 101 other organisations committed to reducing carbon emissions, becoming a signatory of the New Zealand Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC). The CLC was launched in July 2018 to promote business leadership and collective action on the issue of climate change.

    Climate Leaders Coalition celebrates its 100th signatory

    24 Jun 2019 |

    The Climate Leaders Coalition is celebrating its 100th signatory - agritech and herd improvement co-operative, LIC. "We established the Coalition nearly a year ago to create a movement for business action on climate change. Over that time we’ve grown from 60 to 100 signatories and continue to gain the momentum we need to help transition New Zealand to a low emissions economy," Coalition convenor and Z Energy Chief Executive Mike Bennetts says. Read more

    Congratulations on Climate Leaders Coalition milestone

    24 Jun 2019 | Hon James Shaw

    The Minister for Climate Change has congratulated New Zealand’s Climate Leaders Coalition on its milestone in now having signed up 100 members. “This is an incredible achievement considering the Coalition was born out of the vision of some 60 business leaders less than a year ago,” James Shaw said.

    Westpac NZ raises funding through green bond

    22 Jun 2019 | Westpac

    Westpac New Zealand has become the first New Zealand bank to raise funding through the issuance of a green bond. The 5 year green bond issued by Westpac raised €500 million ($860million) from European investors, to support the funding of climate change solutions. Reflecting continued growth in international green capital markets, the transaction attracted €1.1billion of interest, across 83 investors, and 20 countries.

    Toyota dealers attain highest environmental standard

    21 Jun 2019 | Toyota New Zealand

    After nine years of progressively working on environmental initiatives, all 64 Toyota and Lexus dealerships around New Zealand have achieved Enviro-Mark Diamond certification. Enviro-Mark Diamond certified organisations have a robust environmental management system (EMS) in place to identify significant impacts, develop internal plans to prevent or reduce those impacts, and find opportunities for improvement. The Diamond level exceeds the requirements of ISO 14001, one of the world’s most recognised environmental standards.

    First NZ autonomous shuttle debuts at Christchurch Airport

    21 Jun 2019 | Christchurch Airport

    Christchurch's autonomous vehicle trial is changing up a gear with today's introduction of New Zealand's first Smart Shuttle. The second stage of the ongoing Autonomous Vehicle (AV) trial on private roads at Christchurch Airport will now centre on the new vehicle, which went public today at the airport. Chief Executive Malcolm Johns says it's time to ride the future.

    Al Gore names 40 kiwi apprentices of his climate change movement

    20 Jun 2019 | Stuff

    Former US Vice President Al Gore has appointed 40 New Zealanders as "apprentices" of his global climate change movement. The Climate Reality Project, which was founded after the release of Gore's 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth, appoints and trains "Climate Reality Leaders" from around the world to spearhead efforts in their local communities.

    Flick Electric - the two policies that will define our zero carbon future

    20 Jun 2019 | The Spinoff

    With the release of the Zero Carbon Bill, Flick CEO Steve O’Connor worries that our zero carbon ambitions will be impeded by an electricity market that’s not working as it should. Right now, we’re sandwiched between two pieces of policy work that have the potential to shape fundamental outcomes in the electricity industry: the recently-announced Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill and the final recommendations of the Electricity Price Review panel.

    Climate Reality Leadership – it’s for all of us

    18 Jun 2019 | Enviro-Mark Solutions

    Last week, four members of our expert team; Sophia White, Ronja Lidenhammar, Kate Ellingham and Bronwyn Cook, were honoured to attend former US Vice President Al Gore’s brainchild The Climate Reality Project Leadership Corps training in Brisbane, Australia.

    Kiwi Property is tapping into sun-power with 672 solar panels at Northlands Mall

    14 Jun 2019 | Stuff

    Kiwi Property has flicked the switch on 672 solar panels at Northlands Mall in Christchurch as part of New Zealand's largest solar power programme. The leading property company is partnered with Meridian Energy to install almost 2500 rooftop solar panels on its shopping centres - in Christchurch at Northlands, at the Plaza in Palmerston North, The Base in Hamilton and Lynn Mall in Auckland.

    Auckland Mayor hits million trees mark

    14 Jun 2019 | Our Auckland

    Auckland Mayor Phil Goff has this morning fulfilled his pledge of planting a million trees in this term of council. The Mayor planted the millionth tree – a Puriri – at a public planting event at Totara Park in Manukau alongside more than 250 volunteers, mana whenua representatives and partners including the Department of Corrections and Te Uru Rakau - Forestry NZ.

    The Warehouse Group - making good on our EV commitment

    13 Jun 2019 | The Warehouse Group

    The future of transportation has arrived at The Warehouse Group. Today, we’re excited to share that our commitment to transition 30% of our light vehicles fleet to Electric Vehicles (EV) by end of this year (as announced in 2016) is on track. To date, 60% of our cars have been ordered and allocated to us, which equates to 43 of the 70 total vehicles which will be replaced.

    Reflections from Al Gore's #climatereality training - Meridian Energy

    13 Jun 2019 | Meridian Energy

    Fresh from the three day Australian Climate Change Conference with Al Gore, Meridian CFO Mike Roan says it’s time to step up. “I like to think of myself as an eternal optimist. And, as a Dad, I’m conscious of the future our children will face from the actions (and inaction) my generation is responsible for. If there’s one thing I gained from this conference, it was the absolute clarity of what we must achieve – for our sake and for the sake of our planet. We are incredibly lucky to be at a juncture in time where we can make a difference.

    Contact invests in Simply Energy

    12 Jun 2019 | Contact Energy

    Contact Energy has invested in an innovative energy solutions company to help commercial and industrial customers reduce their carbon footprint and accelerate our strategy to decarbonise New Zealand’s energy system.

    Top tips for Kiwis wanting to limit harm to the environment while on holiday

    12 Jun 2019 | TVNZ

    n the second of a 1 NEWS series on being a more sustainable consumer, Jenny Suo looks at how Kiwis are going about reducing their environmental impact while on holiday.

    Toyota steps up EV plans

    11 Jun 2019 | EV Talk

    Toyota aims to accelerate its electrified vehicle plans by five years, now planning to have half its global sales comprising these by 2025 instead of 2030.

    Auckland Council declares climate emergency

    11 Jun 2019 | Our Auckland

    “By unanimously voting to declare a climate emergency we are signalling the council’s intention to put climate change at the front and centre of our decision making,” says Mayor Phil Goff

    Unilever open letter - responsible engagement in climate policy

    7 Jun 2019 | Unilever

    An open letter from Unilever CEO Alan Jope to our trade associations and business groups Climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face, as a society and as a business. If we are to avoid the catastrophic consequences of global heating, urgent action is required to shift our economies onto a zero carbon pathway. Like many businesses, we are seeking to accelerate climate action within our own operations and within our wider value chain.

    Kiwirail - Collaborative approach to Regional Freight Hub

    7 Jun 2019 | Kiwirail

    Collaboration is key to the successful development of a new Regional Freight Hub near Palmerston North, KiwiRail Deputy Chief Executive Todd Moyle says. In November 2018, KiwiRail was awarded $40 million through the Government’s Provincial Growth Fund to design, designate and purchase land for the hub.

    Survey - how should Stuff cover climate change?

    6 Jun 2019 | Stuff

    Stuff launched Quick! Save the Planet in November 2018, with the goal of making climate change feel tangible, urgent and unignorable. Since then, we've greatly increased the quality and quantity of our climate crisis journalism. We're committed to ongoing coverage, and we want to make sure it's relevant and meaningful to New Zealanders. So, we're asking for your feedback on better climate change coverage. We'd be grateful if you'd answer a few questions in our survey to help guide our future coverage.

    Auckland Transport - Free public transport to celebrate 100 million passenger trips milestone

    6 Jun 2019 | Auckland Transport

    Aucklanders have made 100 million trips in the past year, making this the biggest year for public transport in the city since 1951. Mayor Phil Goff says, “To mark the occasion, Auckland Transport has announced that on Sunday 23 June the public can travel free on buses, trains and most ferry services. It’s a gesture by AT to say thank you to Aucklanders and to encourage new commuters to try out public transport.” The Mayor says the switch to public transport is happening faster than was estimated, with the 100 million target being achieved months ahead of time.

    Sistema Plastics committed to reducing its carbon footprint

    6 Jun 2019 | Sistema

    Sistema Plastics Ltd has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by achieving Certified Emissions Measurement And Reduction Scheme (CEMARS®) certification. CEMARS certification is a recognised greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions measurement and reduction scheme administered by Enviro-Mark Solutions (a subsidiary of Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research). It is the first of a two-step process towards achieving carboNZeroCert™ certification in New Zealand.

    SKYCITY reveals first low carbon menu at the Sugar Club

    5 Jun 2019 | SKYCITY

    SKYCITY’s The Sugar Club is combining fine dining and climate change action with New Zealand’s first ever low carbon menu developed with Enviro-Mark Solutions.Expertly created by Executive Chef, Josh Barlow, in partnership with Enviro-Mark Solutions and WWF-New Zealand, the three-course menu has been measured and assessed as low carbon using only locally sourced ingredients. The low carbon menu will be revealed tonight at an exclusive event, in celebration of World Environment Day.

    Fonterra - celebrated brothers turn their brains to dairy problems

    30 May 2019 | Newsroom

    Small fleets of robots cleaning up cow poop, fertiliser travelling at the speed of a jet plane, a computer-simulated rumen. Two eminent New Zealand scientists - who happen to be brothers - are applying their brains to finding high-tech solutions to farming pollution.

    Two months to go - one day event to galvanise business action on climate change

    24 May 2019 | Embark

    The Sustainable Business Council together with the Climate Leaders Coalition, EECA, Ministry for the Environment, and WWF New Zealand invite you to a one-day event to empower business action on climate change. EMBARK is being held at SKYCITY Auckland on July 24 and is designed to help businesses learn practical ways to reduce their emissions.

    Cost of cutting the footprint in dairy

    24 May 2019 | NZ Farm Life Media

    Onfarm greenhouse gas emissions represent the greatest proportion of dairy’s environmental footprint, Fonterra sustainable value manager Lara Phillips says. From a glass of milk, 90% of the emissions come from onfarm, 9% is from manufacturing and 1% of the footprint is from international distribution. While New Zealand dairy farmers have one of the lowest environmental footprints in the world, they can’t rest on their laurels, she says.

    OCS NZ and Au releases Sustainability Report 2018

    23 May 2019 | OCS

    Every business – large or small – has the opportunity to make a positive difference when it comes to sustainability, says OCS ANZ Managing Director, Gareth Marriott. Mr Marriott made the comments with the release of the company’s first integrated sustainability review, covering both of its Australian and New Zealand operations.

    What five NZ companies are doing to clean up with EV power

    23 May 2019 | Stuff

    Nearly a year ago, key New Zealand businesses formed the Climate Leaders Coalition - a group committed to measuring and reporting its greenhouse gas emissions and working towards keeping global warming within two degrees, as specified in the Paris Agreement. So far, 89 Kiwi CEOs have signed the Climate Change Statement. The companies collectively represent half of NZ's gross emissions, 25 per cent of private sector Gross Domestic Product and Employ over 130,000 people. Transport emissions are a key target for the Coalition, representing 18 per cent of NZ's emissions. Here are five ways member companies are greening their fleets.

    Auckland Transport - transitioning buses from diesel to electric

    22 May 2019 | Auckland Transport

    This case study looks at the role Auckland Transport is playing in transitioning buses from diesel to zero emissions.

    The story of a revolution: How public transport transformed Auckland

    22 May 2019 | The Spinoff

    Public transport in Auckland looks set to hit an all-time of 100 million passengers this year. Patrick Reynolds looks back at how we got here and what next to expect for the future of transport.

    EVtalk checks out ‘AT Local’

    22 May 2019 | EV Talk

    An EV rideshare trial is about half way through its year’s “test and learn” on Auckland’s North Shore. So EVtalk’s Sophia Wang tried Auckland Transport’s AT Local service in the lower Devonport peninsula which aims to reduce congestion for those travelling to and from the area’s three ferry terminals.

    Waste Management sets NZ sector benchmark for carbon reduction

    22 May 2019 | Waste Management

    Marking a first for the waste industry in New Zealand, Waste Management NZ has achieved independent certification for managing and reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Waste Management Managing Director, Tom Nickels, said today. The company has worked over two years to complete CEMARS® (Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme) certification, measuring all greenhouse gas emissions and joining 53 companies from other sectors in New Zealand who have taken this step.

    Pukekohe's Wastewater Treatment Plant receives solar energy boost

    20 May 2019 | Stuff

    Franklin residents are one step closer to an eco-friendly flush with the addition of a new solar array at the Pukekohe Wastewater Treatment Plant.

    Freightways case study - fewer, faster and bigger planes for greater sustainability

    20 May 2019 | Freightways

    By investing in a more modern and efficient air-fleet in collaboration with NZ Post, Freightways managed to reduce emissions by more than 20% for every item that travelled in the air.

    Meridian - NZ's car 'mindset' needs change

    20 May 2019 | NZ Herald

    E-scooter system may provide a path to getting more electric vehicles on our roads. Within 10 years many Kiwis could be car-sharing in much the same way they do now with electric scooters and bikes. Nick Robilliard, property and procurement manager of Meridian Energy says he sees a shift coming in vehicle ownership, a model he believes will change significantly in the next 10 years.

    3R - Zero Carbon Bill welcome news for Hawke's Bay

    17 May 2019 | 3R

    The release of the Zero Carbon Bill is welcome news, particularly in Hawke’s Bay where the effects of coastal erosion and weather events due to climate change are already being felt, says Hawke’s Bay sustainability expert and Chief Executive of 3R Group, Adele Rose.

    DB Breweries case study - solar heating

    16 May 2019 | DB Breweries

    How DB Breweries harnesses the power of the Nelson sunshine to sterilise bottles at their Redwood Cidery.

    thinkstep has science-based target approved

    16 May 2019 | Thinkstep

    At thinkstep it is in our DNA to enable organisations to succeed sustainably. This means that we cannot just advise other companies to do the right thing in sustainability; we strongly believe that we have to do our share. To ensure that our low-carbon transformation is aligned with climate science, we decided to do this with a target verified by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). Our target was approved by SBTi in April 2019.

    Ngāi Tahu share climate change ideas with UN Secretary-General

    14 May 2019 | te ao Maori News

    Ngāi Tahu hosted United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in his last meeting in Aotearoa before he heads to the Pacific Islands for further UN discussions. The iwi will put forward what they're doing to combat climate change in the hope that ideas and initiatives may be taken up by the UN.

    How Fonterra will deal with 'ambitious' emissions targets

    10 May 2019 | NZ Herald

    Fonterra supports the Government's intention to lower New Zealand's emissions says chief operating officer for NZMP, Kelvin Wickham. He told The Country Early Edition's Rowena Duncum, Fonterra believed it can work with the targets and still maintain a profitable business model.

    Collaborative launched to boost regional innovation

    10 May 2019 | Scoop

    Microsoft, The Collaborative Studio, Massey University,Scion, Kordia and The Factory have today announced an initiative to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies and enable more collaborative innovation across New Zealand’s regions and primary industries.

    Raising the bar on climate: how to create ambition loops

    10 May 2019 | Unilever

    No business or government is big enough to tackle climate change alone. But when companies and regulators work together and commit to clear, ambitious goals, then real change takes shape – and the good news is that we’re seeing it happen. This kind of collaboration is something we call an ambition loop, and at Unilever we believe it’s a vital way to accelerate progress towards a zero-carbon economy around the world.

    WSP experts react to the Zero Carbon Bill

    9 May 2019 | WSP Opus

    WSP Opus experts across Environment, Power, Property and Buildings and Agriculture share the opportunities that the Zero Carbon Bill will bring to New Zealand.

    Toyota NZ supports introduction of Zero Carbon Bill

    8 May 2019 | Toyota New Zealand

    Toyota New Zealand welcomed today’s introduction of the Zero Carbon Bill to Parliament as an urgently-needed piece of legislation to address climate change. As an original signatory to the Climate Leaders Coalition and long-time member of the Sustainable Business Council (SBC), Toyota NZ is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and sustainable business development.

    Christchurch Airport supporting action on climate change

    8 May 2019 | Christchurch Airport

    Chief Executive Malcolm Johns says the airport company recognises the Paris agreement and supports establishing an independent Climate Change commission and targets enshrined in law.

    KiwiRail ready to play part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions

    8 May 2019 | KiwiRail

    KiwiRail has welcomed today’s Zero Carbon Bill announcement, and is ready to play its part in reducing New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions. “As a company we are committed to helping New Zealand move to a low-emissions future and meet the reduction targets,” says Group Chief Executive Greg Miller.

    Synlait supports Zero Carbon Bill

    8 May 2019 | Synlait

    Synlait (NZX: SML; ASX: SM1) applauds the government’s bold Zero Carbon Bill announcement today, including new methane targets. These targets are aligned with Synlait’s commitment to sustainability announced in June 2018. Synlait has committed to achieve on-farm reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by 35% per kilogram of milk solids (kgMS) by 2028, including a reduction of methane by 30%.

    New Zealand business leaders welcome Zero Carbon legislation  

    8 May 2019 |

    The Climate Leaders Coalition welcomes the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Bill announced today. Read more

    IAG praises climate change adaptation milestone

    8 May 2019 | IAG

    New Zealand's leading general insurer, IAG, has praised the introduction of the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill to Parliament today as a milestone, as the country grapples with the issue of adapting to the consequences of climate change.

    Meridian Energy welcomes Zero Carbon Bill

    8 May 2019 | Meridian Energy

    Meridian Energy welcomes the introduction of the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill to Parliament as a milestone step in New Zealand’s climate change leadership. Chief Executive Neal Barclay says the Bill will give business and industry the certainty they need to plan for the transition to net zero carbon emissions in New Zealand

    Air New Zealand urges more passengers to offset travel

    2 May 2019 | AirlineRatings

    Air New Zealand is urging more passengers to join the war on climate change as its Fly Neutral voluntary carbon offset scheme passed the $NZ1 million milestone. The Kiwi carrier offsets staff travel and since late 2016 has allowed passengers to tick a box to offset the carbon emissions associated with their flight.

    Increasing focus on low emission supply chains an opportunity

    29 Apr 2019 | Sharechat

    Increasing pressure on firms globally to reduce emissions throughout their supply chain is a genuine opportunity for New Zealand, Contact Energy says. Chief generation and development officer James Kilty says there has always been a level of interest from firms overseas keen on seeing whether they could establish businesses here to take advantage of the country’s geothermal energy and its high – and growing – share of renewable electricity.

    Ten tips for businesses who want to transition their company fleets to electric vehicles

    23 Apr 2019 | Idealog

    More and more businesses are considering going down the road of electric vehicles. While it’s a good way to show business leadership on climate change, reduce emissions, and help create the critical mass of demand necessary to truly launch the EV market in New Zealand, it’s not quite as simple as replacing your company fleet with EVs and installing a few plugs. Here, some of New Zealand's biggest corporates and members of the Climate Leaders Coalition, such as Meridian, Spark, Orion and Westpac, share what they've learnt when it comes to transitioning their corporate fleets into EVs.

    'The equivalent of taking 18,500 cars off the road': Fonterra's latest move to reduce carbon emissions

    18 Apr 2019 | Newshub

    Dairy giant Fonterra believes its latest initiative to cut carbon emissions could make the difference of the equivalent of taking 18,500 cars off the road. The co-operative's Te Awamutu site has just completed a trial to run its existing coal boiler exclusively on wood pellets.

    New NZ Post delivery vehicles in Tawa

    18 Apr 2019 | NZ Post

    Tawa residents will now be able to see New Zealand Post’s new electric delivery vehicles in operation as driver training has started. NZ Post has worked closely with the Wellington City Council to gain approval to operate the Paxster electric delivery vehicles on a 12 month trial. The rollout of these vehicles around the country started in 2017, and the vehicles have now arrived in Tawa.

    Why carbon measurement matters

    17 Apr 2019 | National Business Review

    "With employees and board members becoming increasingly aware of climate risks and motivated to protect the environment, measurement of carbon emissions will soon be a standard practice for New Zealand businesses." Rob Campbell tells the National Business Review why SKYCITY Entertainment Group and Summerset Group Holdings Limited are measuring their carbon footprint with Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited (Subscription access).

    Ngai Tahu Tourism investigating electrifying jetboats

    16 Apr 2019 | Mountainscene

    One of Queenstown’s biggest tourism players is looking to make waves in the eco-tourism sector. Ngai Tahu Tourism, which owns Shotover Jet, confirms it’s investigating how to power its famous jetboats with electric engines. Chief executive Quinton Hall says: “We currently have a project investigating how to electrify our jetboats, so hopefully we will see electric power in the not-too-distant future.”

    Fuji Xerox leads the way for a more sustainable future

    16 Apr 2019 | IT Brief

    Sustainability is becoming one of the most important ways by which consumers choose to purchase from a particular company – one that doesn’t display sustainable business practices and an environmental mindset will find itself at a disadvantage to those companies that are doing their part to create a circular economy. Office multifunction devices and consumables like toner cartridges can generate a significant amount of waste, but with sustainable business practices and processes, that doesn’t have to be the case. Fuji Xerox is a company that is leading the print industry in sustainable business practices and it has already made waves by creating contributing toward a circular economy that works.

    Contact Energy commits to science based emissions reduction targets

    16 Apr 2019 | Contact Energy

    Contact Energy has become the first energy company in New Zealand to have its emission reduction targets approved by the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi). This verifies the company’s commitment to reduce its emissions in line with what is required to achieve global targets in the Paris Agreement.

    Fight climate change in the streets, shops and casinos

    15 Apr 2019 | Newsroom

    The responsibility for fighting climate change doesn't just rest with farmers - urban businesses and city dwellers need to take action too, writes Rod Oram. He hopes the example of some leading businesses will inspire more companies and urban households to get involved.

    Global Toyota enjoys a strong local reputation

    12 Apr 2019 | Toyota

    In the 2019 Colmar Brunton Corporate Reputation Index released today, in partnership with Wright Communications, Toyota New Zealand is the only international brand to figure in the top 10 companies. It is also the only vehicle supplier in the top 20 most reputable companies. Sitting in fourth position amongst Kiwi brand icons such as Air New Zealand and The Warehouse is great news for Toyota and reaffirms its decades-long commitment to New Zealand and providing Kiwi motorists with reliable and affordable vehicles. Notably the Colmar Brunton Corporate Reputation Index is based on the global RepZ framework and measures four standard attributes to arrive at a total reputation score.

    ANZ launches new sustainable home loan product

    12 Apr 2019 | NZ Adviser

    ANZ has announced a new home loan product for customers wanting to upgrade their homes to higher, more sustainable standards. The Healthy Home Loan Package offers a 0.70% discount off ANZ’s standard fixed home loan rate and 1.00% off standard floating and flexible home loan rates, along with fee waivers across a range of accounts. It is available for new builds or upgrades to homes with a Homestar rating of six or above.

    Why Toyota doesn't really sell electric vehicles

    10 Apr 2019 | Stuff

    Everybody's talking about electric vehicles (EVs) in New Zealand at the moment and it seems like almost every major carmaker is focused on EV power in some way. NZ is theoretically the ideal environment for EVs, with over 80 per cent renewable electricity. So you might think it strange that Toyota, NZ's number one car brand and a pioneer of alternative eco-power with its hybrid engines, doesn't have any pure EVs and only one plug-in of any kind: the rather niche Prius Prime.

    Toll committed to climate action

    9 Apr 2019 | Transport Talk

    Opinion piece from Toll on the work they're doing to reduce their emissions and be smarter when it comes to driving, energy, fuel efficiency, planning & facilities. *Article on p33

    It's not just The Warehouse going carbon neutral; people are doing it too

    8 Apr 2019 | Stuff

    ​Courtney Simpson spent $22,000 on an electric car to bring down her carbon footprint. By the time she's finished paying it off the Nissan Leaf, she will only be marginally ahead financially compared to running a petrol-guzzling car, but that's not the point. "Driving an EV, or cycling has a much higher emotional return," she says.

    The Warehouse Group's Nick Grayston on why businesses must get used to environmental scrutiny

    8 Apr 2019 | Idealog

    The Warehouse Group recently made the decision to go carbon zero, making it one of three major retailers that have done the move worldwide – a bold move by any standards. Chief executive Nick Grayston shares why the retailer made this decision, why it isn't just a greenwashing strategy and its plans to expand on this in the future.

    Cars are no longer just cars - Meridian Energy

    5 Apr 2019 | NZ Herald

    In a shift likened to the iphone revolution, cars with names like NIO or Byton may be the future. Back in the late 80s there was the cellphone: a big brick of a thing, out of the reach of many. Within no time, there was a monumental shift. Who can do without one now? Today's equivalent to those early Motorolas is the electric vehicle (EV) industry, says Nick Robilliard, procurement manager for Meridian Energy.

    What is the carbon footprint of international tourism?

    5 Apr 2019 | Stuff

    Campervan company Tourism Holdings, which owns the Britz and Maui brands, trialled electric campervans for the first time this summer. It has five two-berth, self-contained motorhomes in Auckland and Queenstown, with 10-day itineraries built around having chargers every 50-100km. The Auckland itinerary takes in the Coromandel and Raglan, while the Queenstown trip heads to Dunedin.

    Toll launches electric trucks in Japan

    3 Apr 2019 | Transport Talk

    Home / News / Toll launches electric trucks in Japan Toll launches electric trucks in Japan Nigel Moffiet April 3, 2019 News No Comments Toll is introducing the first two electric vehicles to be used in its Japan operations. The light-duty all-electric Fuso eCanters trucks from Daimler will operate pickup and delivery services in Tokyo.

    How startups are leading the business community’s response to climate change

    2 Apr 2019 | The Spinoff

    When 60 CEOs signed up to the Climate Leaders Coalition in July 2018, much was made of the presence of the big players like Air New Zealand, Spark, Fonterra and Vector. The Spinoff caught up with the nimble smaller companies leading from the back. Since the launch of the Climate Leaders Coalition last year, 82 CEOs have signed the joint statement committing their organisations to take voluntary action on climate change. Since then much focus has been on the big players, and just how committed they are to a carbon zero future that demands difficult questions of their status quo.

    Soar Print family beats disruption and turns carbon neutral

    2 Apr 2019 | NBR

    NBR entrepreneurs series on three siblings running a business.

    Watercare releases its climate change strategy

    1 Apr 2019 | Watercare

    The global impacts of the changing climate will bring significant direct and indirect changes and challenges. For Watercare these include extreme weather events, prolonged dry periods, rising seas and increased coastal flooding. Our climate change strategy sets out our future direction as we embark on a journey to operate a low carbon organisation that is resilient to climate impacts

    Otago Polytech opinion - Our people make a difference

    1 Apr 2019 | Otago Daily Times

    In light of last month's climate change action by high school pupils, Jen Rodgers, sustainable practice adviser at Otago Polytechnic, provides a stocktake of her institution's initiatives in this area.

    Fujitsu green building case study

    29 Mar 2019 | Fujitsu

    When Fujitsu moved to a new office in Auckland, it wanted to reduce its impact on the environment. Since the move, energy use has been cut by 64%, 24 tonnes of CO2e been saved annually, and more than 8,250kg of eWaste diverted from landfill.

    Rob Campbell - Why Measurement Matters

    28 Mar 2019 | Enviro-Mark Solutions

    For Rob Campbell, Chair of SKYCITY Entertainment Group and Summerset Group, there are at least two reasons why Boards and Directors should endorse and support carbon measurement in their affiliated companies.

    How to cut your contribution to climate change by offsetting your emissions

    28 Mar 2019 | Stuff

    Living a carbon-free lifestyle can feel impossible, considering emissions are produced by everything from travelling to eating to heating buildings. Each person's carbon footprint – the amount of greenhouse gases your activities release – is different. A vegan's emissions are likely to be lower than a meat eater's on dining habits alone, but a meat eater who cycles to work will produce less carbon dioxide than a vegan who drives.

    Emission reductions must be New Zealand’s priority and renewable electricity is the key

    27 Mar 2019 | Meridian Energy

    Meridian Energy’s Chief Executive Neal Barclay says that reducing gross fossil fuels must be the absolute priority for all New Zealand businesses. This is Meridian’s response to the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (PCE) report ‘Farms, Forests and fossil fuels: The next great landscape transformation’. “We agree that we must take action now with emissions reduction as the priority. Renewable electricity will provide the solution and this is staring us in the face,” says Neal.

    Synlait opens NZ's first large scale electrode boiler

    26 Mar 2019 | Synlait

    Synlait announced today New Zealand’s first large-scale electrode boiler, located at its Dunsandel site in Canterbury, is fully commissioned and has been operational for the last two months. “This is an exciting moment for Synlait. It’s a significant milestone in terms of reducing our energy footprint as part of our sustainability commitments,” says Synlait’s CEO, Leon Clement.

    Opinion - Transport businesses must be ready to adapt

    25 Mar 2019 | Transport Talk

    Anyone who attended last year’s RTF Conference will recall Cameron Bagrie’s stark warning about the plethora of disruptive influences that are going to have an impact on New Zealand businesses in the coming years.

    Kiwirail graduate joins the fight against climate change

    24 Mar 2019 | Stuff

    In an industry traditionally dominated by men, Malia Vehikite is young, female, and making a name for herself in the energy sector. Vehikite is working hard to help her organisation reduce energy waste and significant carbon emissions in the Strategy and Sustainability team at KiwiRail, as part of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority's (EECA) graduate programme.

    Extreme heat, disease and rising seas: how climate change threatens Auckland

    21 Mar 2019 | NZ Herald

    Aucklanders could be suffering an equivalent of three months of extra-hot days within only a century's time - with residents in southern and western suburbs likely to be hit the hardest. A sweeping, first-of-its-kind assessment, released during a three-day city symposium this week, has laid bare Auckland's possible future under climate change.

    Ricoh joins the Climate Leaders Coalition

    18 Mar 2019 | Ricoh

    Ricoh has become the 81st signatory of the Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC). The company joins a group of New Zealand businesses who, collectively, represent more than half of New Zealand’s gross emissions, at least a quarter of private sector GDP and employ more than 150,000 New Zealanders. CLC members are committed to measuring and reporting their GHG emissions, setting targets and working with suppliers to reduce those emissions, to help keep global warming within 1.5 degrees.

    Big business sets up decarbonisation funds

    18 Mar 2019 | Stuff

    Big corporates are lining up to prove their carbon credentials, responding to a huge shift in public, and political opinion. The Warehouse has gone carbon neutral by buying carbon credits and planting native trees to "offset" the carbon it emits selling us stuff. Air New Zealand has signed up to the Dryland Carbon partnership with Genesis Energy and Z Energy to plant mainly "exotic" trees like radiata pine to offset emissions.

    New frontier for businesses committed to climate change action

    18 Mar 2019 | Our Auckland

    New Zealand’s work to reduce carbon emissions crossed a new frontier last night with the launch of our first-ever gamified carbon calculator – FutureFit. FutureFit for business is a new sustainability tool with a staff-engagement twist. The aim is to empower staff to reduce their carbon footprints.

    Spark moving to plug in hybrid EVs (story on page 20)

    18 Mar 2019 | EV Talk

    Digital services provider Spark is introducing Mini Countryman plugin hybrids (PHEVs) to its vehicle fleets – probably the first in Australasia to do so in bulk. The first 30 are due towards the end of March, with a further 40 also ordered, then another 60 or 80 leased PHEVs could be added depending upon demand. It’s part of the company’s EV strategy co-ordinated by Marc Solomon, Spark’s sourcing business partner in charge of fleets.

    Air New Zealand, Z Energy and Contact Energy join forces to establish a forestry portfolio to sequester carbon

    14 Mar 2019 | Dryland Carbon

    Climate Leaders Coalition signatories Air New Zealand, Z Energy, Contact Energy together with Genesis Energy have joined forces to establish a forestry portfolio to sequester carbon. The partnership is a great example of Coalition signatories coming together to mitigate climate change.

    Enviro-Mark calculator helps families measure household emissions

    11 Mar 2019 | Stuff

    Dave Bryce started monitoring his family's carbon dioxide emissions about 12 years ago. At the time, they were emitting something close to the average for a New Zealand family. These days, he and his wife are emitting about one-eighth of the emissions of an average family, he says. Bryce knows this because he uses Landcare Research's Household Emissions Calculator, a free online tool that captures electricity use, transport and household waste and estimates CO2 emissions in kilograms.

    Naylor Love joins the Climate Leaders Coalition

    11 Mar 2019 | Naylor Love

    Naylor Love has made a genuine and profound commitment to be the leader in sustainable construction practices and the champion of sustainable construction products in New Zealand. We’re delighted to announce that Naylor Love has joined the Climate Leaders Coalition, a group of 80 New Zealand businesses who have committed to tackling climate change and reducing carbon emissions.

    Businesses lead the charge on EVs

    8 Mar 2019 | NBR

    The barriers to switching may not be as great as they seem. Note: premium content

    Fuelled by biodiesel

    5 Mar 2019 | Fonterra

    The Co-op has been working closely with Z Energy since 2014 to help introduce biodiesel to New Zealand as part of its commitment to reduce emissions across its operations. Fast forward to 2019, Fonterra now has its 156 tankers in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty area producing 4% less emissions per year.

    Meridian plugs in to global EV community

    4 Mar 2019 | Meridian Energy

    Meridian Energy’s commitment to EVs has gone global with the company joining the international EV100 initiative by pledging to operate a 100% electric fleet by 2030. Meridian joins overseas companies like Baidu, DHL and HP as well as local companies including Air New Zealand and Christchurch Airport.

    Vector achieves strong result in CDP disclosure report

    1 Mar 2019 | Vector

    Emissions reductions initiatives, governance and value chain engagement were among the company’s highest scoring categories. Vector, the country’s largest electricity distributor, was yesterday given the ‘best first-time performance’ award, and an above average overall score for the sector and region, at an event marking the release of the CDP 2018 Regional Disclosure Report Launch.

    Urgent call for business to act on rising sea levels

    28 Feb 2019 | NBR

    Note subscriber content

    Unilever deemed most prepared large consumer company for climate change according to new report from CDP

    27 Feb 2019 | Bloomberg

    Among the world’s biggest consumer companies, Europe’s Unilever NV, L’Oreal SA and Danone are best prepared for the effects of climate change relative to their peers, according to a report from the nonprofit CDP.

    How extreme weather is changing the way your electricity is delivered

    22 Feb 2019 | Vector

    Climate change has already affected how electricity gets delivered to customers, and it’s only going to get more challenging. Vector’s Chief Networks Officer Andre Botha outlines what the lines company is doing to respond.

    Meridian case study - Electrifying your fleet

    18 Feb 2019 | Meridian

    Electrifying our vehicle fleet is one way that we can demonstrate our commitment, and also learn – and then share those learnings with the broader business community.

    Z invests in permanent forest project to offset emissions

    15 Feb 2019 | Stuff

    A regenerating native bush block owned by former Wellington mayor Celia Wade-Brown is not only providing biodiversity and a haven for birds, it's also generating income in the form of carbon credits.

    The Warehouse Group becomes 1st major NZ company and 3rd retailer in the world to be carbon neutral

    15 Feb 2019 | The Warehouse Group

    We’re the largest company in New Zealand – and only the third major retailer globally - to be carbon neutral. We’re doing this because we care about the health of our people, Aotearoa New Zealand, and the planet. We are committed to this journey. Our target is to reduce emissions by 32 percent by 2030 (from our 2015 base level). This is in keeping with the target of staying within 2⁰C of warming, based on pre-industrial levels, set by the 2015 Paris Agreement.

    Ecostore top of mind in sustainable brands for 5th year

    13 Feb 2019 | Scoop

    For the fifth year in a row, ecostore has come out on top of the unprompted list of sustainable brands in New Zealand. The Colmar Brunton Better Futures report, released yesterday evening, asked New Zealanders which brands were leaders in sustainability and ecostore was again mentioned unprompted by those surveyed as being leaders in sustainability. Furthermore, when prompted, eighty-three percent of those surveyed named ecostore as a leading sustainable brand in New Zealand. Use of renewable resources, care for the environment through business practice, and a focus on quality natural ingredients were among the reasons people thought of brands as sustainability leaders.

    SKYCITY unveils green fund, will be carbon neutral in NZ this year

    13 Feb 2019 | SKYCITY

    SKYCITY Entertainment Group has revealed its climate change strategy that will see the company’s New Zealand sites carbon neutral by the end of this year, with Adelaide following next year. SKYCITY will be among the first major New Zealand companies to go carbon neutral with its plan to set up a green fund, paid for via an internal carbon levy on all its emissions.

    Toyota has a long-term view on product responsibility

    12 Feb 2019 | Toyota

    Toyota has a global vision of future ‘eco-cars’ which have no negative environmental effects and help the transition to a low carbon society. Transport is New Zealand’s second largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and we rank fifth highest among OECD member countries per capita. New Zealand's vehicle fleet is among the oldest in the developed world, and one of the least fuel efficient.

    Vector and Chargetrip partner to ease 'range and charge anxiety' among EV Users

    7 Feb 2019 | Vector

    Auckland energy company Vector and Dutch start-up Chargetrip have teamed up to ease ‘range and charge anxiety’ among New Zealand’s rapidly growing number of electric vehicle (EV) users. Range anxiety is a term often used to describe the stress EV users experience when their destination is or could be further than their car battery’s range, and they fear they could end up stranded on the side of the road. Charge anxiety is caused by the uncertainty of waiting lines at charge stations. Both are considered major barriers keeping people from switching to electric driving.

    OPINION - How to start a climate change movement

    7 Feb 2019 | Stuff

    There's an old TED Talk from 2010 about how to start a movement, illustrated by a video of a "lone nut" dancing at a music festival. It stuck with me, not just because of the lone nut's unique sense of rhythm, but because it's much the same way I view the movement of business leaders taking voluntary action on climate change.

    Wright Communications joins Climate Leaders Coalition

    25 Jan 2019 | Wright Communications

    Sustainability-focused PR agency, Wright Communications, has joined the Climate Leaders Coalition as part of its on-going commitment to sustainability and reducing climate change. Managing Director Nikki Wright said as well as ensuring the agency was committed to reducing its own carbon footprint, its overarching business purpose is to encourage and empower its clients to become better corporate citizens.

    Meridian to expand EV charging thanks to the Government’s Low Emissions Vehicles Contestable Fund

    22 Jan 2019 | Meridian Energy

    Electric vehicle leaders, Meridian Energy, are proud to have been approved for co-funding through the Government’s Low Emissions Vehicles Contestable Fund, administered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles in New Zealand. Meridian’s Chief Customer Officer, Julian Smith says that the company is thrilled to receive support from the fund, which will enable more people to experience the benefits of electric vehicles which helps our country to combat climate change.

    Ngai Tahu Tourism goes electric

    22 Jan 2019 | Maori Television

    One of New Zealand’s leading tourism operators, Ngāi Tahu Tourism, will adopt electric vehicle chargers at some of its businesses, helping to expand the national electric vehicle (EV) charging network. Ngāi Tahu Tourism is a subsidiary of Ngāi Tahu Holdings, which is governed by Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu.

    Vector to explore benefits of vehicle-to-home technology in Piha community

    22 Jan 2019 | Vector

    Auckland’s popular west coast surfing mecca Piha Beach will soon become home to a cutting-edge trial into the broader customer benefits of electric vehicle (EV) technology. Auckland electricity lines company Vector has today been approved for co-funding from the Government’s Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund to explore the potential network and customer resiliency benefits of vehicle-to-home (V2H) technology.

    Ports of Auckland to receive EECA co-funding for Hydrogen Vehicles

    22 Jan 2019 | Ports of Auckland

    Ports of Auckland is delighted to learn today that it has been approved for part-funding for the purchase of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles from the Government's Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund (LEVCF), administered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA). Ports of Auckland, along with its project partners Auckland Transport, Auckland Council and KiwiRail will procure a hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) bus and three HFC cars as part of its wider project to build a hydrogen fuel production plant. The fund will be providing 14% of the estimated cost of these vehicles.

    Air New Zealand crowned ATW Eco Airline of the Year

    18 Jan 2019 | Air New Zealand

    Air New Zealand is the first airline in the world to scoop two awards at the Air Transport World Airline Industry Awards. The awards, which are considered the 'Oscars of the airline industry', will be presented in New York in March. Air New Zealand has been crowned ATW Eco Airline of the Year and won the Passenger Experience Achievement award for recent upgrades to its Economy Skycouch seats. The Eco-Airline of the Year award recognises Air New Zealand's portfolio of sustainability work. This includes the airline's commitment to reducing waste through its Project Green initiative, engagement with and support for regional New Zealand communities and reducing carbon emissions both within the airline's own operations and encouraging travellers to do the same through its voluntary carbon offsetting programme, FlyNeutral.

    Biz must just get on with the climate opportunity

    10 Jan 2019 | ANZ

    It’s easy to get distracted by the politics of climate change. For business, the best approach is to push past the emotion and join the rest of the world – or at least most of it – in assessing both the business risks and opportunities, a key expert says. " Focus on [climate] as a business risk and a business opportunity because this is where people will make money or lose money over the next 20 to 30 years.”

    Leading the Industrial Re-revolution

    10 Jan 2019 | Architecture Now

    What is the Industrial Re-revolution? Industry has progressed us forward as humans but the implications for the environment have been detrimental at best. The idea of the Industrial Re-revolution is to acknowledge the fact that industry is necessary for the way the economy works in the human world but to explore new ways of making it work that do not cause harm and, in fact, drive positive change for the Earth. In order to meet the carbon emission targets needed to combat catastrophic climate change, the corporate sector must change the way it works. A key way for corporations to ensure they stay within carbon emission targets is through the use of organisations such as thinkstep, which helps to assess a company’s environmental footprint and set a clear pathway for sustainable growth with a reduced impact on the Earth.

    10 business benefits of settings science based targets

    9 Jan 2019 | Thinkstep

    Beyond the obvious ethical reasons for working to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, here are some powerful arguments for why businesses should set science-based targets.

    10 tips for business to reduce their emissions

    7 Jan 2019 | Stuff

    For some businesses, especially small businesses, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to reducing your emissions. That's why members of the Climate Leaders Coalition have pulled together 10 top tips of practical things businesses can be doing right now to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

    OPINION: I was a late convert to being a climate change leader for business and I'm not alone

    5 Jan 2019 | Stuff

    OPINION: There are those who see business as responsible for climate change.I don't see a lot of point in arguing about that, there is not the time. We have already wasted too much time arguing about whether human activity as a whole is responsible. I take a simple view. It is beyond time for humanity to react to the negative consequences of climate change. Since much of what we do which impacts that change is conducted through the businesses we often work in it seems a good if not exclusive spot to take action.

    Global recognition for Auckland leadership on climate action

    20 Dec 2018 | Auckland Council

    Auckland’s ambitious targets and leadership on tackling climate change have earned C40 Innovator City status from the global C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. The C40 Innovator City status acknowledges Auckland’s innovation and initiatives to lower the city’s carbon emissions and protect the environment.

    Vector releases EV charging guide for commercial, mixed use and residential properties

    19 Dec 2018 | Vector

    Vector has today released a how-to guide to make it easier for tenants and residents of business, commercial and apartment buildings to switch to electric vehicles (EVs). Vector’s ‘Connecting Electric Vehicle Chargers’ guide offers best-practice advice for installing EV chargers – including ensuring chargers are compatible with a wide range of EVs now and into the future.

    The new $100m green investment fund could help upcycle older buildings

    19 Dec 2018 | Stuff

    Commercial building specialists are eyeing the Government's new $100 million "green" investment fund to help upcycle New Zealand's old buildings. Engineering consultants Beca said there was a huge opportunity to improve New Zealand's building stock, now believed to be belching out 20 per cent of New Zealand's carbon pollution.

    Why we’re not moving climate change from our agenda

    18 Dec 2018 | Fonterra

    Chief Operating Officer for Global Operations Robert Spurway talks about the changes our manufacturing sites are making to improve their environmental footprint. Small changes can add up to big impacts.

    Countdown launches its first electric vehicle charging stations

    18 Dec 2018 | Waikato Business News

    Countdown, in partnership with WEL Networks, has installed three charging sites at five of its Waikato supermarkets – a first for the retailer. Electric vehicle (EV) users can charge their cars for free at either Countdown Hamilton, Countdown Bridge Street, Countdown Claudelands, Countdown St James or Countdown Huntly.

    Farming sustainably

    17 Dec 2018 | Farmers Weekly

    Tiaki, the sustainable dairying programme launched by Fonterra last year, is ticking all the boxes for farmers. The programme, which helps farmers farm in more sustainable ways, has been in place for a year. At its launch Fonterra set an initial target of having 1000 farm environment plans in place.

    Climate change: why business action counts

    10 Dec 2018 | Sustainable Business Council

    Two-thirds of New Zealanders agree that climate change is the biggest problem the world is facing today, according to a 2017 Colmar Brunton survey. And in the Deloitte BusinessNZ Pre-Election Survey, climate change was one of the top 10 government-related issues for business, and more than 40% of respondents thought that climate change would affect the costs of input to their business.

    Ecostore case study - tackling the plastic problem

    7 Dec 2018 | Ecostore

    Most plastic is made from non-renewable petrochemicals. The extraction process and conversion into plastic releases carbon into the atmosphere, adding to climate change. So in 2014 we challenged ourselves to find a packaging alternative that goes beyond reducing emissions, and actually takes carbon out of the atmosphere. We found a packaging solution that can help to combat climate change. It’s plastic made from sugarcane.

    Z Energy says EV take-up will drive charger installs

    6 Dec 2018 | Z Energy

    Source: Sharechat
    Speaking at the New Zealand Emissions Workshop on Wednesday, Sustainability and community manager Gerri Ward says Z Energy is ready for the rapid expansion of electric vehicles.

    Tiwai Expansion showcases New Zealand’s renewable advantage

    6 Dec 2018 | Meridian Energy

    As well as being a good for our business and great for the Southland region, this new contract helps Meridian to take action on climate change. The more aluminium that is produced in New Zealand using mainly renewable energy, the more this displaces production of aluminium using fossil fuel alternatives overseas.

    Ports of Auckland to build Auckland’s first hydrogen production and refuelling facility

    4 Dec 2018 | Ports of Auckland

    In a first for Auckland, Ports of Auckland has committed to build a hydrogen production and refuelling facility at its Waitematā port. The company, and project partners Auckland Council, Auckland Transport and KiwiRail, will invest in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles including port equipment, buses and cars as part of the project.

    New tool helps farmers gauge carbon footprint

    4 Dec 2018 | Meridian Energy; Westpac

    Meridian Energy and Westpac NZ are proud to support a new carbon calculator that gives farmers a guide to the size of their carbon footprint. The tool has been developed by Lincoln University’s Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit (AERU) and Agrilink NZ, with financial assistance from Meridian Energy and Westpac NZ. It is available at

    Have yourself a very sustainable Christmas

    3 Dec 2018 | Enviro-Mark Solutions

    It’s that time of year again! We know that you’ve been working hard on your carbon, energy and environmental management through the year, so don’t blow out at Christmas! Our team have put together a list of the top tips to help you increase the fun whilst reducing your environmental impact.

    energyclubnz - 10 small steps for families to join the fight against climate change

    30 Nov 2018 | Stuff

    Families often feel overwhelmed by the scale of the climate challenge issue. They are told there is a major problem but are not often helped on what they can do to help. This was my view a few years ago.

    KPMG joins the Climate Leaders Coalition

    29 Nov 2018 | KPMG

    Source: Voxy
    KPMG has committed to measuring and making further reductions across the full scope of its emissions, as well as working with suppliers to reduce their emissions, by 2020. Meanwhile, the firm has committed to becoming fully carbon neutral - through the offsetting of unavoidable emissions - by 2030 at the latest.

    Toyota joins New Zealand Hydrogen Association

    29 Nov 2018 | Toyota New Zealand

    Toyota New Zealand has become one of the first vehicle manufacturers to join the recently established New Zealand Hydrogen Association. Hydrogen fuel cell development is a key component of Toyota’s commitment to alternative fuel sources and sustainable motoring. Toyota New Zealand Chief Executive Alistair Davis said joining the new Hydrogen Association was a first step towards developing an eco-system for hydrogen-fuelled vehicles in New Zealand.

    Countdown reduces carbon emissions by 8.8%

    29 Nov 2018 | Countdown

    Reducing its carbon emissions by 8.8 per cent, was a highlight included in Countdown’s latest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, which was released today. The 2018 report publicly tracks Countdown’s progress towards meeting its 20 ambitious Corporate Social Responsibility goals, which were set in 2017 to be achieved by 2020.

    Enviro-Mark Solutions second in NZ with science-based carbon reduction targets

    28 Nov 2018 | Enviro-Mark Solutions

    Enviro-Mark Solutions is now only the second New Zealand company to have their science-based greenhouse gas emissions reduction target approved by the international Science Based Targets Initiative. Enviro-Mark Solutions has committed to reducing absolute Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 74% by 2030 from a 2017 base-year. They have also committed to reducing absolute scope 3 emissions from business travel and employee commuting by 57% by 2030, from a 2017 base-year.

    Quick! Save the Planet: We must confront climate change

    28 Nov 2018 | Stuff

    Stuff launches a long-term project – Quick! Save the Planet – to report the latest science on the local impacts of climate change; catalogue the tools available to mitigate the causes of global warming; examine how people, communities, businesses and governments are adapting; and discuss how individuals can make a difference.

    NZ Post case study - Planning to reduce your emissions

    27 Nov 2018 | NZ Post

    To assist our path finding we have developed a ‘decarbonisation roadmap’ that will help guide actions across the business – not just in operations – but in the way the whole organisation thinks about reducing carbon. From People teams to IT to Procurement, everyone will need to be involved.

    Ngāi Tahu launches climate change strategy

    26 Nov 2018 | Ngāi Tahu Holdings

    Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu has launched a strategy that will help Papatipu Rūnanga further prepare for the effects of climate change. He Rautaki Mō Te Huringa o Te Āhuarangi - the Ngāi Tahu Climate Change Strategy - provides the overall framework that will support decision making within the tribe in the years ahead.

    IAG case study - Energy efficient buildings

    23 Nov 2018 | IAG

    Reducing energy use in our commercial buildings is an important part of our response to climate change. That’s why we are proud that our Christchurch office currently has the highest NABERSNZ whole building rating in New Zealand.

    Orion signs up to Climate Leaders Coalition

    21 Nov 2018 | Orion

    Joining with 70 of New Zealand’s business leaders, Orion’s membership of the Climate Leaders Coalition signals its dedication to measuring and reporting its greenhouse gas emissions, setting targets and working with suppliers to reduce greenhouse emissions, to help keep global warming within two degrees. Orion CEO Rob Jamieson, says: “This is an important step in making sure our business is doing all it can to contribute to a sustainable future for New Zealand, and the world.

    Projects reveal potential for low-carbon future in Waitematā

    20 Nov 2018 | Auckland Council

    Projects funded and pioneered over the past three years by Waitematā Local Board have revealed the low-carbon potential for the ward. As part of the board's plan to ensure that the natural environment is valued, protected and enhanced, funding has been allocated to projects looking at low-carbon lifestyles and multi-unit dwellings, reducing food waste from businesses and the Waitematā Low Carbon Network.

    Suncorp New Zealand joins Climate Leaders Coalition

    20 Nov 2018 | Suncorp New Zealand

    “Being part of the Climate Leaders Coalition represents our commitment to view climate change as an opportunity to innovate and create a positive future for New Zealanders,” said Suncorp New Zealand CEO Paul Smeaton. “Climate change has a direct impact on Suncorp New Zealand’s operations and we have first-hand knowledge of how it is affecting our customers through things like extreme weather events. I am thrilled that we will be collaborating with other businesses to find ways to address climate change.”

    Co-firing on all cylinders - Fonterra Brightwater site to reduce emissions by 25 percent

    19 Nov 2018 | Fonterra

    Fonterra’s Brightwater milk processing plant in Nelson is now co-firing on wood after the site’s newly converted boiler was officially switched on by the Minister of Energy and Resources, Hon Dr Megan Woods, today.

    Countdown launches its first electric vehicle charging stations

    19 Nov 2018 | Countdown

    Countdown, in partnership with WEL Networks, has today installed three charging sites at five of its Waikato supermarkets – a first for the retailer. Countdown’s General Manager Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Kiri Hannifin, said today's launch was another step in the right direction towards the business meeting its commitment to help create a cleaner and greener Aotearoa, New Zealand.

    Tackling Climate Change - 60 Kiwi Businesses at a Time

    16 Nov 2018 | 4sight Consulting

    When it comes to tackling climate change it’s often hard to know where to start, it’s such a massive subject and it’s easy to get lost in all that it entails. Communication around it seems to come in ebbs and flows as well, and as a business we have always tried to maintain the ‘flows’, as sustainability, lowering our carbon emissions and reducing our carbon footprint have been long-term goals of ours. But we still ask ourselves what else can we do to make a difference, and even though we recently became re-certified as a CEMARS certified business and have been certified for 8 years now (read our blog post), it’s still a work in progress and it’s a constant, ever-evolving process for us.

    Wellington Zoo achieves carboNZero certification for the 6th year

    15 Nov 2018 | Wellington Zoo

    We are thrilled to have achieved our carboNZero certification again, after becoming the first Zoo in the world to be carboNZero certified in 2013. As part of our carboNZero certification, we've made a commitment to continually work on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. Over the past six years, we've implemented a range of initiatives to cut back on our power use and waste generation.

    Auckland Council reaffirms commitment to tackling climate change

    13 Nov 2018 | Auckland Council

    Auckland Council has recommitted to membership of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group with the council’s Environment and Community Committee endorsing Auckland’s reapplication for C40 affiliation. Councillor Penny Hulse, chair of the Environment and Community Committee, says the C40 report stresses that cities and nations must commit to bold and coordinated climate action in the next few years.

    Creating a positive drive: Decarbonisation of New Zealand’s transport sector by 2050

    8 Nov 2018 | thinkstep

    Transport has a key role to play in New Zealand’s low-carbon future. thinkstep has published a new report presenting four future visions for New Zealand in which the carbon footprint of transport is reduced by up to 90% of 2015 levels by 2050 through a combination of new vehicle technologies and behavioural changes.

    My SKYCITY kitchen rules

    7 Nov 2018 | SKYCITY Entertainment Group

    Diverting food waste from landfills can help companies reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Courtney Simpson, Group Manager Environment, tells the Sustainable Business Council how SKYCITY Auckland diverted the equivalent of 142 buses of food from landfill, reducing their emissions by 15% in one year.

    So Flick's CarboNZero certified...

    7 Nov 2018 | Flick

    But what does that mean? How (and when) did Flick become carboNZero certified? And what has Flick done to reduce emissions?

    Waste Management launches sustainability strategy

    31 Oct 2018 | Waste Management

    Waste Management today launched our sustainability strategy called For Future Generations which provides the foundation for the future sustainability of our company and the communities in which we operate across New Zealand. In developing For Future Generations, Waste Management engaged external and internal stakeholders to identify those issues considered material for us to address in order to be sustainable for the future.

    Working group formed to tackle end of life batteries

    30 Oct 2018 | Vector

    A group of local and international businesses has joined forces to stop mountains of e-waste being created by the rising number of large lithium-ion batteries in New Zealand. Led by energy company Vector, the Battery Leaders Group aims to find circular economy solutions for the batteries that are powering everything from electric vehicles to Vector Lights when they reach their end of life.

    TIL Logistics signs hydrogen transport MOU with Hiringa Energy

    26 Oct 2018 | TIL Logistics Group

    Source: Voxy
    New Zealand freight and logistics company TIL Logistics Group Limited (NZX: TLL) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with New Plymouth-based Hiringa Energy Limited to develop hydrogen fuel cell technology transport solutions in New Zealand. The project has the potential to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from TIL’s national fleet of 900 trucks, 310 forklifts and 170 light vehicles.

    Leading eco building latest evidence New Zealand is switching to solar

    12 Oct 2018 | Vector

    A charity events space committed to producing 105% of its energy needs is already beating this by more than 50%, thanks to solar and battery solution from energy company Vector. Just one week into a year-long assessment period for the Living Building Challenge, the Sustainable Coastlines Flagship Education Centre is already generating 164% of its energy needs.

    Mondiale case study - reducing carbon

    10 Oct 2018 | Mondiale

    Mondiale Freight Services Ltd, a leading New Zealand based International Freight Forwarding, Warehousing and Logistics Company, is committed to operating in a sustainable manner and is actively working to reduce its carbon footprint.

    First locally converted electric truck

    9 Oct 2018 | Waste Management

    Waste Management’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Innovation Hub has recently completed our first local and 100% electric truck conversion! Our electric box body truck yesterday commenced operating out of our Technical Services branch in East Tamaki, Auckland, collecting medical waste from Middlemore and Greenlane Hospitals.

    Ecostore saves 4,500 tonnes of carbon through biobased sugar plastic

    4 Oct 2018 | Ecostore

    Ecostore has announced that more than 80% of its packaging is made with renewable, sustainable sugar, and thanks to this significant investment, ecostore has helped save 4,485 tonnes of carbon from being released into the atmosphere since the company converted its packaging from petrochemical plastic to biobased ‘sugar’ plastic four years ago. The total savings achieved to date are equivalent to the amount of carbon emitted during 8,500 car journeys from Cape Reinga to Bluff.

    Climate leaders now include town and gown

    27 Sep 2018 |

    With new signatories including Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, Panuku Development Auckland and Otago Polytechnic, the Coalition is pleased to welcome the first local council and first educational institution to join the growing ranks of organisations wanting to commit to climate action. Read more

    WSP Opus joins Climate Leaders Coalition

    27 Sep 2018 | WSP Opus

    Source: Scoop
    Saul Chambers, WSP Opus Manager Sustainability & Climate Change Solutions, is genuinely excited about the opportunity CLC presents to solve the challenging issues around climate change. “There’s no doubt that we’re in a time of unprecedented change as a business, local and national governments and cities get to grips with climate change, but that also brings the opportunity to collaborate for better outcomes. There’s a lot of positivity about how we can approach solutions and it’s a great time to take a breath and decide how, as a nation, we want New Zealand to be in the future.”

    Thousands of trees planted to help prevent power outages

    21 Sep 2018 | Vector

    Vector today launched a new programme to raise awareness of the need to keep trees well clear from power lines, by planting thousands more of them to launch the initiative. The Vector Urban Forest initiative means the power company will replace every tree it must cut down for network management or safety purposes, with two new natives, planted in areas that help with local ecological restoration schemes.

    Leaders commit to tackling climate change

    21 Sep 2018 | Auckland Council

    Auckland Council, Watercare, Auckland Transport and Panuku Development Auckland have joined over sixty leading New Zealand businesses committed to addressing the issue of climate change. By joining the Climate Leaders Coalition, the council and wider council whānau have agreed to collaborative action on the coalition’s commitments.

    Z Energy case study - Reporting on your emissions

    11 Sep 2018 | Z Energy

    Read about Z Energy’s approach to sustainability reporting and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

    New Zealand - cleaner, greener and lower in emissions

    5 Sep 2018 | 4sight Consulting

    It was with great pride that we became signatories of the Climate Leaders’ Coalition in July of this year, joining forces with 60 other like-minded businesses from across New Zealand to work towards changing behaviours in the workplace, and everyday life, in order to reach a collective goal of reducing New Zealand’s emissions and ultimately a cleaner, greener New Zealand. But is it possible for the rest of New Zealand and the New Zealand government to take action and change a long-standing mindset? To support a low emissions economy where people still prosper? The Productivity Commission thinks so.

    Long story short

    4 Sep 2018 | Z Energy

    Gerri Ward, Sustainability Manager at Z Energy, looks at the recommendations in the Productivity Commission's report and what they might mean for New Zealand.

    Lower emissions needed for a zero-carbon future

    4 Sep 2018 | Toyota New Zealand

    Toyota New Zealand is on a pathway to lowering its fleet’s emissions and preparing for a zero-carbon future as recommended by the Productivity Commission’s final report on a low emissions economy. “The actions our business has already started taking, demonstrate our commitment to action on climate change,” says Alistair Davis, the CEO of Toyota New Zealand. “We take our responsibilities to the environment seriously.”

    Companies are looking at how to reduce their carbon emissions

    4 Sep 2018 | NZ Herald

    Initiatives and announcements made in recent weeks show how the New Zealand business community is embracing the climate change challenge. The Climate Leaders' Coalition, launched in July, is a group of chief executives and businesses committed to the measurement and reporting of their greenhouse gas emissions. The group has publicly supported the Government's zero carbon goals to set regular carbon "budgets" and establish a Climate Change Commission. This follows hard on the heels of the agri-food sector giving support to the Government's goal of New Zealand achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

    Useful events

    28 Aug 2018 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    Opportunities for companies to learn, find solutions or hear how others are tackling the challenges of measuring and reducing emissions. Read more

    CEOs committed to change impact

    22 Aug 2018 | Ravensdown

    When 60 CEOs of large New Zealand companies recently committed to a transition to a low emissions economy, some environmentalists were wary. While prepared to take the CEOs at their word, many rightly said they were keen to see evidence of the commitment.That position is understandable. These companies are responsible for more than 50% of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. Despite this voluntary initiative, some may think the commercial world has appeared slow to turn around. It’s not for lack of desire. Everyone wants to be able to say they tried to leave the planet in better shape.

    Otago Polytechnic joins Climate Leaders Coalition

    20 Aug 2018 | Otago Polytechnic

    Otago Polytechnic continues to demonstrate its commitment to making a better world, becoming the first tertiary institution in New Zealand to join the Climate Leaders Coalition.

    Auckland Airport employees help create new reserve

    27 Jul 2018 | Auckland Airport

    Source: Scoop
    Auckland Airport employees are joining businesses across the airport precinct, local students and community groups, Auckland Council and government agencies over the next two days at a Million Trees / Matariki Tu Rākau community tree planting event on Puhinui Reserve in Wiri.

    Climate Leaders Coalition launch highlights

    25 Jul 2018 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    Photos from the event launch

    24 Jul 2018 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    Photos of the Climate Leaders Coalition founding leaders, signatories, and the launch event on 12 July 2018. Read more

    TIL Logistics Group signatory to Climate Leaders Coalition

    17 Jul 2018 | TIL Logistics Group

    Source: Scoop
    TIL Logistics Group welcomes the stance being taken by the coalition to drive positive change, with CEO Alan Pearson saying: “TIL is proud to be one of the first signatories of the Climate Leaders Coalition. We are committed to working together as part of the coalition to create a sustainable future for New Zealand and make it a great place to live and work - now and for future generations. This not only makes good sense for our country, but also good economic sense for our business.”

    Synlait takes up climate change challenge

    16 Jul 2018 | Synlait

    Synlait has signed the CEO Climate Change statement released today by the Climate Leaders Coalition (NZX: SML; ASX: SM1).

    Stuff amongst leading Kiwi businesses tackling climate change

    16 Jul 2018 | Stuff

    On a mission to reduce carbon emissions in New Zealand, 60 CEOs, including Stuff’s Sinead Boucher, have formed the Climate Leaders Coalition with the Sustainable Business Council, signing a joint statement committing their companies to action and demonstrating the role that business can play in bringing about change.

    Kiwi Property Signs Climate Change Statement

    16 Jul 2018 | Kiwi Property

    Kiwi Property has today joined more than 60 New Zealand companies to sign the Climate Change Statement and deliver a resounding message to corporate New Zealand and the world – the time is now for affirmative action on climate change.

    KiwiRail: We can't be complacent on climate change

    13 Jul 2018 | Kiwirail

    Source: Stuff
    KiwiRail chief executive Peter Reidy was one of 14 New Zealand chief executives who came together last year to look at what they could do about climate change. Along with 59 others, he has signed the CEO Climate Change Statement, aimed at reducing carbon emissions in New Zealand. He explains why.

    Climate Leaders Coalition

    12 Jul 2018 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    KiwiRail joins Climate Leaders Coalition

    12 Jul 2018 | KiwiRail

    KiwiRail has today committed to help New Zealand move to a low-emissions future, through improving its own operations as well as helping other businesses reach their own sustainability targets. Read more

    Background on the Climate Leaders Coalition

    12 Jul 2018 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    Supporting the announcement of the Climate Leaders Coalition and the signing of the CEO Climate Change Statement, the following document has been created to provide an overview of the Coalition, the case for a low emissions economy, and the background of Coalition members, business leaders, and their sentiment and action in this space. Read more

    Business leaders embrace the opportunity of a low-carbon future, says Meridian

    12 Jul 2018 | Meridian Energy

    Business leaders embrace the opportunity of a low-carbon future, says Meridian. Meridian Energy is proud to be one of 60 businesses that today have signed the CEO Climate Change Statement, the first step taken by the Climate Leaders Coalition to drive positive change. Read more

    From Z to Air New Zealand: New Zealand’s leading businesses take up the climate change challenge

    12 Jul 2018 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    60 businesses making up nearly fifty percent of New Zealand’s emissions have joined forces to tackle the issue of climate change.

    It’s a significant move by the New Zealand business community, being praised as “strong” and “unprecedented” by local and global organisations.

    On a mission to reduce emissions in New Zealand, the group of 60 CEOs have formed the Climate Leaders Coalition, recognising the role that business can play in bringing about change and signing a joint statement, which commits their companies to action. Read more

    Watch the launch event on July 12

    12 Jul 2018 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    Watch the Climate Leaders Coalition launch event, which occurred on July 12, 2018. Read more

    SKYCITY commits to action on climate change

    12 Jul 2018 | Skycity

    Source: Scoop
    SKYCITY Entertainment Group has today joined with other major New Zealand businesses in committing to tackling climate change. Chief Executive Graeme Stephens today signed the Climate Change Statement, officially committing SKYCITY to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with New Zealand’s obligations under the Paris Agreement.

    Ravensdown helps kick off Climate Leaders Coalition

    12 Jul 2018 | Ravensdown

    Ravensdown is one of 60 leading New Zealand businesses whose CEOs have signed a commitment to measure and publicly report their greenhouse gas emissions and work with suppliers to reduce their emissions.

    Deloitte joins with other Kiwi businesses committing to ambitious action to address climate change

    12 Jul 2018 | Deloitte

    Today Deloitte joins the Sustainable Business Council and some of New Zealand’s largest and most influential businesses in demonstrating our support for ambitious action by the private sector to inclusively and equitably address climate change.

    Auckland’s Port joins coalition to fight climate change

    12 Jul 2018 | Ports of Auckland

    Ports of Auckland Chief Executive Tony Gibson has today joined with the leaders of 60 Kiwi business to fight climate change. "Climate change is the issue of our time, and how we meet this challenge will define us. We can't expect 'The Government' to solve the problem alone, we all have to roll our sleeves up, get stuck in and fix this," said Mr Gibson.

    Taking a stand on climate change

    12 Jul 2018 | 3R

    3R Group has signed up to the Climate Leaders Coalition, joining a group of businesses dedicated to “forging a path to create a future that is low-emission, positive for our businesses and economy, and inclusive for all New Zealanders”.

    Climate Leaders Coalition explained - an introductory video

    12 Jul 2018 | Climate Leaders Coalition

    Lion's latest craft beer brewery sets the sustainability tone for more

    8 Jun 2018 | Stuff

    Lion has opened its latest craft brew bar in Christchurch which will be a pilot for its next one due to open in Auckland next January. Lion and rival DB Breweries enjoy about 90 per cent of all beer sales in New Zealand but have faced growing competition from nearly 200 independent craft breweries in recent years.